Best Treks to Do in Uttarakhand for Youngsters

Best Treks to Do in Uttarakhand

Roopkund Trek

Also known as Skeleton Lake, The ‘Skeleton Lake’ Roopkund Lake is extremely popular because of the mystery surrounding the lake. At an altitude of 14638 feet, lying at an elevation of 14638 feet, the lake and its surroundings are dotted with thousands of bones and skeletons from humans.

They are believed to be the bones belonging to a small group of travelers who were caught in a natural catastrophe that occurred during the early 14th century. It is one of the most exciting summer hikes in Uttarakhand, which traverses breathtaking landscapes and can be completed by those who are new to the sport. It is among the well-known top treks in Uttarakhand during May and June.

The lake is located along the way to the site of pilgrimage Nanda Devi temple. It is believed for its challenging terrain, which includes Bedni Bugyal grasslands and stunning mountains covered in snow. The hike towards Roopkund Lake takes around seven and nine days, during which trekkers traverse sacred sites, lush forests and cascading streams, clear snow, and the peaks in Bedni Bugyal and Trishul.

The trek starts from Lohajung, beginning with an uphill hike, ending in Ran ki Dhar, then to Bhaguwagasa, and finally to Roopkund. Human skeletons can be observed at the bottom of the lake when melting snow is evident.

Pindari Glacier Summer Trek

It is located between Nanda Devi Peak and Nanda Kot Peak, and the Pindari Glacier Trek is one of the most well-known places to trek in Uttarakhand in the summer. It is situated in the Kumaon Himalayas’ upper reaches. It is known as the ‘Soul Of Kumaon’ by locals; the trek boasts of stunning glaciers, flowing rivers with vibrant blooms, waterfalls that cascade lush forests, and enthralling natural beauty.

An essential site for nature photographers, nature enthusiasts, and those who love adventure, The glacier trek will take travelers through unknown villages and the locations of the ‘Dev Bhumi’, which are believed to have mythological significance. Look at the wooden bridges where you can take your senses to the lush landscape as you enjoy your summer holiday in Uttarakhand. This glacier trek is popular with experienced and novice trekkers. Remember to engage with warm and welcoming locals.

Panch Kedar Trek

Five shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in the enchanting Kedar valley Panch Kedar trek offers an unforgettable experience, far from the snarl of urban life. It is a great option for planning a vacation in Uttarakhand. This trek will entice those who are new and experienced trek fans. The trek is a fantastic combination of tranquillity and stunning scenery.

The trek starts from Kalpeshwar, which is famous due to its cave temple where the locks of Lord Shiva are seen. The trek continues to Rudranath, which is known as the spot where the head of the Lord was seen.

The next village is Tungnath which is also the mid-stage of the trek. It is home to the Tungnath temple, the highest in the world. Shiva Temple, where his arms were seen. The next will be Madhya Maheshwar, the site where the naval of the Lord came to life. The journey comes to a close in Kedarnath, at which time the Lord came as bulls.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek can be described as the most awe-inspiring mountain located in the lower Himalayan area of Uttarakhand. The trek up to Nag Tibba Peak is just an overnight trip, but the memories you create there will last the rest of your life. The hike is perfect for those who would like to hike through the woods to climb mountains and sleep in the night sky with stars.

On your trek, you will see numerous popular peaks like Bandarpunch Peak, The Gangotri Group of Peaks, Doon Valley, Kedarnath Peak in the North, and the snow-covered mountains of Chanabang. It is possible to enjoy the 100-degree views of the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges, which include Swargarohini, Kala Nag, and Srikantha. The stunning panorama makes the trek worthwhile and unforgettable.

The Nag Tibba Peak trek (or Serpent’s Peak) is located at 3,022 meters above sea level. It is home to a rich biodiversity that offers breathtaking panoramas of diverse wildlife and flora. Pantwari can be described as the base camp for the Nag Tibba trek. There are four ways to get to the summit. Each of the four routes leads towards Gujjar Campsite, where they connect and then lead to a single path that leads to the final summit.

Tungnath trek

Chopta is the beginning point of the Tungnath trek as well as the Chandrashila Trek, which is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand. Tungnath is situated in a small town which is set in lush green Pine as well, Rhododendron, as well as Deodar trees. It is a great trekking destination for those who are new to the sport because the difficulty of this trek is minimal, and it is among the easiest walks. When you trek, you will be able to see stunning sites like Shiva temples, views of the Mighty Himalayas as well as beautiful green views of the paranormal, and more. To begin the hike, first, you have to get to Chopta with a motor-driven vehicle. After a stop in Chopta the following day, you’ll trek for four kilometers until you reach Tungnath then, you’ll need to hike for 1.5 kilometers to get to Chandrashila, and then after exploring the place, you’ll trek back to Chopta once more. The entire hike will be completed in one day. You’ll be amazed at the panoramic views of Panchachuli Peaks Neelkanth, Nanda Devi, and Kedarnath, which are all accessible on the hike.