Six Things You Must Know Before Planning a Move to Nevada

moving to nevada

Are you sick of the boring daily routine of yours? Are you tired of paying income taxes? If yes, Nevada might be the ideal place for you to move for a change and add some thrill to our monotonous lifestyle. 

In 2022 the resident population of Nevada was 3.18 million which is higher as compared to 3.15 million in 2021 and annually millions of people move to Nevada and the surrounding metro area thus adding to the demographics of the State. Nevada is a fun place and home to Las Vegas and Reno, both cities are well-known for their exciting nightlife, endless fun, entertainment, casinos and gambling, cultural landmarks, etc. 

The rocky and stunning deserts of Nevada are a destination for a bunch of thrilling activities that include camping, rock climbing, off-roading, hiking, and many more. Doesn’t matter whether you are shifting to Nevada to get permanent retirement or relocating for better work opportunities, you can get assured of golden opportunities in Nevada. Simply put, irrespective of the reason for shifting, Nevada has a bright future for you. 

In the enthusiasm and excitement of moving to a new city, you should never forget that relocating to a new city is a big decision and is definitely a life-changing event, so you should be well-prepared to embrace the consequences of it. Even a daredevil person can get numb and feel anxious by the thought of changing the residence place irrespective of the detailed research and precautious planning. So, if you are one of those steel-nerved people who are courageous enough to start afresh in a new city like Nevada, here are a few things that you should consider before finalizing your decision. 

Moving to Nevada

Climate and Weather Patterns: 

Nevada witnesses dry and warm weather year alone, which makes it a perfect place for people who adore warm and sunny weather. Thanks to the abundant sunshine, little precipitation, and minimal snowfall, the state offers a sun-soaked lifestyle and an ideal climate for revitalizing outdoor activities. From June to August, this beautiful city experiences the summer season due to which people here get plenty of sun rays and comfortable temperatures. Summer is the ideal time to channel the inner child in you and opt for outdoor recreational opportunities in Nevada. 

However, the weather all around the year is quite warm in Nevada, but the winters in this state can be extremely chilly and people feel exceptionally cold in winter. Hence, if you are moving to Nevada, be prepared to experience cold and pack appropriate winter clothing to survive those colder months. There’s one thing that you should take note of about Nevada’s temperature, this place offers a varied climate, with temperatures averaging from 38 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit annually. Moreover, the state provides a milder winter than in some, as its temperature generally stays above lows of 30° F. 

Diverse Employment Landscape:

Nevada is one of the most prosperous states in the US in terms of economy and employment. The state has a very low unemployment rate and according to a report published by Statista, the unemployment rate in Nevada is 5.4% and has seen a decrease from the previous year when the employment rate was at 6.9%. It is estimated that the number of jobs in Nevada has increased by 73,000 since March 2022, which is an impressive increase in employment. This data clearly demonstrates Nevada’s strong and thriving job market, which is grown at an annual growth rate of 5%

This state provides immense job opportunities for those who are actively seeking employment opportunities. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for an internship, first job, or a more advanced career, Nevada surely has something for you. The primary industries of Nevada include food processing, printing, electrical equipment, mining, and publishing. In Reno, the tech industry is the king and dominates, but there are other abundant opportunities in different sectors like aerospace, defense, energy, health care, construction, and agriculture.

Consider House Costs: 

Relocating to a new state is overwhelming and exciting, that’s why you may be tempted to buy a new home immediately after shifting to a new state. Many people rush to buy a new house because they want to cross it off their to-do list, but that’s not what you are supposed to do. I will suggest you wait for a while, rent a place and observe the neighborhood to see whether the new locality suits you or not. 

You can later buy a home when you feel comfortable in the locality. The housing statistics of Nevada for 2019 show that the average cost of a home is $292,000 while the average home value is around $321,000. Currently, the average rental price in Nevada is around $1,460. However, the cost can vary in terms of location, size, and quality. 

Tax Advantages in Nevada

If you are tired of paying taxes, you’ll definitely love this city because Nevada is one of the nine states in the US that do not have a state income tax. This distinctive perk of Nevada facilitates its residents and businesses to retain a significant portion of their earnings. As compared to other higher tax burdens, Nevada provides more financial freedom to its citizens. 

The absence of a personal income tax enables residents to invest, pursue personal goals, and save money, ultimately improving their long-term financial security. Apart from this, in Nevada, businesses gain profit from the state’s absence of a corporate income tax, which fosters business expansion and encourages economic prosperity. 

So if you are planning your financial future in a tax-friendly environment, Nevada is the destination for you as its tax advantages go beyond income taxes that include retirement income, inheritance tax, and gift tax. However, you should know that irrespective of significant tax advantages in Nevada, the companies and businesses are still subjected to federal and other state taxes like sales and property tax. So if you are planning to start a business in Nevada, I will suggest you consult a qualified tax professional to make more informed decisions. 

Nevada’s Breathtaking Landscapes and Outdoor Pursuits:

Nevada is associated with beautiful landscapes and deserts. At a distance of 20 miles outside of downtown Las Vegas, you will get to see the Mojave Desert, stunning landscapes, a vast array of natural features like mountains, canyons, lakes, caves, valleys, and rivers. Here, you’ll get to see the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe National Park, which is home to the Nation’s largest alpine and second-deepest lakes. Besides this, Nevada has 24 state parks and prehistoric rock cravings in Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, which makes it a beautiful place to live in.

Nevada’s Best Places to Live:

It might surprise you that not every city in Nevada is crowded with attractions and activities. Cities in this state range from frantic, busy ones like Las Vegas to serene, neighborhood-focused ones like Sun Valley.

  • Carson City: Nevada’s capital city is family-friendly and has lovely scenery. Additionally, the city has many top-notch schools, first-rate amenities, and neighborhood parks. Compared to the national average, Carson City’s overall cost of living is a little higher.
  • Henderson: This city typically has pleasant weather, first-rate amenities, leisure activities, and welcoming residents. 

    The city’s opportunities are expanding despite its living expenses being 12 percent higher than the national average. The technology sector in Henderson, from computer to medical and biomedical technology, is one of the largest industries.

  • Las Vegas: Las Vegas, the state’s entertainment hub, is among the top Nevada cities for housing. People are drawn to this city because of the entertainment and recreational options. 

    Las Vegas has a variety of neighborhoods. While other places seem calmer, some have a “big city” vibe. Even some of the suburbs are suited for families with young children.


Nevada’s distinctive blend of beautiful natural scenery, energetic cities, and enticing tax benefits captivates people. Nevada offers many opportunities for people and businesses alike, from the glistening lights of Las Vegas to the peaceful tranquility of its deserts and mountains.

It is imperative to consider the insightful advice covered in this article before making the exciting decision to relocate to Nevada. You can choose wisely by carefully weighing these aspects concerning your financial objectives, aspirations for your lifestyle, and desire for adventure. 

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