Air Force Museum Delhi: Experience the Rush of Patriotism (Timings, Ticket Prices, Photos, and Nearest Metro)

air force museum delhi
Airforce Museum Delhi

If you want to relive the war history of India and experience an addicting rush of patriotism, the Air Force Museum in Delhi, located in the Palam Air Force Station, is the place to be. 

Delhi is a hub of museums, with more than 30 you can visit, including the National Science Center, National Rail Museum, Museum of Illusions, and others. 

In this article, we will talk about the Air Force Museum, a glorious inventory of IAF’s various aircraft and equipment, depicting its history since its formation in 1932. 

Indian Air Force Museum Palam: Overview 

Aircraft museum

The Indian Air Force Museum in Palam is one of the most amazing places to visit in Delhi since it reminds people of the strong past of India and exhibits details about combat operations undertaken by the Air Force. 

The museum features indoor and outdoor display galleries of aircraft, historical photographs, memorabilia, uniforms, and personal weapons. The vintage aircraft are maintained with professionalism and are displayed to the public in their full glory. 

This is a place of knowledge and fun for children, as they can even enter the cockpit to relish the experience of flying a beast. 

Air Force Museum Delhi Timings and Ticket Price

Unlike other museums, the Air Force Museum closes for two days a week. Here are the exact timings for the museum –

Day Timings 
Monday to TuesdayClosed 
Wednesday to Sunday10:00 am — 5:00 pm

Here are Air Force Museum Delhi Ticket Prices –

  • Adult (12+ years) — The ticket price for Indian adults aged 12 years and above is ₹30.
  • Children (3-12 years) — For Indian children between the ages of 3 and 12 years, the ticket price is ₹15.
  • Foreigner (Children: 3–12 years) — Foreign children falling in the age group of 3 to 12 years have a ticket price of ₹50.
  • Foreign (Adult 12+ years) — Foreign visitors aged 12 years and above can enter the museum at a ticket price of ₹100.

You can only book the tickets physically at the museum since online ticket booking is not currently available. 

Main Attractions of Indian Air Force Museum Palam

Palam Air Force Station has some of the most amazing aircraft archives that will give you goosebumps! Here is what you can expect to see in the museum. 

Outdoor Gallery – 

a) Mil Mi-4 BZ-900

Mil Mi 4 BZ 900

b) MiG-25R KP-355

MiG 25R KP 355

c) MiG-23MF SK434

MiG 23MF SK434

d) Sikorsky S55C IZ-1590

Sikorsky S55C IZ 1590

e) BAE Canberra B(I)58 IF-907

BAE Canberra BI58 IF 907

f) Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar IK-450

Fairchild C 119 Flying Boxcar IK 450

g) Consolidated B-24 Liberator J HE-924

Consolidated B 24 Liberator J HE 924

Vintage Aircraft Flight

a) HAL HT-2 IX-737

HAL HT 2 IX 737

b) HAL HT-2 IX-732

HAL HT 2 IX 732

c) HAL Gnat II E-265

HAL Gnat II E 265

d) Douglas C-47 IJ-302

Douglas C 47 IJ 302

e) Supermarine Spitfire VIII NH-631

Supermarine Spitfire VIII NH 631

f) North American Harvard HT-291

North American Harvard HT 291

Watch this YouTube vlog from channel Jane Kuchh Naya Purana to see more of the Air Force Museum in Delhi:

Dos and Don’ts at Air Force Museum Palam

Here are the dos and don’ts that you need to take care of while visiting the Air Force Museum. 

  • Check and respect the museum timings
  • Follow the security protocols
  • Take your trash back with you
  • Supervise your children not to run around
  • Maintain silence in the museum
  • Stay on designated pathways
  • Keep your mobile phones on silent
  • Do not bring food and drinks inside the museum
  • Do not touch the aircraft
  • Do not run on the pathways
  • Use of flash photography is prohibited.
  • Do not vandalize the aircraft.
  • Pets are not allowed in the museum
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises

Must-try Foods Near Palam Air Force

Here is a list of some must-try foods near the Aeroplane Museum Delhi –

Milk Mysore Pak at Karachi Bakery

Milk Mysore Pak

Price — ₹400/kg

Address — Karachi Bakery, IGI Airport Metro Station level (on entrance to metro station, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Chole Bhature with Lassi at Kadimi Sweets 

Kadimi Sweets

Price — ₹80 

Address — Kadimi Sweets, 2/47, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi, Delhi 110010

Carbonara Spaghetti Pasta at Café Pride 

Carbonara Spaghetti pasta at Café Pride

Price — ₹945

Address — Café Pride, Pride Plaza Aerocity, Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Araku Valley Organic, Andhra Pradesh at Baba’s Beans Coffee Bar 

Araku Valley Organic coffee

Price — ₹450

Address — Cafe Pride, Pride Plaza Aerocity, Aerocity, New Delhi, Delhi 110037

Aeroplane Museum Delhi Photos 

Here are some photos from the Air Force Museum –

Aeroplane Museum Delhi pic1
Aeroplane Museum Delhi pic2
Aeroplane Museum Delhi pic3
Aeroplane Museum Delhi pic4
Aeroplane Museum Delhi pic5

Rules and Regulations at Air Force Museum Delhi

The Indian Air Force Museum is not any less than a sacred place for the IAF and a pocket of patriotic feelings for the residents of India, so it’s important to follow the rules and regulations of the museum. 

  1. The museum is open to the public on specific days and during specific hours, you can check the museum website for the most recent information. 
  2. All visitors must undergo security check-ups to enter the museum. 
  3. Photography without flash is generally allowed, but flash photography is prohibited. 
  4. Signs and directions are mentioned on the board everywhere, so pay attention to these directions and follow them. 
  5. Maintain silence in the museum to respect other people’s experiences. 
  6. Running and shouting in the Air Force Museum Delhi is strictly prohibited. 
  7. Touching any aircraft or anything else in the exhibition is not allowed. 
  8. Supervise your children at all times. 
  9. Pets are strictly prohibited from entering the premises. 
  10. Writing or scratching on any aircraft is not allowed. 
  11. If you are visiting as part of a group, inform the museum in advance to facilitate arrangements.
  12. Schools and educational institutions planning visits should make prior arrangements with the museum authorities.

Best Time to Visit the Air Force Museum Delhi

To make the most out of this experience, you should know about the best time to visit the Air Force Museum Delhi.

  1. Seasons – Winter, specifically January is one of the best months to explore Delhi. Since the temperature is low, it’s cool and comfortable to explore the museum and other outdoor spaces. Avoid visiting in summer since the temperature gets as high as 45 °C. 
  1. Events – Be on the lookout for several cultural festivals and events, enhancing the overall experience of your visit.
  1. Morning – Visit in the morning to avoid crowds and explore in silence. 
  1. Weekdays/Weekends – Visiting on weekdays can also help you avoid the crowds that often flock to the museum on weekends and public holidays.

How to Reach the Palam Air Force Museum? 

Reaching the Indian Air Force Museum Palam, also known as the Palam Air Force Museum, is relatively straightforward given its location in Delhi. Here are the various options you can consider –

  • By Metro – The nearest metro station is Sadar Bazar Cantonment on the Magenta Line on the Delhi metro map. The museum is about 1.4 km from the station and will take you around 4 minutes to reach by car or auto.  
  • By Bus – The following transit lines have routes that pass near the Air Force Museum — 715, 764, 764B, 764S, 764STL, 781A, AIR-06, and DW-1
  • By Train – The nearest major railway station is Delhi Cantt Railway Station, which is about 6 km away and takes about 15 minutes to reach by car. 
  • By Car/Taxi – If you’re driving from Central Delhi, take the Ring Road towards Dhaula Kuan and follow signs towards Palam. The museum is located on Palam Road.

Nearby Famous Places to Indian Air Force Museum Palam

Here are some amazing nearby places that you can explore in a single day – 

  1. Subroto Park (3.6 km) 
  2. Cariappa Parade Ground (2.9 km) 
  3. National Rail Museum (8.4 km)
  4. Manekshaw Centre Auditorium (4 km)
  5. Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets (5 km) 


The rich collection of planes in Aeroplane Museum Delhi offers a captivating journey through the history of aviation, from the pioneering days of flight to today’s cutting-edge technology. 

The diverse collection of aircraft, interactive exhibits, and educational programs at the museum provides a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of aircraft and celebrate the achievements of those who dared to dream of soaring among the clouds. 

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t yet explored this wondrous museum and the huge aircraft, this is your sign. A visit to this Aeroplane Museum is sure to leave you inspired and awestruck.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are the planes in the Air Force Museum real?

The museum is the repository for Air Force aircraft that have been retired from the presidential aircraft fleet.

Where is the largest Air Force Museum in India?

The Indian Air Force Museum (IAF Museum) is located at the Palam Air Force Station in Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi, India.

What are the Air Force Museum Delhi ticket prices?

The ticket prices for the museum are ~ Adult (12+ years) — ₹30; Children (3-12 years) — ₹15; Foreigner (Children: 3–12 years) — ₹50; Foreign (Adult 12+ years) — ₹100.


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