Hidden Wonders of Europe

Wonders of Europe

When it comes to holidays, everyone runs towards Europe. Well, why shouldn’t they? Europe is the perfect place for travelers, there’s so much to unleash in Europe, so much that even the Europeans don’t know about. So much history, so many breathtaking destinations, fairy tale castles, diverse farms, national parks, heart-throbbing natural beauty of the mountains and lakes, and the list will go on. 

Whenever we visit a place, we look for something dissimilar, something that hasn’t been discovered by most people yet, something that is going to make our trip the best one. Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Zurich, Prague, all these are visited by millions of people, while all these places are stunning, still, there’s nothing distinguished about them. 

The best part about Europe is that it’s so diverse that no matter how many places you visit, there will be something that will still be undiscovered. Plus, it’s so easy to hop, even into the smallest destinations in Europe, because of the available bus and rail connections. 

While looking for something different, you know that every second is going to be full of excitement, and you are going to end up somewhere totally unexpected. So here’s a list of some off-beat and undiscovered hidden gems of Europe that are going to steal your breath. Get ready to explore:

Vipava Valley, Slovenia

Vipava Valley

The very first we have on our list is the Vipava Valley in Slovenia. Slovenia is a country that most people haven’t even heard about. With the cutest little capital of Ljubljana, Slovenia doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Although the magical lake Bled takes all the attention of most visitors, there’s something else that should be in the lead, and that is the Vipava Valley. Without a doubt, it is one of the most stunning, hidden gems in Europe. 

The perfect joy of visiting Vipava is through cycling or hiking, where you can unleash the true beauty of it, between the villages straight to the mountains. Plus the paragliding along with the warm fresh wind is like a cherry on top. 

All the city buzz isn’t a thing in Slovenia, and to encounter the true beauty of Slovenia, Vipava Valley is the one. A perfectly gorgeous set of greenery, hills, and vineyards, one could easily mistake it for Tuscany at first, but to be very true, it’s much better. 

Another best part about Vipava is Otliško okno, also known as the Otlica natural window. A legend says that the hole was made by the devil himself. You can take a perfectly Instagrammable selfie from the window with the entire Vipava valley at the back. 

Why Vipava Valley?– With the undoubtedly hospitable restaurants, homemade wine, local delights, and delicious traditional cuisine, the whole place feels like a fairy tale.  

Whether you are on a weekend getaway or for the entire week, avoiding the city lights, this place is going to be the best experience of your life. 

How to reach?– Getting to Vipava is pretty easy, there are multiple means of traveling to Vipava from Ljubljana. You can easily get a bus, taxi, or car to Vipava. 

The Ancient City of Laodicea, Denizli, Turkey

 Ancient City of Laodicea

Not many people know about the ancient Hellenistic city, in the Denizli province, Laodicea. The city is perfectly maintained, located on a hill, between the fertile valleys of Asopus and Caprus. The city is said to be quite an important part of Biblical History, this is because it has one of the ‘Seven Churches of Asia’ mentioned in the book of Revelation. 

Apart from this, there are some other major attractions of the city that make it perfect for a one-day trip. The colonnaded street, the ruins of the Lycus, the Western Theater, the Church of Laodicea, Temple A, The West Baths, and the Stadium of Laodicea. 

To help you explore the city well, there are explanatory boards everywhere, giving you every detail of the city. There are too many reasons to visit this amazing city, first, the perfect archeological city with deep historical importance, and second, the city is undiscovered by most travelers, making it an off-beat site in Europe. The place is so uncommon that one can hardly see any tourist bus here. To get to this beautiful city, you can take a minibus or in Turkish its “Dolmus” from the main bus station called Denizli Otogar. Every 20 minutes, you’ll see a bus departing from the station, so it’s pretty easy to get on a bus there. The ideal time to visit the city would be in the morning only so that you can walk through all the tourist locations. 

Why the Ancient City of Laodicea?– If it’s a historic place, it doesn’t mean there won’t be anything worth seeing, all the ruins are well-preserved, plus in the blooming season, you can have the most magnificent look with the Scarlet Poppies. 

How to reach Laodicea?– The city is just 3 hour’s drive away from Kusadasi

Dugi Otok, Croatia 

Dugi Otok

You might have been to many islands, but we can guarantee, you have never been to an island as pretty as this one. Dugi Otok is located in the region of Zadar, Croatia, known for offering much-needed peace and mindfulness. Compared to all the islands in Croatia, this is the most underrated one, known as Croatia’s hidden gem. You won’t see many tourists on this island because of its secludedness. 

One of the best and the most mesmerizing beaches on this island is Sakarun beach, known for the incredible white sand and Caribbean waters, just like the ones shown in movies. The interesting part here is that this beach has been several times voted as the best beach in Croatia. Well then, while traveling the country, who would want to miss the best part of it. 

Another (out of many) the best part about this beautiful island is the Telascica National Park, where one can encounter the true and majestic beauty of nature, high cliffs, and the silver lake of Mir. All of this just simply adds up to the beauty of this amazing island. The breathtaking views, peace all around, colonial towns, and the most beautiful islands, perfect for a digital detox. The best time to visit this marvelous place is between May and October. This is because, at this time of the year, you can have plenty of sunshine and the weather is gloomy all the time. The island is pretty easily available, and you’ll have plenty of private apartments for a lovely stay. 

Why Dugi Otok?– The entire Dugi Otok island is defined by beautiful coastal towns, nature, and stunning beaches. Sunset and sunrise from the beaches are mind-blowing. One can spend an entire day on one beach only, because of its true beauty and authenticity

How to reach Dugi Otok?– The island can be reached easily through a Ferry from Zadar. You can also take the passenger to Bozava or Brbinj. 

Bagni San Filippo, Italy

Bagni San Filippo

This hidden hot spring in Tuscany will surely make your trip the best trip of your life. The town where this hot spring is located is named after this hot spring only. To be precise, it is situated in the Castiglione d’Orcia, in the province of Sienna, which is in Tuscany, Italy. Visitors usually rent a luxury villa in Tuscany and spend at least two or three days enjoying these amazing thermal pools and exploring the beautiful area.

Over the years, the deposits of Calcium have formed massive formations along with the flow of water, which is why the water of these pools is rich in carbonate-calcic. 

Another beautiful formation in the place is Fosso Bianco, this is the very first noticeable formation, but what catches a tourist’s eyes the most is the white whale. It is said to be the most impressive and unique formation in the area because it appears to be like a solidified waterfall. Truly, it is one of the hidden gems of Europe. 

The best time to visit these thermal baths is obviously during winters, from September to December. This is because the extremely warm water in contrast to the cold weather gives the best experience. 

Why Bagni San Filippo?– The bathing area of San Filippo is situated in a park that is right in the middle of the town. You can have a small downward hike while reaching the pools, that’ll make your bath even more relaxing.

How to reach Bagni San Filippo?– The town of Bagini San Filippo requires a few hour’s drive from the city of Rome or Florence. You can easily get a bus, train, or a personal car from Florence. 

Loket Castle, Czech Republic

Loket Castle

Most people might not know about this, not even the ones already living in the Czech Republic, that their country is filled with majestic, medieval castles. Not just these castles, the Czech Republic is an exceptional country, full of excitement and unique things. It won’t be wrong to name the entire country as the hidden gem of Europe. Hiking trails, national parks, and ski resorts with exceptional views are just a few things to name, the country is much more.

While exploring Czech, we found one of the hidden wonders of Europe. One of the reasons behind this place’s authenticity is that not many people have come to know about this yet. 

The town might be very small, but there’s a lot to do in it. The famous Loket castle itself will take more than half of your day. The castle holds most of the history of the Czech Republic. After exploring this magnificent castle, you can go kayaking around the town, you’ll encounter breathtaking views. 

Coming back to the main attraction of the town, the Loket Castle, it acquires up to half the pace of the town. The castle is not just about the huge living rooms, beautiful kitchen, and bedrooms while going to the basement, you will see the area where they used to torture the criminals. And not just the place, the enormous and dangerous machines that were used to torture and kill the criminals are also well-preserved. 

Another hidden gem in the town itself is the hill located on the other side of the entrance of the town. Cross the bridge and the driveway to get to the hill. Then climb up to the hill to encounter the most incredible view. 

Plus, the town is not just about the narrow streets, the cafés and other spots are worth spending a day in the town, so don’t forget to wander in the town and explore the culture of Czech people. 

Why Loket Castle?- The interesting part about the castle is that you will be able to encounter the exact lifestyle of the people in the 12th century. 

How to reach Loket castle?– Loket is a town located just 15 minutes away from the town of Karlovy Vary. You can easily get to Loket via public transport. 

Kaunas, Lithuania


While visiting Lithuania, Belarus, and other neighboring countries, not many people consider Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania. The city is filled with many exciting spots and can take up your entire two days. The city was a very famous trading center in the entire region in the 15th century and still, you can encounter some of its remains and admire those great times. 

There’s a lot to do in the city. Visit the remnants of the castles that were built back in the 14th century, and esteem the marvelous churches and the gigantic houses from those times. 

Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania from the period 1920 to 1939, and in the meantime, numerous massive buildings were built in the city. As of today, Kaunas is one of the best hubs of modernism in the whole of Europe. Well then, isn’t it worth visiting the city that holds such historic importance? Of course, it is.  

Several houses in Kaunas were granted the “European Heritage Label” for portraying the pure heritage of Europe. 

Why Kaunas?– Kaunas is the perfect place for art lovers, as the streets are filled with art and the atmosphere is dynamic. The main streets in Kaunas are lined up with outstanding cafés and restaurants. The best time to visit Kaunas is when the weather is pleasant, i.e., between May and September. 

How to reach Kaunas?– It’s pretty easy to reach the city via plane, train, or coach from Vilnius. 

Alta, Norway


The next European hidden gem we have on our list is Alta, located at 70 degrees north latitude, within the arctic circle. Alta is a small town in Norway, also known as “the town of northern lights”. You might be amazed to know that during summers, Alta experiences midnight sun. There is light throughout the day and the night, while it is the opposite in the winter. No doubt, Alta is the strangest yet unique place, and not just in Europe but in the whole world. 

The best part about this town is, from late November to the mid of January, the polar night is present here. Polar night is the time when there is no sunlight in the town for the entire day, this is because during these months the sun never rises over the horizon. There is no sunshine for 20-22 hours in the town and for the remaining few hours, there is a dark blue twilight in the sky. This is the center of attraction in the town, people from far away visit Norway just to encounter these pretty blue lights in the sky. But unfortunately, not many people know about this pretty little magic of nature. These blue lights are called the northern lights. 

If you’re more into sightseeing, then we highly suggest you visit the Northern Lights Cathedral and the unique igloo hotel that also has an ice bar. There are plenty of stays in the town, and the food here is perfectly delicious and authentic. 

Why Alta?–  The northern lights are not the only thing to encounter in Alta. During the day, you can do some fun activities like skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, reindeer sledding, and many more.

How to reach Alta?– You can take a flight from Tromso, Sorkjosen, Ivalo, Lakselv, Rovaniemi, and then a bus to Alta, or you can directly take a flight to Alta if it’s available from your destination. 

The Georgian Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Georgian Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains is a mountain range between Asia and Europe, connecting the two continents via Georgia and Azerbaijan. The mountain range offers an astounding hike in the warmer months and snowy adventures in the winters. 

Georgia is a country that has been growing in popularity in the digital nomad country for years, especially the capital city, Tbilisi. The true magic of the country is found amongst the highest peaks of mountains like the Caucasus. The Georgian Caucasus Mountains can be explored by taking a trip from the capital city, Tbilisi, through the Great Georgian Military Highway. 

If you keep on going, you will reach Kazbegi, overlooked by the snow-capped tip of Mount Kazbek. Mount Kazbek is one of Georgia’s highest mountain peaks. If you continue hiking from here, you can visit the Trinity Church. It is pretty isolated, as most people don’t know about it, and it’s quite tiring to reach here. But the views from all over are magnificent. 

There are plenty of monasteries, located over the clouds in the mountains. You will have a warm welcome from friendly mountain dogs, and they’ll even be your travel guides on the high mountains. 

Why The Georgian Caucasus?– All of these mountain peaks are quite underrated as most people don’t know about them, but having a hike up to one of these is worth it as the view and the atmosphere here is breathtaking. 

How to reach The Georgian Caucasus?– You can easily get a flight to Georgia and from there, any local transport can take you there. Plus, if you have a visa permit from Canada/EU/USA/Australia, you don’t need a separate permit to travel to Georgia. 

The Azores, Portugal


Switzerland and New Zealand are kind of common destinations, but have you ever visited a place that is a mixture of Switzerland and New Zealand? Well, this is your chance. The Azores in Portugal is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, situated right at the center of Portugal and Canada. The island is formed by volcanic activities, there are a total of nine islands in the Azores, making it a true wonder of Europe. 

Surprisingly, the Islands are directly accessible to you, if you are traveling from the US. The volcanic landscapes and the natural hot springs make the island perfect for a digital detox holiday. The thermal swimming pools are located at the center of a subtropical oasis of more than 2000 species of trees. Imagine the view from the hot spring, must be astonishing. 

The Azores offers mouthwatering dining, especially when it comes to seafood. You can experience various new forms of fish and other seafood that only can be found in the Azores, like Barnacle shellfish. 

The Azores is also known for its very own Fado music, which you might not find anywhere else. This melancholic, beautiful music genre has its roots in the mainland of Portugal only. And the Azores is the perfect place to listen to some local Fado music singers and guitarists in the cozy clubs. Scuba Diving and whale watching are the major activities on the Azores island. If you are willing to explore this landscape, you need to rush as golden visa program to be suspended soon. So, pack your bag and travel to this nature’s miracle.

Why The Azores?– The island witnesses mineral-laden soil and subtropical climate and is surrounded by the Gulf Stream’s warm water. The Azores is said to be Portugal’s best-kept secret. 

How to reach The Azores?– From Lisbon and Porto, It’s a 2.5 hours flight, there is a direct connection to smaller islands too like Pico and Faial.

Dinant, Belgium


Another one of the best-hidden gems of Europe is Dinant. It’s a small, historic town in Belgium, in the province of Namur. It is easily accessible by train and road from Brussels and Luxembourg, respectively. 

One of the most popular destinations to visit in Dinant is Citadel. The Dinant Citadel towers are homes to military remnants. Have a little hike to the top of Fortified towers and encounter the most stunning view of Dinant. Dinant also has a museum that is worth visiting to explore the history of Belgium. 

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is located right in the heart of the city and is one of the most magnificent structures there, graced by the banks of the river. 

Just near the church, there is a museum of Adolphe Sax’s Saxophone exhibits. He was born and raised in Dinant only and while exploring the city, you will find many colorful saxophones all over. 

Another exciting thing to do in Dinant is exploring the Crèvecœur Castle. Located high on the banks of a river, there are still well-preserved remains of the castle. The castle was built in the 14th century to defend Bouvignes-sur-Meuse. The city is mostly explored by couples, book a day cruise here, and go for beer tasting at some vintage cafés in the town. 

Why Dinant?– The perfect blend of slow travel and serves the pure beauty of nature. The city is perfect for a weekend trip.

How to reach Dinant?- The closest airports to Dinant are Brussels, Charleroi, and Liège, and from there you can take a bus to Dinant. 

Le Havre, France

Le Havre

When it comes to France, people stay limited to Paris, Nice, or Corsica. But there’s so much more to France that even the French don’t know about it. While Paris and other cities are full of tourists all time of the year, some places are much secluded and uncongested. Le Havre is one of them. 

Le Havre is a small city located in the province of Normandy. You might not encounter the usual French architecture here, but the city has so much more to offer than just the architecture, making it a true hidden gem of Europe.

Because of its surprising post-war reconstructions, and modern works on the streets as well as on the beaches, the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It is only a two-hour drive or train from Paris, the city will take up to two whole days, and those two days are going to be the best ones, that is guaranteed. 

You’ll have plenty of stay options to stay near the sea and enjoy one of France’s most stunning views. There are a few things that you shouldn’t miss while being in the city:

  • The building that was constructed by Auguste Perret with prefabricated blocks, the building, is the main reason behind the city’s UNESCO status. 
  • Saint Joseph Church. 
  • The waterfront inspired many generations of artists. 
  • The gardens inside the fort with views of the town and the harbor. 

Why Le Havre?– Because of its surprising post-war reconstructions, and modern works on the streets as well as on the beaches, the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

How to reach Le Havre?– It is only a two-hour drive or train from Paris. You can either take a bus, taxi or a private car. 

Schafberg Mountain, Austria

Schafberg Mountain

You might have understood by now that Europe is not just about the beautiful cities, beaches, and historic places, it is full of unique places and numerous hidden gems. And Schafberg Mountain is one of those unique places. The best part about these unique places is that they are much less known, which makes them much less crowded. 

Schafberg Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in the entire Austria, located in the Salzkammergut area. Austria is mainly known for castles and huge buildings, what people don’t know about Austria is its secret gem. 

Reaching Schafberg might take some of your time, but it’s all going to be worth it. Take a one-hour drive from Salzburg town, and you’ll reach a small town called St. Wolfgang. And from that town, take a train to Schafberg Mountain. 

You’ll encounter Mountains, lakes, and forests, all of these in one single train ride while on your journey to the Schafberg Mountain. Imagine, if the journey is so mesmerizing, then how incredible would be the destination. 

Why Schafberg Mountain?–  You can also hike up to the top of the mountain, and you’ll get the most fascinating views. All of these efforts will be worth it when you reach the top of the Schafberg Mountain, plus there’s also a little restaurant to get you all refreshed from the hike. 

How to reach Schafberg Mountain?– The railways from St Wolfgang have been operating since 1893, and it’s the steepest railway there. It’s a 35 minutes drive and the journey has the most fantastic views of Austria. 

San Marino

San Marino

Another very special and unique country in Europe, that is still undiscovered by most people and is one of the hidden wonders of Europe. The Republic of San Marino is independent, has its law and government, and is surrounded by Italy. It is the world’s oldest sovereign state, dating back to the Fourth century AD. Mount Titano is San Marino’s capital. 

With the three towers, impressive locations in the capital city, and numerous museums, San Marino is full of excitement and exploration. It is quite a common destination amongst Italians, but for the rest of the world, it is still a secret. People often make the mistake of taking a single-day trip to this place, while missing most of it. The incredible sunsets and sunrises, bizarre museums, and marvelous buildings, all of these are just worth spending a two to three days trip to San Marino. 

The republic has two presidents that serve for six months each, and they have their separate calendars. Well, I don’t think you would want to miss this unique destination. 

Why San Marino?– Visit the three fortresses and the museums filled with European history. This tiny republic is the fifth-smallest country in the world, yet so much to see and explore. 

How to reach San Marino?– You can take a flight to San Marino, there are two major airports: Rimini San Marino and Shuttle Bologna Airport-Rimini. 

Nisyros Island, Greece

Nisyros Island

While most of us think Santorini is Greece’s center of attraction, well it is, but Greece is much more to it. A wonderful volcanic island in Greece in the Aegean Sea, an island like no other, is Nisyros Island. It’s a part of the Dodecanese group of islands and is located near Kos island. 

Being a volcanic island, you get to discover various volcanoes and craters here. Right in the middle of the island, you’ll see a landscape-like space, this is where the active volcanic bubbles cater away, you can take a ride down into it, right into the sulfur fumes and all. 

On the island itself, you can visit the Prophet Elias Church, which shines with its white walls and blue roof. 

There are various museums on the island too, like the Nisyros volcanic museum, an archeological museum of Nisyros, and the church museum of Nisyros. 

For most visitors, Nisyros is a day trip, but if you are willing to explore the island more, Nisyros is filled with budget as well as luxury hotels and resorts. Find your best accommodation and enjoy your stay on this beautiful island in Greece. 

Why Nisyros Island?– This beautiful island is not just the secret of Europe, but even the Hellenes don’t know about this. The island is all volcano and is situated around the edge, with a pretty whitewashed village. 

How to reach Nisyros Island?– The only way to reach Nisyros is by ferry. There are multiple ferry options from Piraeus port, Athens, and Aegean. 

The Veluwe, Netherlands

The Veluwe

You might think that the Netherlands is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, why is it here? Well, there are a lot of places in the Netherlands that are still undiscovered by tourists. The Netherlands is not just about the beautiful coffee shops, the canals, or the countryside, it’s much more. 

While visiting the Netherlands, you might see that every tourist spot is quite crowded. If you are looking for a place that not many people know about and is much less crowded, the Veluwe is the right place for you. In the province of Gelderland, it’s a National Park, covering an area of about 1100 km. 

It’s quite a common destination for the Dutch people, but it is still unknown to most tourists. 

The Veluwe has a unique landscape with thick coniferous and deciduous forests, woodlands, heath, beautiful lakes, and the largest sand drifts in Europe, which makes it worth a visit. 

When it comes to the Netherlands, people don’t picture it as some place where they can see wildlife and different species of them, as it’s more of a subtle destination. Still, in the Veluwe, you can easily spot wildlife, with different species of deer, wild bears, snakes, foxes, wolves, and innumerable species of birds. 

Plus, here, you can find all kinds of accommodations, from the basic ones to the most luxurious ones. 

Why The Veluwe?– The Veluwe is not just the beautiful scenery that is going to amaze you the most, but the traditional Dutch food will also grab your attention. Visit The Royal Palace, Het Loo in Apeldoorn, and explore more than 50 museums filled with Dutch history.

How to reach The Veluwe?– You can easily take a single-day trip to the Veluwe from Amsterdam, via a bus, or a taxi.

Ozalj, Croatia 


About just an hour’s drive away from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, there’s an old town called Ozalj. The town is known for its true architectural designs and natural beauty. Very few tourists know about this place, making it another hidden gem in Europe. So if you are looking for a much secluded and off-beat destination, Ozalj is the right match for you. 

One of the reasons Ozalj is still undiscovered by most tourists is its difficulty to access through public transport, this is why it is advised to use your transport while visiting Ozalj.

The two most must-visit areas in this town are the Hydroelectric power plant Ozalj called “Munjara” and the Ozalj Fortress. The Hydroelectric power plant was built in the year 1908, by Nikola Tesla, it is the oldest power plant in the entire Croatia, and it is one of the oldest power plants in the world. The best part about this power plant is that even after more than a hundred years, it works perfectly, but you might not be able to go too close to it because of some security and protective reasons. 

The other main attraction of the town, the Ozalj fortress, sits on the top of the hill at a height of 146 m, overlooking the Kupa River. Gives the most breathtaking views, especially on the clear days. A few years ago, the fortress was converted into a castle so that visitors can walk around it and enjoy the views. Ozalj is truly one of the most amazing gems in Europe.

Why Ozalj?–  The enormous stone structures in Ozalj were constructed somewhere in the 6th century, which makes it a perfect place for history geeks. 

How to reach Ozalj?– The nearest airport to Ozalj is Zagreb. You can take a bus from the airport to Ozalj, and you’ll be there in about 3 hours, 16 minutes. 

Elblag, Poland


Another secret wonder of Europe is the city of Elblag, located in the Masuria region of Poland. The entire Masuria region is famous for its beautiful lakes and stunning landscapes. The city, Elblag might be surrounded by the countryside, but within it, there’s a whole city vibe with true authenticity. 

The city is always very less crowded as most people are unaware of what the city holds. The city is best known for its proximity to the Stutthof. Stutthof was a German Nazi concentration camp, where most poles and Jews were tortured by the Germans.  Here the Poles and the Jews were made to work till death during the second world war. The entire site is filled with historical remains of those times. It contains museums, buildings, and memorials from the death camps. 

Another main attraction of this astonishing city is the cruising along the Elblag Canal. The pretty canals are the city’s most delightful sights. You can also stroll along the riverside if you just want to admire the canals, or simply take the cruise to make it even more exciting. 

You can also visit the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which was started as a protestant church back in the 1500s. But since 1612, it’s been a Catholic Church. In the 18th century, the church suffered heavy damage from a fire, and then in the second world war, it was destroyed again badly. The church was reconstructed after that and as of now, the remains are in good condition. 

Why Elblag?– The destination is perfect for all lovers of history, monuments, and architecture. It is the perfect place for those who want to take a break from their daily busy schedule and have a relaxing weekend in a sheltered place.

How to reach Elblag?– The nearest airport to Elblag is Gdańsk, which is about 66 km away. The other nearby airport is Kaliningrad, which is about 111 km away. 

Transylvania, Romania


Another beautiful historical region of Europe that is also still undiscovered by most travelers, is Transylvania, Romania. Geographically speaking, the region refers to the Transylvanian plateau, but geopolitically, the historical region of Romania also includes Banat, Satmar, Crisana, and Maramures. 

The views from the mountain while hiking are just incredible. On the peak of the mountain, there’s a small heritage of the Hungarians, you can stay there for a while and get refreshed. 

Another center of attraction in Transylvania is the Red Lake. It is a natural dam lake that was formed after an earthquake in 1838. After that, to calm your journey, you can visit the Varsag Waterfall. It’s a very beautiful scenic waterfall, the perfect spot for an Instagrammable selfie. 

You will have plenty of options for your accommodations, most of them can be found in a small town named Gheorgheni. The place is very affordable, perfect for budget backpackers.

Why Transylvania?– You can visit the mountain of Harghita, the largest andesite mess and the largest volcanic body in entire Europe. Well, something this huge is worth visiting. 

How to reach Transylvania?– There are multiple flights to reach the city and from the airport itself you’ll get cabs to reach your desired destination. 

Bray, Ireland

A coastal town in the County Wicklow, situated about 20 km south of the city of Dublin, there’s Bray. A pleasant town in Ireland. Within the Republic of Ireland, Bray is the ninth-largest urban area. Whether it’s a family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway, Bray is the perfect destination. 

The thing about Bray is that not many people know about this beautiful place, which makes it a much less crowded and kind of secluded place. The twin is located right on the water, giving some of the most spectacular views. 

The walk will take about 2 hours as it is 7 km long. The Irish people visit the town especially for this cliff walk, as it gives the most spectacular views across the blue waters. Other exciting activities in this town include Wicklow Mountain National Park and the Bray Promenade. Even the promenade isn’t a much-crowded place, so you can enjoy every moment of it. Plus, there are some luxurious hotels too in the town, do check out some of them to have the perfect holiday. 

Why Bray?– This offbeat town offers many fun activities like cliff walking from Greystones to Bray, the best part about starting the cliff walk from Greystones is that you will encounter the most stunning coast of Bray.

How to reach Bray?– You can land at the Dublin airport and from there are many options for reaching Bray. you can have a taxi or train, or you can travel by bus. 

Riga, Latvia


Another one of the best-hidden secrets of Europe is the capital city of Latvia, Riga. If you are into art and architecture, this city is a total paradise for you. Despite being such an amazing destination, most travelers don’t even know about this city. The city was founded in 1201 and was the seat of Albert Bishopric. 

Some areas of the city are from medieval times, making it even more exciting for history lovers and photographers. Another best part about Riga is the restaurants here offer some luscious Latvian food with the best traditional flavors and fresh ingredients. In fact, for the ones who love to try new food and the traditional taste of every new country they visit, there are plenty of restaurants and cafés offering the authentic taste of the country. 

The best time to visit Riga is either Spring or Fall, one thing about Riga is, to make sure you bring your comfortable shoes, as while exploring the city, you will have to walk most of the time. 

There are plenty of places to visit in Riga that will keep you busy. You can visit the Guild House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads. 

Why Riga?– Riga is a budget-friendly city, which means you can even plan a whole week’s holiday here without getting out of your desired budget plan. 

How to reach Riga?– You can have a direct flight to the international airport of Latvia, situated in Riga only. 

Bosnia and Herzegovin

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last but not the least hidden gem we have on our list is this stunning country Bosnia and Herzegovina, right next to Croatia. Despite the growing popularity of the neighboring country, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains unexplored, making it another hidden gem of Europe. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina share borders with Montenegro, Kotor, and Dubrovnik, which is why one can easily reach Bosnia and Herzegovina via a small road trip from any of these countries. 

Centuries-old ruins, amazing waterfalls, and historic towns, the country is full of excitement and fun. Well, not just exciting, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a pretty much more affordable country than any other in entire Europe. 

Another heavenly place here is the Banja Luka, probably the most Instagrammable place you’ll ever visit. Over the main shopping area, a rainbow-hued display of umbrellas is suspended. Next is Jajse, this tiny city home to some unforgettable scenic views. Right in the center of the city, there’s this incredible waterfall, named Pliva Waterfall. The view from this waterfall is so stunning that it is said to rival the famous Niagara Falls. 

You can visit Mostar, the prettiest city in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s an old town in the country with the most picturesque bridges and views. The Stari Most is the main highlight of not just the town but the entire country, built in 1500 but was destroyed in the war. Soon after, the bridge was rebuilt. The view from the bridge is said to be particularly astounding during the sunset. No doubt, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful, hidden gems of Europe. 

Why Bosnia and Herzegovina?– Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of exciting places. Visit the Una National Park, the park was constructed to protect the flora and fauna of the country, and is now one of the most biodiverse areas of the Balkans. 

How to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina?– Bosnia and Herzegovina is a separate country that has its international airport, which means you can directly reach this beautiful country. 

So this was all about the hidden gems in Europe. Europe is all about fun, excitement, and astound. There’s not a single thing that you can’t find in Europe, historic places? Check. Landscapes and waterfalls? Check. Beautiful countryside? Check. Castles, forts, museums, Europe is a full package, and no matter which city you chose, which country you go to, It’s going to amaze you every day and every minute of your trip. 

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