Inside Queensland Chennai: Discover Timings, Ticket Prices, Online Bookings, Images and More (2024 Travel Guide)

queensland amusement park chennai

From heart-pounding thrills to family fun, Queensland Chennai offers it all. 

The amusement park is a jewel in the crown of the city’s tourism and is an absolute must-visit for various reasons. 

  1. It’s one of the most budget-friendly destinations to pay a visit to. 
  1. Queensland has more rides than Just Chill Water Park. With over 50+ rides and a spectrum of exciting activities, it promises fun off the charts. 
  1. Its Free Fall Tower, the tallest in Southeast Asia, is its center of attraction and can hold over 24 people simultaneously.

Spread over 70 acres of land, Queensland Park saw the first batch of visitors in 2003, and ever since, there’s been no turning back. People often visit the park in large numbers, intending to break the monotony of everyday life. 

If you’re in Chennai, looking to explore what Queensland has in store, and wanting to know the Queensland ticket price, this guide is for you. 

We’ve curated an all-inclusive article that encompasses every little detail, from Queensland entry fees to operating hours, to assist you in planning a hassle-free trip. 

Let’s dig right in!

Key Facts About Queensland Park Chennai

Now that we know Queensland is the most frequented amusement park in Chennai, let’s delve into key insights contributing to its popularity among people. 

  1. Queensland is touted as one of the best amusement parks in Chennai that complies with leading global standards. Rajam Hotels, a major player in the hospitality and entertainment industry, promotes it.
  1. Queensland Amusement Park Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is the ultimate destination for fun that caters to adults and kids alike. With over 30+ adult rides and 15+ kids’ rides, the park is a fun haven.
  1. Adrenaline junkies can explore roller coasters and rides like the Enterprise, the Hanging Coaster, and the Pirata Ship. Looking to amp up the excitement? Try riding on the Free Fall and the Alpen Blitz, which offer a floating sensation and maximum thrills. 
  1. Are water slides your favorite? Say no more! Get yourself a Queensland ticket and experience the Himalayan Water Ride, Cable Car Ride, Boating, and many other water slides and full-half twisters. The park also has a swimming pool to cater to the water baby in you.
  1. The Queensland Amusement Park is one-of-a-kind because it has Centrox. There are only three such machines worldwide, and Queensland is home to one. The ride is for all age groups and rotates at a height of 30 feet and 83 degrees to give you an experience that gets your adrenaline going. 
  1. Wondering if you can find a ride that’s more about steep inclines, sharp turns, and sudden drops? Queensland Chennai doesn’t disappoint. You can try the Bumper Car Ride, Crazy Horses, Oval Station, and more. 
  1. Kids can have an enjoyable time by taking on attractions such as the Mini Wheel and the Mini Avio. Go Karting is Queensland’s highlight, so it’s a sin to miss it. 
  2. Visitors can savor a variety of delicious meals at the onsite restaurants within the premises, and for those on the go, these restaurants also offer convenient takeaway options. 

Queensland Ticket Price and Timings 

Queensland Entry Fee

Going to an amusement park can be one of the fun activities to explore with your kids, and Queensland is full of fun and adventure. That said, let’s find out what a trip to Queensland Park would cost you. Here’s a complete low-down.

The park’s previous Queensland Chennai ticket price were Rs. 450 for children and Rs. 550 for adults. However, new rates have been enacted as of January 10, 2024.

Age GroupEntry Fee Charge
AdultsRs 750/-
KidsRs 650/-

Children with a height of less than 2 feet can enter the park free of charge.

Queensland Timings

On weekdays, Queensland Amusement Park Chennai welcomes visitors from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, except Mondays. During weekends and government holidays, the park extends its operating hours from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

It’s important to remember that maintenance activities are carried out on Mondays.

Rides & Attractions At Queensland Amusement Park Chennai

Queensland is a huge amusement park that offers a wide range of adventure activities with at least 51 rides made for people of all ages with about 18 rides for kids, 16 family rides, and 17 adult rides. 

1. Kids Rides

Mini WheelTrampolinKids TaxiFrog SlideMush Room
Play SystemCarousalMini AvioSwing WeightMini Fet
Children Play GamesMini TrainCliff HangerThumbrole

2. Adults Rides

OctopusAlpen BlitzRoller CoasterPirata(ship)Crazy HorsesGo Kart
Tora ToraHalf TwisterEnterpriseFree Fall TowerAdult Bumper CarCentrox
Disco Fly3 Lane SlidesFree Fall SlidesBumper BoatCovered Twisters

3. Family Rides

BoatingOrchestraDragon FlySwimming Pool
American Wave PoolSuper Tele CombatSpace JourneyVideo Plaza
Fun HouseMirror HouseSimulator (Theatre)Queens Express Train
Himalayan Water RideCable CarDark HouseBattery Car

Best Time To Visit Queensland Amusement Park Chennai

The best time to visit the Queensland amusement park depends on several factors. Here are those:

  1. Weather: Chennai experiences a harsh, hot, and humid climate for most of the year, mainly from March to June. Monsoon is also harsh in the area so the best time to visit the amusement park is during the winter months.
  2. Weekdays: Prefer visiting during weekdays instead of weekends since the crowd is large, so if you want to enjoy to the fullest without being pushed around with a lot of people, visiting on weekends are a lot better.
  3. Park Maintenance: The park is closed on Mondays for maintenance, so plan your visit on any other day of the week.

Facilities At Queensland Amusement Park Chennai

Queensland Amusement Park is one of the most fun places to be in Chennai, here are some of the facilities that’ll make your visit easier.

  1. Clean public washrooms
  2. Separate and dedicated Parking Facility At Queensland Amusement Park Chennai.
  3. The park serves mouth-watering street food in the food court.
  4. Swimsuits are available for rent.
  5. Separate swimming pool for men and women
  6. Queensland Amusement Park is easily accessible by local buses, taxis, and private vehicles.
  7. The park is closed on Mondays for regular maintenance to ensure that all facilities and rides are in safe working condition​.

How to Reach Queens Land Chennai?

Eager to step inside the magical world of Queensland?

But before we tell you how you can reach the park via road, air, and train, it’s important to know its location and address.

Address of the Queensland Park: Chennai-Bengaluru Trunk Road, Highway between Palanjur Sembarambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu — 600123

  • How to Reach by Road?: You have various options to reach the park, including local buses, autorickshaws, taxis, cabs, and suburban trains. Local buses bound for Sriperumbudur from Chennai make a stop at Queensland
  • How to Reach by Flight?: You can hire a taxi or take a bus on arrival to reach Queensland. The Chennai International Airport (MAA) lies just 7 kilometers from the city and is one of the busiest airports. Upon arrival, you can find the mode of transportation in minutes and reach the destination in approximately an hour.
  • How to Reach by Train?: You can board a train with a route map that includes Central Railway Station (MAS) and Chennai Egmore (MS), two major railway stations in the city, providing transportation options to reach Queensland Park.

Queensland Chennai Photos

Queens Land Chennai
Queensland Ride

Points to Keep in Mind Before Booking Queensland Chennai Tickets

Before booking Queens Land tickets online, keep these points in mind:

  1. Ensure that you and your group are healthy and physically fit for the rides you plan to enjoy. 
  1. Familiarize yourself with the park’s rules and regulations, including height restrictions and specific safety guidelines.
  1. Pick comfortable clothing. Synthetic clothes are an ideal fit for visiting amusement and water parks. 
  1. Find out about parking options and transportation to the park.
  1. Check if the park has storage facilities or lockers for your belongings. Avoid bringing excessive items into the park.
  1. Be prepared for crowds and potentially long wait times for popular rides. 
  1. Use safety lockers to keep your belongings like wallets and watches. 
  1. Avoid eating and drinking while visiting a water slide or stepping inside a swimming pool. Do your bit to keep the water clean. 

Places To Visit Near Queensland Amusement Park Chennai

Here are some places to visit near Queensland Amusement Park:

  1. Pleasant days resort
  2. The Royal Chitran
  3. KG Centre Point
  4. Thirumazhisai — A famous temple in Chennai
  5. EVP Cinemas

Parting Words

The Queensland Park of Chennai undeniably offers an unmissable experience with rides synonymous with fun, thrills, and adventure. 

The place has something for everyone. It means pure joy for visitors of any age. 

Looking to explore Queensland? Don’t wait. Don’t miss the opportunity to create something unforgettable for life. Head over to the section of Queensland ticket price online booking now!

Our travel guide is curated to address all your queries. But if you still have questions, drop them in the comment section below, and we shall assist you soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the price of Queensland Chennai tickets 2024?

Queensland ticket price today for adults and kids is Rs 750/- and Rs 650/- respectively. Children measuring less than two feet tall can visit the park free of cost. 

Is food allowed in Queensland?

Yes, you can take; however, checking the park’s website or contacting a customer care representative for the most up-to-date information is always a good idea. Many amusement parks have restricted outside food and beverages, while a few have designated areas or facilities for dining.

What is the right time to visit Queensland Amusement Park?

While it can be visited throughout the year, November to February is considered the most favorable time to visit the park while escaping the city’s scorching heat.

Are all rides free in Queensland Park Chennai?

Yes, in a way! The cost of all rides is included in the Queensland entry fee, which is Rs 750/- for adults and Rs. 650/- for kids.

What is the duration of Queensland Park’s opening hours in Chennai?

Queensland Amusement Park operates for nine hours, from 10 AM to 7 PM.


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