The Many Benefits of Charter Booking Software


If you run a charter fishing business, for example, you will already understand the headaches that can come with bookings. There are usually quite a few ways that clients can book a charter; by phone, website, or even by mobile app, and in this article, we delve into the benefits of charter booking software.

Seamless & Automatic Charter Bookings

When you install the latest generation of charter booking software, the system automatically updates in real-time, showing new bookings as they come in, regardless of the platform. The software integrates phone, web, and app reservations automatically, so you don’t have to; you can say goodbye to those dreaded double bookings, as they are a thing of the past when you use cutting-edge software that updates in real-time. One of their virtues is to “Never leave the customers waiting” therefore they always keep the customers informed through messages, emails, and follow-up regarding every detail.

Cloud-Based Booking Platform

The charter booking software is a cloud-based system that integrates with all your digital portals in real-time and the easy-to-follow interface has notifications that can be set up for a range of features. The benefits of a cloud-based system are as follows:

  • Access the system from any location.
  • Access the system using any digital device.
  • Update in real-time.
  • Auto refresh.
  • Seamlessly integrates all booking platforms.
  • Diversify by connecting to a wider range of channels and experiences.
  • Feature to enter special customer information.

The system autosaves every few minutes to ensure that you don’t lose valuable data and you will never have to go offline.

Sales Section

There is a fantastic sales section embedded into the software that allows your sales staff to access their critical data. They can build up a database of vital customer information, which is important with corporate clients, while all future bookings have notifications. Any salesperson can access any customer’s data, regardless of where they might be located; sales staff no longer need laptops with hard drives, as all their data is on the cloud. Click here for reasons why London is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

Website Booking

The software comes complete with website widgets that can be embedded on your company website, which allows customers to make online bookings. There is no coding needed; simply choose your button style and colors and you are good to go. 

The website builder does the task of website creation fastly with pre-templated and search-optimized features. The charter business is global and customers can be in foreign countries when they wish to make an advanced reservation, which they can do from your website, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Automated Solutions

You can automate billing, reporting, and guest information, which eliminates double handling, while your customers are impressed with a seamless booking system. There are zero delays and mistakes to ensure that every automated conversation is well served. This leaves you free to focus on making the client experience a special one! 

This can easily save time and effort through automatic confirmations, follow-ups, payment requests, reminders, and much more. Easily reliable software that manages everything that’s complex and needs real-time availability. You can remain aware of every detail regarding the customer’s communication from the time they received the mail to the time they opened them.

Do You Know: You can personalize the template of the email layout and also customize the messages that the customers should receive.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Your customers can pay using a variety of methods; mobile apps, major credit cards, direct bank transfers, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. This ensures you never have cash flow problems, as customers can settle their invoices using any digital device. The system provider has working associations with many payment companies, so you can pick and choose which to offer your customers. Thus, the payment gateway is safe, fast, and easier to befit every business.

Free Trial

This amazing charter booking software can be used as a free trial and it only takes minutes to set everything up. You have the full support of the developer who walks you through the setup and configuration process, which ensures that everything works as it should. 

There are no lengthy contracts to tie you to the provider and billing is automated. The most fascinating part is that the software tool acts as a tour reservation system that has all pivotal information regarding sales activity, inventory management, booking calendar, guest information, and much more. If you would like to learn more about charter booking software, Google can take you to the website of a leading Australian company that specializes in this product.

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