Splash into Fun with Mojoland Water Park: Ticket Price, Timing, Photos & Location


Who doesn’t like to chill in cool water pools while galloping on water rides and amusement park rides? 

This summer plan a small getaway with your family or friends to Mojoland Water Park, for a full day of fun and aquatic delights. 

Mojoland is the best water park in Delhi NCR region. It not only offers an exhilarating water park but also a snow park and an adventure park! So, what are you waiting for? 

Scroll below to learn everything about this phenomenal and largest water park in Northern India. 

Mojoland Water Park Murthal: Overview 

If you’re travelling to Delhi and are looking for a fun and exciting getaway from the scorching Delhi heat, this is the perfect place for you. Mojoland is spread over an area of 50 acres and has everything from crazy rides to lazy wave pools. 

Situated on the outskirts of Delhi in Murthal, this water park is one of the best for many reasons other than the adventurous rides. The welcoming staff and modern amenities ensure that visitors have a relaxing and remarkable experience at the park. 

If you live in Delhi NCR or are planning a trip to Delhi, Mojoland is the best fun place to visit with friends. So, take a day out from your itinerary and plan an excursion to this watery paradise.

Mojoland ticket price: Adult (18 years and above) — ₹500; Student (on Current Year Student ID Card) — ₹400; and Child (Under 18 years of age)  — ₹400

Operational Hours: 10:00 AM — 06:30 PM

Activity Duration: 8 hours, 30 minutes

Mojoland entrance

Mojoland Ticket Price 

The multiple thrilling rides in Mojoland are going to leave you in awe of the movement. So book your tickets now and get first-hand experience of this exhilarating park instead of just reading the articles. 

Here are the Mojoland Water Park ticket prices and combo packs: 

Entry to any one park Entry to all parks 
Adult (18 years and above)₹500₹1100
Student (on Current Year Student ID Card)₹400₹1000
Child (Under 18 years of age)₹400₹1000
Group of 5 (can include Adults, Kids, and Sr. citizens) ₹4,950
Group of 10 (can include Adults, Kids, and Sr. citizens) ₹9350

People of all age groups are allowed in the water park, Mojoland tickets are subject to change, and we advise you to check the official website of Mojoland and confirm the mojoland sonipat ticket price before booking. 

Mojoland Ticket Timings

Mojoland water park timings are fixed, from 10:30 am to 8:00 p.m. If you are booking the tickets for the same day, you must book them by 10:00 a.m. and reach there by 10:30 if you want to get the most out of your visit. 

It is always advised to purchase the tickets online or via call before you visit the water park so you don’t have to stand in long queues to purchase the tickets physically. 

Mojoland Water Park Main Attractions 

Mojoland is a great escape from the scorching Delhi heat, along with your friends and family. Here are the main attractions and what you will find inside the water park: 

Aqua Snake Slide

If you are a thrilled soul searching for adventure and an adrenaline rush, the Aqua Snake Slide is just for you! The Aqua Snake slide takes you through a dark loop and then drops you into a pool filled with water. 

The ride gives you a thrill and let me make it clear, it’s not for the weak heart! 

Mojo land water park

Swimming Pools

There are a total of 4 to 5 pools in the water park, two major swimming pools with a wave pool, a family pool, and a toddler’s pool. 

  1. Wave Pool 

    One of the most well-known attractions of any water park is the wave pool. As the name suggests, the pool mimics an ocean with waves that bobble you up and down in the water. The wave pool is not that deep and everyone, including kids and senior citizens, can access it. 

    Wave Pool
  1. Toddlers pool 

    The toddler pool has everything from low water to small slides that are perfect for children. The pool has many different features, like fountains and sprays, to keep the children busy and entertained. 

    Toddlers pool
  1. Palm Beach

    Palm Beach is a place specially built to mimic the vibe of a beach; it even has a volleyball court to give you the experience of beach volleyball. 

  1. Rain Dance + DJ

    The rain dance and DJ are some of the most fun and alive parts of the water park. You can show your breakdance steps and your singing skills to your friends and enjoy to your heart’s content. And the best thing is no one here will judge. 

    Rain Dance plus DJ
  1. Foam Dance 

    This distinctive dance is one-of-a-kind in the Mojoland Water Park. You’ll find the dance floor covered in foam and more foam dropping from a dispenser from above. This dynamic and unique way allows you to unwind and drop all your worries within seconds. 

    Foam Dance
  1. Volcano Waterfall

    This includes a distinctive building that looks like a volcano and has a waterfall inside it. The pressure of the waterfall is no joke and can be felt when someone sits under it. 

Adventure Park 

Apart from the water park, there is an adventure park attached where you can do several adventure activities like Zipline, rock climbing, etc. like in EOD Adventure Park in Delhi. 

Snow Land 

The snowland of Mojoland is quite popular; it is designed to give the feel of real snow-capped peaks with a temperature of -10 °C. You’ll be provided with proper clothing for the ticket price only. 

Snow Land

Dos and Don’ts When in Mojoland Water Park 

Here are certain dos and don’ts that you should remember while visiting the water park. 

  • Apply sunscreen before stepping into the water.
  • Keep your locker keys secure.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Book your tickets well in advance.
  • Take care of your children.
  • Take short breaks in between the exhausting activities.
  • Arrive early just as soon as the park opens to avoid the rush and familiarize yourself with the park.
  • Do not forget to visit the activity park too!
  • Don’t create a nuisance for other people.
  • Do not pollute the pool.
  • Be polite to fellow visitors.
  • Try to visit on weekdays if you want to avoid the crowd.

Before planning your exertion, don’t forget to visit the official site of Mojoland Water Park for important information such as approaching events, holidays, and rules. 

Must Try Foods Near Mojoland Water Park

Mojoland has its food court but if you are craving something different, here are some famous restaurants near the water park. 


  • Address — Gt Road Murthal 131027 India
  • Distance — 0.8 km away 


  • Address — Khasra No. 42/21 min 22, 60/1/1 min, Village, Bhigan-Ganaur Rd, Sonipat,
  • Distance — 0.8 km away

Amrik Sukhdev 

  • Address — G.T. Road 52.250 Km. Stone, Murthal 131039
  • Distance — 1.8 km away 
    Amrik Sukhdev

Mannat Haveli 

  • Address — 52 Mile Stone, NH-1, Murthal 131027 
  • Distance — 1.1 km away 
    Mannat Haveli

Garam Dharam Murthal 

  • Address — Nh 44, Murthal India
  • Distance — 1.8 km away 
    Garam Dharam

Mojoland Photos 

Here are some Mojoland photos to get your heart pumping and encourage you to visit the water park.   

Mojo land water park1
Mojo land water park2
Mojo land water park3
Mojo land water park4
Mojo land water park5
Mojo land water park6
Mojo land water park7

Rules and Regulations at Mojoland

  1. Beware of the Height and Age Restrictions: Before dicing in the pool make sure to check the height and age restrictions for your own safety. 
  1. Know your swimming abilities: Do not overestimate your swimming abilities, know your limits, and do not dive above your comfort level so that you can enjoy your time without risking your life. 
  1. Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is very important as you’re running around doing several activities the whole day. 
  1. Apply sunscreen: Before venturing into the water park, make sure to apply the sunscreen generously all over your exposed body parts as you’ll be out in the open under the sun for the whole day. 
  1. Observe ride safety rules: Before using any slide, make sure to carefully observe the specific rules and regulations as well as how to ride that particular slide. 
  1. Wear Lycra or Nylon Costume: Wearing a Lycra and nylon costume is very important as the fabric is stretchable, lightweight, quick-dry, and will help you down the slides seamlessly. 
  1. Use designated paths and stairs: While using the slides it’s significant to navigate through the designated paths and stairs to ensure a safe environment. 

Adhere to the rules and regulations of the water park properly to have a fun and safe time without any worries. 

Facilities at Mojoland Water Park 

You will find several amazing facilities at Mojoland Water Park that are dedicated to providing you with the most amazing experience. Here are some facilities you should know before booking your tickets. 

  1. Many types of water slides are available according to age category.
  2. Wave pool, rain dance, DJ, and waterfall are also available and are open for everyone regardless of their age. 
  3. There are different pools for children and families to provide them with a comfortable environment to play.
  4. Different play structures are also built like water jets, sprayers, and tipping buckets.
  5. The food and beverage area is also available for easy access to food in the form of snack bars, restaurants, and beverages. 
  6. The lounge area is equipped with tables, chairs, and umbrellas for the visitors to relax. 
  7. You can also frequently witness live shows and themed events at the water park. 
  8. They also have trained lifeguards, first-aid stations, and popper protocols to ensure the safety of the visitors. 
  9. There are proper locker rooms and changing areas for the comfort of the visitors. 
  10. You can also visit the retail shop to buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family. 

Best Time to Visit the Mojo-land Water Park 

Sonipat becomes one of the hottest places in India in summer, So if you’re living in Haryana and want to blow off the stream this is the best time to visit! And not just in summer, you can visit the water park anytime between March and October. 

Mojoland opens every day from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm so if you want to get the most out of your trip to the water park, reach there as soon as the park opens. This way you not only get more time in the cool water, but you’ll also be able to avoid the crowd. 

How to Reach Mojoland Water Park

Mojoland is located on the outskirts of Delhi in Murthal, Haryana. But reaching Mojoland from Delhi or anywhere else is not a big task at all! The only drawback you’ll find is that no metro services are reaching the water park. 

  • Nearest Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) is the nearest airport to the water park, situated at a distance of 66.7 km. Domestic flights from major cities are available to reach Delhi. From there you can take a cab which can leave you right at the door of Mojoland. 
  • Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station is Sonipat Junction which is situated at a distance of 17.5 km. Direct trains are available from major cities to Sonipat. From there you can take a cab to reach Mojoland. 
  • Nearest Bus Stop: Murthal Adda Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop, situated at a distance of 8.6 km. From there you can take a cab to reach directly to Mojoland. 

Contact Details 

After reading the article if you still have any confusion or questions you can contact Mojoland with the help of the contact information given below. 

📞Phone — +91 705-665-1111

✉️ Email — Info@mojoland.in

📍Address — MojoLand, GT Road, Murthal, Haryana 131039

Nearby Tourist Spots to Mojoland 

Here are some tourist spots near the statue that would be perfect for a visit. 

  1. Jurasik Park Inn 
  2. Snow world
  3. Badkhalsa Memorial
  4. Mojoland Multi Theme Park
  5. National Science Centre 
  6. Sujan Singh Park

To know more and get a sneak peek into the water park, watch this YouTube video my Mojoland. 


Mojoland Water Park is the largest water park in northern India. Apart from the water park, you can even enjoy the snow land and adventure park with various rides like Adventure Island by purchasing a combo ticket.

So, what are you waiting for? Go book your tickets right now and create the best summer memories with your family and friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is Mojoland situated?

The water park is situated on the outskirts of Delhi in Murthal, Haryana.

Which is the No 1 water park in India?

Water Kingdom in Mumbai is the No 1 water park in India.

What is the price of Mojoland ticket?

The ticket prize fro Mojoland is: Adult (18 years and above) — ₹500; Student (on Current Year Student ID Card) — ₹400; and Child (Under 18 years of age)  — ₹400

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