Here’s a List of Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Hawaii

  • Jun 4, 2024
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List of Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Hawaii

Beaches are always excellent gateway destinations, especially the ones like Hawaii, Tulum, Bora Bora, or Puerto Morelos. And while visiting any such places, we tend to look for resorts or hotels that are “all-inclusive”, do you know why? Well because in all-inclusive resorts you get all the basic amenities at the hotel price only. So why not prefer these everywhere while holidaying?

If you are planning your next trip to Hawaii and looking for all-inclusive Hawaii resorts, you may be disappointed to know that there isn’t any officially announced all-inclusive resort there. However, there are many others of them that provide all the basic amenities along with many other benefits in one go. Let’s dig in and get to know it all.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Hawaii

Hawaii is certainly one of the most astonishing beach destinations in not just the United States but in the entire world. A single trip to Hawaii can be your way to rejuvenate yourself for the entire year.

So to make your trip to Hawaii better, I have here accommodated a list of the best all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii. Have a look and pick the most appropriate one for you. 

1. Four Seasons Oahu at Koolina- Best Overall



The resort was voted as North America’s leading beach resort in 2021, and once you arrive here, you will know why. The entire property doesn’t even need to be as sprawling as the other resorts, people already know it’s worth it. Even though the location of the resort is spectacular, away from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu town, it is located on Oahu’s cheerful leeward coast. The resort is just perfect for a family vacation, a couple’s gateway, or a friend’s outing. It is also known to be one of the all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii with private pool. 


  • It has four outdoor pools. 
  • Slate water lagoons. 
  • It has its own spa, fitness center, and golf course nearby. 
  • It also has a free paddle and snorkeling gear rental spa. 
  • Nearby beach access
  • Perfect dining area
  • Adults-only infinity pool
  • Free kid’s program 
  • Airport shuttle. 
  • Quite far from central Honolulu. 
  • Valet parking here is $48 per night. 

2. Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa- Best for Families



As the name says it all, a Disney resort is well-suited for your family staycation. This exceptional all-inclusive resort in Hawaii combines the magic of Disney in its stay, it’s like a mini Disneyland. Activities for families like pool activities, sand sculpture, and many others are one of the major sources of attractions here. There’s no age limit for enjoying the marred amenities of Aulani, and the energy here is unmatchable. Well, there’s a reason it was voted as the #1 Best Hotel or Resort for families in 2018. 


  • Multifarious free activities for kids and adults. 
  • Over six pool areas. 
  • Private beach 
  • A separate beach house for the kids. 
  • No fee for the resort
  • You get to meet the Disney characters. 
  • Free activities 
  • Shuttle service to popular islands. 
  • 18,000 sq. ft. spa 
  • It has self-parking that costs $37 per day. 
  • Not pet-friendly. 
  • Far from central Honolulu. 

3. The Grand Wailea Maui- Best for Amenities



Another one of the top all inclusive resorts in Hawaii is The Grand Wailea Maui.  This 40 acres property is definitely nothing but a paradise. Guests can choose from dozens of activities and island adventures. You can also opt for a full-day hike or a cruiser along the breathtaking Wailea beach. It is indeed one of the most iconic all-inclusive Hawaii resorts. The resort is well-steeped into the Hawaiian heritage and will give you the perfect island vibe that you came looking for. 


  • Nine outdoor pools
  • Adults-only pool with a water slide as well. 
  • Cultural activities like Hula lessons
  • Free beach cruiser bikes.
  • Fitness center
  • Spa 
  • It has over seven on-site dining venues. 
  • Pet-friendly
  • Cultural classes 
  • Gardens with over 600 different species of plants. 
  • Myriad activities for all groups 
  • The property might seem to be too big. 
  • Valet parking is $65 per day. 

4. Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort- Best for Wellness 



The one that grasps the advantage of its idyllic location at the famous Wailea beach. This all-inclusive resort in Hawaii has about 321 rooms, 35 suites, and 31 luxury villas. All of them come with incredible island views and most of them even feature a rain shower and lanai right on their patios. The suites have a separate living area with much better views of the islands. The villas come with private outdoor spaces, Miele kitchens, grills, hot tubes, and whatnot. 


  • It has four outdoor pools.
  • It has its own fitness center and spa
  • It has over five on-site dining areas. 
  • It has four pools and three of them are cascading infinity pools
  • Luxurious villas 
  • You can bring your pets here
  • It has over five on-site dining options
  • Located in such a great location 
  • The velvet parking here is $45 per day. 

5. The Western Maui Resort & Spa- Best for Romance 



Another exquisite all-inclusive resort in Hawaii set against the backdrop of the stunning Kaanapali Beach on Maui is The Western Maui Resort. With an astonishing oceanfront location, guests get to soak in the rare ocean air and get all wiped into the aqua water. With cascading waterfalls and lust foliage, wait, that’s not it, the crushing sounds of the waves are just like a cherry on top. There’s absolutely nothing here to not like. 


  • It has an award-winning spa
  • Guests get to have beachfront cabanas.
  • It has over six pools 
  • It is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii. 
  • It has five on-site restaurants. 
  • It is totally pet-friendly. 
  • It has adults-only pools along with family pools. 
  • Beach access 
  • The valet parking here costs $30 per day. 

6. Four Seasons Resort at Lanai- Best Known for its Location 



Here it is again, the elegant Four Seasons not leaving a single destination to be available for its guests. This one is perched on a bluff overlooking a bay, right where the spinner dolphins and humpback whales can be spotted from. The hotel is located at a distance of 9 miles away from Maui, Lanai on a much-uninhabited island, perfectly secluded for your getaway. The destination is much famous amongst travelers looking for unspoiled natural beauty. 


  • Beautiful bars and restaurants 
  • World-class spa
  • One of the best golf-courses 
  • Free kid’s program 
  • Two pools 
  • Fitness center 
  • You can bring your pet here 
  • Astonishing gardens 
  • The property may be too big for some people. 

7. Royal Lahaina Resort- Best for Its Beach



Another All-inclusive resort in Hawaii with a private pool. We all have heard of the eternal beauty of the famous Kaanapali beach, and the one that presents it to us in its best way is the Royal Lahaina Resort. It serves its guests with truly the best experience of Kaanapali beach. And the swimmable turquoise water is just a cherry on top. It even has oceanfront cottages that serve the most spectacular views. You can even witness humpback whales migrating during winter. 


  • 2 swimming pools 
  • Beachfront rooms
  • Oceanfront cottages 
  • One of the top Maui Luaus 
  • Spa and fitness center 
  • Tennis court 
  • Sprawling gardens 
  • Lahaina is easily accessible 
  • Not pet-friendly 
  • The features in the hotel are quite outdated. 
  • Only one on-site restaurant. 

8. Halekulani Hotel- Best for Luxury



Located in the bustling heart of Waikiki, for over a century now, it has assisted guests with the utmost luxury. Not just that, its stunning beachfront has won several recognitions like the Four Diamond Hotel Award by the American Automobile Association along with #1 Resort in Hawaii by Travel+Leisure. Not just the resort, but even its restaurants’ La Mer and Orchids have won numerous awards too. The guest rooms are served with immense serenity that comes with plush pillows and calm blue hues. 


  • Award-winning spa
  • World-class restaurants 
  • A pool that overlooks Waikiki
  • A very short walk to Waikiki strip. 
  • Fitness center 
  • No resort fees
  • Free access to the museums and other cultural destinations 
  • Beach access 
  • Not pet-friendly 
  • Valet parking costs $35 a day. 
  • Not many activities for kids. 

9. Royal Kona Resort- Best Known for Its Deals 



This all-inclusive resort in Hawaii is perched right on the water’s edge. The stunning architecture comes with remarkable views. It was built in 1968 and since then, it has been an iconic part of the Hawaii Island shoreline. The hotel has curated activities that provide the perfect sense of Hawaiian culture, these include nighttime manta ray dives, helicopter tours, and trips to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 


  • Private saltwater lagoon 
  • Bar 
  • Oceanside restaurants 
  • Kona town is located just a distance of a short walk. 
  • Fitness center 
  • Specially coordinated activities. 
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Cultural activities 
  • You can’t bring your pet here. 
  • The swimming pool is a bit small. 

Comparing the Best All-Inclusive Resorts 

Name Resort Fee Room Price
Four Seasons Oahu at Koolina None $$$$
Aulani, Disney Resort and Spa None $$$$
The Grand Wailea Maui$50 $$$$
Andaz Maui at Wailea $48$$$$
The Western Maui Resort and Spa $40$$$$
Four Seasons Resort at Lanai None $$$$
Royal Lahaina Resort $40$$$
Halekulani Resort None $$$$
Royal Kona Resort $22$$

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How Much Does It Cost To Have an All-Inclusive Trip to Hawaii?

All that said, one unanswered question that remains still in your mind is the total cost of having an all-inclusive trip to Hawaii. Let’s break it to you in simple words. Most of it depends on the number of nights you stay there and the type of accommodation facility you opt for. 
If you are looking for a luxurious stay then the Halekulani Hotel is the best suited for you, on the other hand, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, then The Western Maui Resort & Spa would be the right pick for you. These accommodations and locations will have a significant influence on your budget and the type of trip you are looking for, not just in Hawaii but everywhere.


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