22,615 People Affected by Terminal 1 Closure at Delhi Airport

Airport affected

On Friday, the roof of Delhi Airport’s Terminal 1 (T1) fell down. This caused a lot of problems. T1 had to close. Because of this, 22,615 people were affected.

Delhi Airport

Of these, 9,972 people who flew with IndiGo and SpiceJet received their money back. Some customers are still waiting for their refunds.

After the roof collapsed, all flights were transferred to Terminals 2 (T2) and 3 (T3). There were no more canceled flights over the weekend.

The minister of civil aviation, Rammohan Naidu, paid an inspection visit to the airport. He checked in with officials from various organizations to make sure everything was okay. They talked about how to handle more passengers and keep things running smoothly.

The roof fell down because of heavy rain and strong winds. One person died and eight people got hurt.

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) is investigating what occurred. They promised to give ₹20 lakh to the family of the person who died and ₹3 lakh to each injured person.

In a Nutshell, the roof of Delhi Airport’s Terminal 1 collapsed, causing major issues. Many people were affected, but refunds are being given. Flights are now operating at T2 and T3, and officials are working hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

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