A Complete Guide to AlaskaWiFi: Alaska Air WiFi Plans, Features, and Merits


Are you unsure whether Alaska Airlines provides wifi or not? Then allow me to clarify that the airline provides you with an amazing AlaskaWiFi connection, just like Aainflight Premium Service and Costco Travel.

You can choose to purchase any of its subscription plans to use this service. Subscribing to any of the plans allows you to both entertain yourself and stay productive while flying.

To quench your thirst, I suggest you read this comprehensive Alaska Airline WiFi guide and learn how to connect your device to AlaskaWiFi.com, as well as its features, subscription plans, and merits.

A Glimpse of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines 

Headquartered in Washington, Alaska Airlines is ranked as the sixth-largest airline in North America. It has scheduled flights to over 100 destinations ranging from the Pacific Northwest to Alaska, as well as within the contiguous United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, Hawaii, and Mexico. 

Key Facts:

Parent CompanyAlaska Air Group
HeadquartersSeaTac, Washington
HubSeattle-Tacoma International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Paid and Free Texting)
Inflight WiFi providerGogo

Does Alaska Airlines Have WiFi?

Yes, it provides an internet connection, and it is available on nearly all of its flights. Amongst them, you will find two significant types of internet connections, both of which are explained below:

Fast Satellite Wi-Fi

90% of Alaska-operated flights have a satellite connection. The availability of a message feature, which allows you to stream videos and work on your laptop, is what makes fast satellite Wi-Fi the preferred option.

Check out the following list to see which aircraft offer satellite Wi-Fi:

  • All Airbus aircraft
  • All Boeing 737-900ERs
  • Nearly all Boeing 737-900s
  • Most Boeing 737-800s
  • All Boeing 737 Max planes (except newly delivered ones)

Let me tell you that apart from the faster speed, you can also get better connectivity and coverage within Alaska, Mexico, and Hawaii. 

Basic Wi-Fi

It is a basic Wi-Fi connection that will keep you connected until you reach the ground. According to the airline, basic Wi-Fi allows you to browse the web, shop online, and check your email. 

The aircraft that have basic WiFi are listed below:

  • Select Boeing 737-800s
  • All Embrarer E175s
  • One Boeing 737-900
  • All Boeing 737-700s

Accessing or downloading large attachments is much more limited in the basic version. This implies you cannot use Wi-Fi when traveling by plane to parts of Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, or Costa Rica.

How Can You Connect to Alaska Airline WiFi?

You can use Alaska Air Wifi to connect your device to the internet while in flight, much like Spirit Wi-Fi, Delta Airlines and Jet Blue FlyFi.

Furthermore, you will be glad to know that the process of connecting a device to Alaska in-flight WiFi is extremely straightforward. Let’s take a look at the workings of the process:

  • Put your device in Airplane mode and turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Connect the WiFi to “Gogo in-flight” or “Alaska_WiFi”.
  • Launch the web browser and enter “AlaskaWiFi.com” in the address bar.
  • Purchase your desired internet pass and connect to the Alaska Airlines inflight entertainment and enjoy watching 600+ Alaskawifi.com movies. 

AlaskaWiFi Features

Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment 

It is important to understand a few important AlaskaWiFi com features before I go on to some more related topics. I have listed some of the most important ones below.

  • Whereas most flights have unstable internet service, Alaska Airlines allows you to access Streaming-Fast WiFi while traveling if you have subscribed to one of its plans.
  • As per the company’s claims, its broadband connection is much faster than that of basic WiFi. It implies that via Alaskawifi com watch entertainment feature, you can always watch your favorite series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.  

Unfortunately, when severe storms and other natural internet disruptions occur, your internet service may be interrupted. Furthermore, according to one of the company’s claims, the fast internet connection is difficult to access above the Arctic Circle.

Alaska Air WiFi Day Pass

You can get an unlimited high-speed internet connection with Airlines’ Day Pass. However, depending on the package you choose, internet access may only be available for a limited time.

One Hour Pass$7Meant for domestic flights
24 Hour Pass$19 Gate-to-gate connectivity

If you travel infrequently on flights, then a day pass is perfect for you. You can buy it via the website or mobile app.

Alaska WiFi Subscription Plans

Aside from the day pass, you can also purchase monthly and annual subscriptions directly from the company’s online portal. 

  • Monthly Plan: As the name suggests, you can utilize this subscription plan for up to a month. It will cost you $49.95 to use unlimited onboard internet access. If you often take multiple flights, this plan is perfectly suitable for you.
  • Annual Plan: Using this subscription plan, you can access high-speed onboard internet for 12 months. It will cost you around $599 as a time cost.

The following section will explain how to purchase the subscription plan. Besides that, you can also check out our blogs and gather additional information regarding Citytime login, NewJetNet AA login, and more.

How to Buy An Alaska Air WiFi Subscription Plan?

After discussing the various AlaskaWiFi.com subscription plans, it is time to learn how to purchase your preferred plan. 

  • To purchase a day pass, click the “buy now” button or click the “Subscribe” link to get your desired subscription plan.
    WiFi Subscription Plans
  • Now click on the “sign up” option and create your profile by providing all the necessary information.
  • Pay the subscription plan payment, fill in the mandatory details, and finally, click on the “Buy” button to get the subscription.

Compatible AlaskaWiFi Devices

Before you proceed to connect your device to Alaska Airlines WiFi, you must have a basic idea of all compatible and incompatible Alaska WiFi devices. Otherwise, your entire trip may be ruined by trying to connect incompatible devices repeatedly.

Let us look at all the devices that are compatible with Alaska Airlines WiFi:

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod TouchiOS version 11.2.1 and above
For Android phones and tabletsAndroid version 7.1 and above
For Mac OS X 10.12Safari and Chrome 68 versions are to be used
For Windows tablets and laptop usersChrome browser on Windows 8.1 and above are compatible

64-bit browsers, Kindle, Nook, and Android versions 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 are not compatible.

Benefits of AlaskaWiFi.com WiFi

By now, you should have a good understanding of Alaska Air WiFi, so it is time to go over some of the main benefits of using AlaskaWiFi com. I have listed some of the most important ones below, so read them carefully:

  • The speed of streaming fast satellite internet is 20x faster than the basic inflight internet.
  • Abundance of Alaskawifi com movies, thereby ensuring you are entertained fully.
  • Access to gate-to-gate connectivity.
  • WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage can be used for free texting.
  • Availability of 800+ Alaskawifi movies. 

It is exciting to know that the Alaskawifi com watch entertainment offers you a wide collection of Alaskawifi movies. Using this feature, as a passenger, you can watch more than 800 AlaskaWiFi.com free movies and TV shows from its library. 

AlaskaWiFi.com Customer Support Info

Before concluding today’s topic, let me include some key information that you can use to contact customer support to seek any sort of help with AlaskaWiFi.com WiFi

Live chatAlaska Air Help Center
Official Websitewifi.inflightinternet.com
Text 82008 with a maximum of 160 characters per message


In the era of the digital economy, internet connectivity has become the essence of daily life, and you may find it difficult to survive without it. When it comes to long hours of flight travel, everyone expects to have a decent internet connection to remove boredom.

Alaska Air WiFi is one of the most reliable internet services available to passengers. It is important to understand which devices are compatible with the Alaskawifi.com login service and which ones are not so that you don’t face any problem further.

I hope you found this article to be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible to call using airline WiFi?

No, you can’t make personal calls, online meetings, or video calls while traveling in the air.

Is downloading files using inflight WiFi services possible?

Though you can use the internet to send emails, browse websites, and access social media, downloading large files is not guaranteed.

Is it possible to make videos using the airline’s WiFi?

It is entirely dependent on the internet subscription plan you have purchased.

Is Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi free?

No, there is no way to access the service for free. On most of its flights, you can avial interent for onlyu $8.

Does Alaska have free movies?

Yes, it offers 600+ free movies. All you need is to connect to its Wi Fi network in flight, visit AlaskaWiFi.com and enjoy exploring extensive library.

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