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Storage and transportation of things, assistance in moving, and other interesting opportunities are available at Stackt. 

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our offers and go to the website to receive a price offer according to your conditions. 

Are you interested in the services of a qualified translator with a favorable price and discounts? Contact Stackt — we are ready to help!

What Services Does the Moving Company Provide? 

Moving with a lot of bags, appliances, home furniture, and storing personal belongings causes difficulties. 

Agree, even if you have your car, it is impossible to carry a lot of boxes, and massive overall packages. 


The graph mentioned above demonstrates the cost of moving by type of help needed. 
According to the stats, loading and unloading costs are higher than loading only, unloading only, and moving on the site only.

Add here the border crossing in the case of international travel, and you will understand that you cannot do without the help of professional carriers. 

What the moving company offers:

  • Cleaning of premises at the entrance and in case of departure.
  • Assistance in packing things, including appliances, furniture, and bags. 
  • Transportation in different formats — by country, city, and within the state. 
  • Storage of valuables, and personal belongings. 
  • Organization of the shipment of items. 

That is, the customer receives a full cycle of work on moving and storing valuables. 

For example, you can contact us, specify the desired services, and not think about the difficulties of moving. 

Professionals will take care of your transportation problems and save you from hard work. 

Cleaning Services 

You will probably be surprised, but with us you can order cleaning of apartments after check-out and before check-in. 

Quite often, people rent a house from a distance in advance and want to see well-maintained rooms when they check-in. 

Don’t you want to clean the floor in your apartment after a long flight or collect the garbage left over from previous tenants? So you should take advantage of Stackt’s offer regarding cleaning.

Travel Packaging is Important!

Are you familiar with the rules of cargo transportation and packaging requirements? Our employees offer assistance in preparing your belongings for transportation. 

We work with furniture, appliances, large-sized valuable interior items, we can properly pack documentation, books, dishes, and personal belongings.

The travel package guarantees the safety of the cargo, which applies to anything, including fragile ones. 

We anticipate the complexity of the forms of transported valuables, fragility, weight, dimensions, and other points. 

The packaging will withstand any road conditions and keep the transported objects in their original form. 

The Format of the Crossings Can Be Any

Are you a student or have you chosen to live in the UK and want to arrange the transportation of things in the best possible way? 

Contact us and trust the professionals. We carry out any type of transportation, over any distance. 

Did You Know?:
Moving costs are impacted by several factors. Likewise, for a cross-country move, the average cost is $10,000 for a full-service moving company. 
On the other hand, for a moving container company, the average cost is $4,500. 

Do you doubt the truth? In vain, because our cooperates with other moving companies around the world. 

What it means:

  • We take things, valuables, including bulky ones, from the point of departure.
  • We plan the route in advance and calculate the travel time taking into account the peculiarities of the road.
  • We transport everything you need to a new location.
  • We transfer the cargo safely. 

We guarantee the reliability and safety of the transported valuables and things. 

You will be able to verify the quality of our work yourself — ask for help, get a price calculation, and a free consultation. 

Explanations are provided by experienced staff who will listen and take into account your wishes. 

Storage Services 

We offer to use our London storage, which guarantees reliability, safety, and confidentiality. That is, you can leave valuables and any other things in Stackt for storage when you move, waiting for the release of rented housing. 

Our service is available to everyone regarding pricing policy. And by the way, students get a discount — hurry up!

Interesting Fact:
When moving a 3-bedroom house, the average move takes between 80–100 boxes.

Our retention room is an equipped modern warehouse, which is equipped with round—the—clock video surveillance. 

Obviously, you will be able to receive your valuables in perfect order — we guarantee a full cycle of responsible keeping in the best quality. 

Please note that the cost of equipped modern storage is much lower than that of competitors. 

Delivery of Cargo 

Cooperation with us is a journey without heavy bags and packages. You can entrust us with the cargo and go by yourself by any type of transport. 

Just imagine the ease and convenience of such trips! We will deliver your things, help you unpack, and provide movers. Trust the professionals and save on transportation services with us.

transportation services

Advantages of Cooperation With Moving Company Stackt

Our motto is inexpensive, fast, and high quality! We fulfill any customer’s wishes, coordinate vital details, and help you choose the most appropriate format. 

The advantages of working with us are obvious:

  • A favorable price.
  • Excellent quality of all available services.
  • Professional service.
  • Performing work in any format — moving, cleaning, safe and reliable keeping services.
  • Availability of various discounts. 

We are chosen by students, large companies, and private travelers. All types of travel over any distance are available in Stackt. 

The tamper—proof retention was appreciated by corporate clients and private customers – we responsibly service and guarantee the fulfillment of the agreed conditions. 

Agree, that quality, reliability, and low price are convenient and profitable. Our conditions motivate customers to long—term cooperation: please contact us!

Move With Stackt

Are You Ready to Move With Stackt?

Trust the professionals and experience the benefits of customer service at the moving company. We treat each customer with reverence and guarantee favorable conditions. 

You can get discount offers, move long distances with us, and get a responsible retention service. Low competitive prices and excellent service at Stackt — you deserve the best!

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