National Science Center Museum Delhi: Latest Information 2024 (Ticket Price, Timings, Metro Route, and More)

national science center delhi

When it comes to museums, the capital city doesn’t disappoint. Be it the Museum of Illusions or the National Rail Museum, Delhi has it all in store for you.

But once you visit the National Science Museum in New Delhi, the experience will live rent-free in your mind. 

Built in 1992, it’s one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the capital for more reasons than one. 

We can tell you three right away. 

  • It deeply focuses on converging science with history and culture, just like the Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya, igniting the curiosity of both young and old.
  • It beckons the world with highly exquisite, state-of-the-art architecture designed by the exceptionally talented and renowned architect, Achyuta Kanvinde.
  • It promises a highly stimulating experience with exhibits that look close to life and allow visitors, especially kids, to experience the marvels of science.

What’s more, this popular science museum in Delhi actively organizes fares, educational programs, and lectures to promote science, nurture innovation, and encourage a deeper connection with the subject.

If you’re eager to visit the location and have plans in mind, our guide comes in handy. 

We’ve included all the necessary information, from Science Museum Delhi Ticket Price and Timings to the ways to reach, ensuring your next visit to National Science Center Delhi turns out smooth and hassle-free. Read to know about things like Science Museum Delhi Nearest Metro so you can plan your trip well. 

Interesting Facts About Science Museum Delhi

The National Science Center is a conscious effort to make science interesting—and raise greater awareness about it. Below are the five interesting facts about the science center that you must know.

Boasts a Strong Foundation

The museum falls under the governance of National Council of Science Museum (NCSM), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Culture, India. 

A center of excellence by all measures, it was inaugurated in 1992 by the former Prime Minister of India, P.V. Narasimha Rao, and ever since then, it has continued to capture the pulse of the world with its multifarious scientific displays.

An Architectural Genius

One of the most striking features of the National Science Museum is its awe-inspiring architecture. Perceived and put together by Achyut Kanvide, the building is a testament to heritage-meets-contemporary design and decor elements. 

It has seven galleries with stunning exhibits across the scale of science and technology, teasing the minds of the younger generation. It further offers a wide array of scientific objects, including 3D films, a giant kaleidoscope, a virtual pond of water, and a planetarium, among others, that enthrall the audience.

All in all, the iconic design has made the Science Museum an architectural landmark in New Delhi. Or if you want to enjoy the freshness and greenery in Delhi, must make a plan to visit Sunder Nursery.

Innovation at its Core

In line with its mission to foster scientific innovation, the Science Museum Delhi houses an Innovation Hub. This space provides a launchpad for budding scientists and investors to explore and experiment around their ideas and unlock new frontiers of innovation. 

The Innovation Hub promotes a culture of creativity and problem-solving, nurturing the next generation of scientific pioneers.

Education and Outreach Programs

The National Science Center is committed to simplifying and spreading scientific knowledge far and wide. Through its extensive educational and outreach programs, it reaches out to communities, offers workshops and lectures, and hosts interactive sessions—all to inspire young minds and help them build greater resonance with science and technology. 

These programs are carefully crafted to cut complexity, foster a spirit of inquisitiveness, and ignite a passion for all things science. 

Fascinating Exhibits

Talking about exhibits, the Science Museum in Delhi is packed to its brim with brilliantly designed scientific models on display. It is surely one of the popular places to visit in Delhi as it houses:

  • Large energy balls at the entrance. 
  • A Heritage Center that depicts the evolution of science and technology.
  • A dedicated Biology Museum. 
  • An arcade that demonstrates prehistoric life. 
  • A fun science section that introduces the fundamentals of science to young minds. 
  • An advanced Science Center that captures the essence of new-age technologies. 
  • A water gallery. 
  • An expansive section focusing on Nobel Prize laureates. 
  • A library, a planetarium, and a souvenir shop. 
  • An auditorium with a seating capacity of 300+. 
  • And, a lot more. 

Important Details About the National Science Center Delhi

There is quite a bunch to offer when it comes to visiting interesting places in Delhi, like the Bharat Darshan Park and Waste to Wonders Park. So if we have to talk about some things that you should be knowing about prior to your visit to the Science Museum in Delhi, take a look at the following:

Operating Hours

The Science Museum Delhi’s timings are decided to accommodate the convenience of visitors from all walks of life. You can visit the location from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM on all seven days of the week.

Ticket Price

Curious about the ticket price of the Science Museum Delhi? Rest assured, the entry fee is budget-friendly, varies for children, adults, and students, and was carefully decided to make it accessible for all eager explorers just like the Delhi Zoo online ticket booking. Refer to the chart below.

Science Museum Delhi Ticket Price
Standard FeeRs. 70 per person
Groups with more than 25 peopleRs.60 per person
Organized school groupsRs. 25 per person
Government school groupsRs. 10 per person

Metro Route/Nearest Metro

If you’re wondering which is the Science Museum Delhi nearest metro station, the answer is Pragati Maidan. The Pragati Maidan metro station is on the Blue Line and is a 7-minute walk away. So now you don’t have to use up your time looking at the Delhi metro map.

Guided Tours

Yes, guided tours are available at the National Science Center. Trained guides provide informative and engaging tours, enhancing the visitor’s experience and knowledge of the exhibits.

Hosting Events or Conferences

Yes, the museum offers event and conference spaces for rent. The facilities can accommodate a wide range of events, from seminars and workshops to corporate gatherings.

Food and Refreshment Options

The Science Center has a cafeteria where visitors can enjoy snacks, beverages, and meals. The cafeteria offers a variety of options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Also, check out various water parks in Delhi and choose the best for your day out to have more adventure and fun.


Photography is permitted inside the science museum. However, visitors are advised to follow the guidelines and restrictions regarding photography in certain areas or during special exhibitions. No videography allowed!

Parting Words

The National Science Center in Delhi stands as a testament to the wonders of scientific exploration and discovery. With its fascinating exhibits, innovative programs, and commitment to education, it inspires and empowers visitors to embark on scientific journeys. 

Whether you’re a science enthusiast, a student, or a curious explorer, a visit to the Delhi Science Museum is an experience that will leave you enlightened, enthralled, and inspired.

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