Madhya Pradesh Starts Air Taxis: Bhopal to Indore in 55 Minutes

madhya pradesh starts air taxis

Good news for Madhya Pradesh residents! The state government has launched air taxi services. This new service makes travel between big cities faster and easier. It is part of the ‘PM Shri Payatan Vayu Seva’ project by the Madhya Pradesh Aviation Department.

The air taxi service connects Bhopal and Indore, the two biggest cities in the state. 

Before, a road trip between these cities would take nearly four hours. Now, it takes only 55 minutes by air taxi. This is fantastic news for people who travel frequently, including businesspeople and tourists.To make this service even better, passengers will get a 50% discount on fares. This means more people can afford to travel by air taxi. 

The government anticipates that this will enhance tourism in the region and stimulate the economy.This new service has made a lot of people happy. It is regarded as a significant advancement in Madhya Pradesh’s transportation system. 

The government hopes it will make travel easier and bring more business and tourists to the state.Madhya Pradesh is demonstrating to other states how to enhance transportation with this new air taxi service. 

The ‘PM Shri Payatan Vayu Seva’ project has made it possible for people to travel between Bhopal and Indore swiftly, affordably, and comfortably.

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