The Spiritual Wave in the Indian Tourism

spiritual wave india

In India, spiritual tourism is witnessing a remarkable surge, especially among Generation Z, driven by social media and improved transport links. 

Young Indians like Shivam Dwivedi and his friends are choosing temples over traditional party spots, seeking mental peace and spiritual connection amidst their busy lives.Shivam, 19, from Uttar Pradesh, finds solace in visiting Hindu shrines with friends like Saurabh and Anand. 

They prioritize places like Varanasi’s Kashi Vishwanath Temple, preferring the tranquility of religious sites over bustling nightlife destinations like Goa.Social media plays a pivotal role in this trend, with platforms showcasing the allure of spiritual journeys to a broader audience. 


The consecration of Ayodhya’s Ram temple earlier this year further fueled interest, supported by new infrastructure developments and easier travel access.Growth in spiritual tourism has not only boosted local economies but also transformed travel patterns. Santosh Singh of Spiritual Tour notes a significant increase in visitors, particularly post-COVID, attributing it to a renewed interest in spirituality and divinity.

Government initiatives like PRASHAD have also contributed, investing in infrastructure around key religious sites and enhancing connectivity. 

This proactive approach has resulted in increased tourism flow, revitalizing local businesses and hospitality sectors across cities like Varanasi, Ayodhya, and Puri.

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