14-Day Europe Tour Package from London: Complete Details

  • Jun 4, 2024
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fourteen day europe tour package from london

Europe is a continent renowned for its rich history, landscape, and diverse culture. Who doesn’t want to visit this prepossessing place and immerse in the beauty of the English landscape? 

So get ready to embark on the travel journey of your dreams and add a 14 Day Europe tour packages from London to your bucket list. Whether you’re going to a single country or touring all the European capitals, you can find all types of tour packages that are perfect for you and your family. 

Here’s the full Itinerary to give you an idea of what your next 14 days will look like. 


Here’s the ideal and full itinerary for the perfect 14-day Europe trip ~ 

Day 1  — London Sightseeing 


London is not just a starting point of the trip but also the first destination. Immerse yourself in the vibrant English city and explore historical architecture. 

  • London Highlights — Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Alton Towers, Westminster Abbey, etc. 
  • Popular places to eat — HIDE, The Barbary, The Clove Club, Waldo’s on King, Zen’Za Pizzeria, Tahini, David’s Bistro, etc. 
  • Departure — Catch Eurostar and depart for Paris. 

Day 2 — Arrival in Paris 


After arriving in the city of love, check into your hotel and set out to explore this beautiful place with your significant other. 

  • Paris Highlights — Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Montmartre, Place of Versailles, Disneyland Paris, etc.  
  • Popular places to eat — Datil, Marsan par Hélène Darroze, Lolo Bistrot, Racines, Mensae, etc. 
  • Stay — Overnight stay in Paris 

Day 3 and 4 — Switzerland  


From Paris take up a scenic train to Switzerland. The high quality life and the efficient public transport attract everyone to this place. The country is renowned for its stunning landscape including the Alps, serene lakes and lush valleys. 

  • Switzerland Highlights — The Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Matterhorn, Gornrergrat, Zermatt 
  • Popular places to eat — Loft Five, Haus Hiltl, Villa Schweizerhof,  Restaurant Bel Etage. 
  • Stay — Overnight stay in Switzerland. 

Day 5 — Rome, Italy 


You can either travel to Rome from Switzerland from or straight from Paris. Rome is also known as the Eternal City with ancient landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods 

  • Rome Highlights — Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant Angelo, Santa Maria Maggiore Rome, Trevi Fountain, etc.  
  • Popular places to eat — Nerone, Pane e Salame, Ambrosia rooftop restaurant, Food of Roma & India, etc. 
  • Stay — Overnight stay in Rome. 

Day 6 — Florence, Italy  


Take a day trip from Rome to the beautiful city of Florence, which is also a treasure trove of museums, galleries, churches, and historic sites.

  • Florence Highlights — Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze, Riccardi Medici Palace, Casa Buonarroti, Basilica di Santo Spirito, Museo Galileo, etc. 
  • Popular places to eat — Indian Palace, Ristorante Taj Palace, Bambi Trippa e Lampredotto, I’ Girone De’ Ghiotti, Alchimia Vegetale, etc. 
  • Stay — Overnight or two nights stay in Florence (you can also stay for another night to explore the city)

Day 7 and 8 — Venice, Italy


Explore Venice, a city known for its canals, historic architecture, and vibrant culture. Venice is built on a series of islands in a lagoon and offers a magical experience with its romantic waterways, exquisite art, and timeless beauty. 

  • Venice Highlights — Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace, Basilica Si Dan Marco, Piazza San Marco, Gallerie Dell’Accademia, Teatro La Fenice, Ca’ Rezzonico, etc.
  • Popular places to eat — Trattoria Zaccaria, Tango Bar Venezia, Ai Grill, Prima Volta, Impronta, Osteria Fanal Del Codega. 
  • Stay — Stay overnight in Venice

Day 9 and 10 — Berlin, Germany 


Explore Berlin, a city with a tumultuous history, a vibrant cultural scene, and a mix of historical and modern architecture. 

  • Brussels Highlights — Academy Of Arts, Berlin Cathedral, Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe, Jewish Museum, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace Gardens, etc. 
  • Popular places to eat — UPPER Grill & Bar, Focaccino, Restaurant Buschbeck’s, JHackethals, Happies, Mama Trattoria, etc. 
  • Stay — Overnight stay in Berlin 

Day 11 — Brussels, Belgium 


Take an overnight journey and admire the capital city of Belgium, a well-known historical city with stunning architecture, and a diverse cultural scene. 

  • Brussels Highlights — The Grand Place, The Museum of Musical Instrument, Atomium, The Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, Place du Jeu de Balle Market, Manneken Pis, etc
  • Popular places to eat — Brasserie Signature, Le Rendez-vous des Artistes, Thaiburi, 65 degres, Le Rabassier, yummy bowl, etc. 
  • Stay — Overnight stay in Brussels 

Day 12 and 13 — Amsterdam, Netherlands  


The artistic city of Amsterdam is much more than narrow houses and vibrant culture. Explore the city with ease and in-depth for 2 days. 

  • Amsterdam Highlights — 
  • Popular places to eat — Roux, De Silveren Spiegel, Graham’s Kitchen, Sherpa Restaurant, Namche, Bougainville, The Yeti — Nepali & Indian Restaurant. 
  • Stay — Overnight stay for two nights in Amsterdam 

Day 14 — Return to London

After a breathtaking journey through the English landscape, return to London, where the trip started. 


Here is what’s included in the trip ~

  • Accommodation — Depending on the package you book, accommodation nights might differ. Ideally, the trip package should include at least 12 to 13 nights of stay in a 3 to 4-star hotel. Again, the quality of the accommodation also depends on the type of trip you’re booking. 
  • Meals — The tour packages usually include breakfast & dinner, and the travelers are expected to buy their own lunch while exploring the city. 
  • Transportations — From the start of the tour all transportation is included in the package including train tickets for transfer between major cities, coach transfers for shorter distances, or even internal flights depending on the itinerary. Some tours also offer airport transfers. 
  • Guide — The guide and its charges are all included in the tour package. 

Best Time to Visit Europe 

The ideal time to travel to Europe will depend on your hobbies, financial situation, and ideal weather. The following recommendations will assist you in selecting the ideal time for your European adventure:

1. Spring: (March–May) Benefits

  • moderate Weather: The springtime brings with it a wealth of beautiful scenery and moderate temperatures.
  • Fewer Crowds: It’s simpler to visit major sights since there are fewer tourists than there are during the summer.
  • Events & Festivals: Take part in springtime festivities like the Dutch Tulip Festival, Easter celebrations, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland.

2. Summer (June to August)

  • Weather: Warm weather is ideal for festivals, outdoor activities, and trips to the beach.
  • Extended Daylight: Long, sunny days that are perfect for sightseeing.
  • Events & Festivals: Take part in colorful celebrations like the French Bastille Day, the Running of the Bulls in Spain, and several music festivals around the continent.


Europe is a place of dreams for many and a Europe tour is not just a craze but a prestige issue for many. 

Plan a 14 days Europe tour package today to experience the royal, historic, and diverse culture of the country.

If you want to visit the best Islands in Europe with family, or witness one of the best treks in Europe with friends, if you search the right way there’s a perfect tour package for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions
When is the best time to visit Europe?

There isn’t really a ‘bad’ time to visit — it all depends what sort of Europe tour you’re interested in. For a trip to southern Spain, early and late summer are ideal, if you’re going to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, you’ll want a winter date.

What are the visa requirements for Europe?

Currently, UK residents don’t need a visa to travel in Europe, as long as the stay is less than 90 days. Our travel advisors can let you know more on the visa requirements for holidays to Europe when you book.

What is the 10 countries tour of Europe?

On this private limousine tour of Europe, your personal tour leader brings you to some of the most interesting and impressive places in 10 European countries within 20 days: England – France – Andorra – Spain – Monaco – Italy – Austria – Germany – Luxembourg – Belgium.


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