Vegas Vacation on Autopilot? What Happens If Your Self-Driving Car Causes an Accident

autopilot car accidents

A self-driving car is no longer a futuristic idea, but a reality worldwide. Many vacationers traveling to Las Vegas like to rent autopilot vehicles to explore casinos, hotels, and beaches. 

There are many advantages of using this advanced tech that controls different driving modes, follows traffic rules, and detects road hindrances. It uses radar, camera, and LiDar technology which is a laser-based mechanics.

However, a few safety concerns regarding driverless cars raise questions of liability for injuries and losses in case of an accident.

In such a scenario, consultation from experienced  Las Vegas car accident attorneys

can help the victims by devising an efficient strategy.

This article will clarify all your doubts regarding self-driving car accident claims you can file as per local regulations. 

You will also find information about what to do after a car crash and the necessary safety measures to prevent severe physical and financial consequences. 

Common Reasons for Self-Driving Car Accidents

auto pilot

Imagine while on a Las Vegas vacation, carrying shopping bags, and hiring a self-driving taxi. 

Simply, tell the car your next location, sit back, and eat a snack, while the car drives by itself to your hotel. 

Sounds amusing, right?

However, some people are still doubtful of  Autonomous vehicles which may prove fatal if the motion sensors fail to detect a hurdle in the road. 

It is important to understand the reasons for a self-driving car accident, which can change the course of legal action for the passengers involved. 

  •  Mechanical failure is the number one reason for accidental collision. It means if any of the motion sensors don’t function properly, the car will crash, injuring the passenger. 
  • Whether driving an automated vehicle, the passenger still needs to be alert to handle any sudden changes in the mechanics. 
  • Ignoring the warning issued by the driver assistance technology of the automated vehicle may also cause a fatal accident. 

Steps to Take After an Autopilot Car Crash

Autopilot Car Detecting Vehicles and Humans in its Radar

Las Vegas attracts a lot of local and international tourists and is adopting automation in many sectors including travel and mobility. 

It also means the consequences of being involved in an autopilot car crash can become complicated if necessary steps are not taken immediately. 

Here’s what you can do in case of getting injured while driving an automated car:

Step 1. Check for injuries and call medical help as well as the local traffic police department. 

Step 2. Stand or sit in a safe location, or take help from people while waiting for the ambulance. 

Step 3. If you and other passengers are conscious and have minor injuries, then take photographic evidence. It should include the car number or the rental service agent’s contact number, which will help your attorney with precise details. 

Step 4. Keep a record of all medical bills, reports, and tests, for the insurance claims. 

Step 5. Try to provide all information about the accident to legal enforcement. 

Inform your family and friends about the accident and request them to hire an expert Las Vegas car accident attorney immediately. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 392 crashes in 10 months involving cars with self-driving technology. 

Who is Liable in a Self-Driving Car Accident?

The self-driving car is to assist humans with extra safety while driving. However, in a car accident, whether the passenger or the vehicle is responsible is still debatable. 

Here’s a recent incident that is still running in court which questioned the development of autopilot cars. 

When General Motors’ (GM) self-driving car “Cruise” collided, dragging a pedestrian about 6 meters and incurring severe injuries, it shook the nation. 

It resulted in the car company’s license being suspended by regulators and also questioned the responsibility of liability for human error or mechanical default. 

The following presents an overview of determining human or mechanical liability factors:

  • A human driver, who is not under the influence of any alcohol or drug, should handle the driving controls and steer clear of any fatality. 
  • Human distraction also includes checking mobile on an autopilot car or neglecting warning signs.
  • If the vehicle is fully automated, then the victim can claim damages from the manufacturing company for software malfunction.
  • Insurance of the driver or owner can be helpful if it adheres to the auto insurance terms and conditions. 

This complex nature of the safety standards of an autopilot car prevents many people from hiring a self-driving vehicle. 

Take a look at the graph below that shows consumer concerns about automated cars. 

Consumer Concerns About Self-Driving Cars

How to Claim Insurance in an Autopilot Car Accident?

Many auto insurance companies have set a limited time to call after a car accident, whether you are driving an autopilot car or not. 

It is important to provide detailed information to the auto insurance provider, regardless of who is liable or driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. 

In the meantime, consulting a Las Vegas attorney will take care of all the other legal formalities, including medical and financial claims. 

Compensation Options for Self-Driving Car Accident Victims

There are different levels of self-driving cars that are partially on autopilot to fully automated ones. 

This ascertains the complexity of a car accident claim shifting the liability to either human error or manufacturing defect. 

Insurance companies also try to assess the complete situation and may not be willing to provide a heavy sum for the injuries and damages. 

Consider the following factors while seeking compensation from your auto insurance company:

  • It is recommended not to sign any agreement sent by the insurance companies for quick settlement, as you may lose valuable rights to claim for your injuries. 
  • Do not get your car repaired after the accident until the auto insurance officer has physically checked it and confirmed all the details of the incident.
  • You will need to consider the number of passengers in a car accident and prove the same during the trial to claim benefits. 
  • All your medical reports and bills will be checked and rechecked by the attorney and the insurance company.
  • You will need to establish the compensation claim value including physical, mental, and financial damages after consultation with a Las Vegas attorney. 

Safety Measures While Driving, An Autopilot Car 

Safety Features of An Autopilot Car

Even though automated vehicles (AV) make a Las Vegas vacation enjoyable and stress-free, it’s always better to be vigilant about your safety. 

Some points to consider for proactive safety measures while driving an AV are:

  • The advanced tech of an autopilot works on motion sensors, but despite that, an alert passenger can prevent any fatal accident. 
  • Any warning signs issued by the self-driving car should be heeded, for instance, collision or lane departure warning. 
  • Before renting a driverless car, check the type of model if it is fully automated or has the option for self-driving. 
  • Be aware that not all cars have an autopilot option which may lead to a collision because of the other car driver’s negligence. 

Final Thoughts

The trend of self-driving cars is slowly rising as the technology is being developed with robust safety features. 

This is an era of automation and a vacation to Las Vegas becomes even more thrilling by driving in a fully automated vehicle. 

However, it’s always best to be alert and not completely depend upon autopilot to be able to handle any malfunction and prevent fatal accidents. 

Even if you get involved in a car crash, consulting a Vegas attorney can help you mitigate the physical, mental, and financial losses. 

We hope the above suggestions help you to drive safely and enjoy your vacation without any stress. 

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