5 Benefits of Having Inflatable Pools at Home

  • Apr 3, 2024
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inflatable pools

Keeping yourself cool can be challenging as temperatures rise. And what better way to combat the heat than installing an inflatable pool that everyone can enjoy? Inflatable pools are a great substitute for traditional in-ground pools because they require fewer maintenance expenses. They also offer a range of fun activities for the whole family. 

From their flexibility and ease of use to their benefits to social well-being, owning an inflatable pool has various advantages. This article will explore the primary benefits of having an inflatable pool at home. Discover why purchasing an inflatable pool is a valuable investment for your home. 

Easy to Store 

Inflatable pools are convenient, given that they are easier to store. After using one, you can deflate and compress the plastic to make it smaller. You can fit the pool anywhere, such as the garage, shed, or closet. 

The easy-to-store feature of inflatable pools is one of its major benefits over in-ground pools, which take up gigantic space. However, there are steps you need to take before storing your inflatable pool. 

Perform a pH Water Test

Before draining the pool, doing a pH assessment is essential to ensure that the level of acidity is not too low so you can discharge it. If there’s too much chlorine, add a dechlorinator to reduce the water to 6.5 to 8.0. 

Drain the Pool Properly 

It would be best if you didn’t deflate a filled pool since it may create a sudden surge of water and damage the pool. The best approach is to locate the drain valve and attach a hose adapter. You can then connect the hose adapter to a garden hose and drain.  

Carefully Clean the Pool 

If left dirty, the pool may encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi. You can clean an inflatable pool using mild dish soap and water and gently scrub the surface. Avoid using a harsh detergent or a rough brush that could damage the material. 

Dry the Pool Under the Sun 

If you dry the pool while deflated, you must turn it over regularly. Failing to dry the pool thoroughly may cause damage or mold growth. Also, avoid suspending your inflated pool on ladders due to the likelihood of sharp edges puncturing the liner.

Only after following these steps can you store your inflatable pool. These steps also help your inflatable pool last longer. 

Inflatable Pools are Cheaper

Anyone would want to have a pool in their home, but no question that owning one is costly. Fortunately, not all types of pools are expensive. The rise in the popularity of inflatable pools can be attributed to their more affordable price tag. 

In-ground pools require installation and ongoing maintenance expenses, which are concerns you won’t face with inflatable pools. Using inflatable pools results in better water efficiency, lowering your water bill. 

However, there are inflatable pools that are too cheap that they become unusable after a year. Clark Rubber has the best affordable inflatable pools that don’t sacrifice quality. 

Inflatable Pools Cater to Children and Adults 

Inflatable pools are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles that cater to adults and children. By contrast, in-ground pools may be too deep for children or small for adults. Meanwhile, inflatable pools allow customers to find what they need and want in a pool. This perk makes it simpler for family members with different preferences to find the best options to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Inflatable Pools are Safe 

Inflatable pools are secure since accidents related to hitting rough surfaces are less likely to happen. Those with sturdy fence barriers also prevent unintentional collisions. However, not all inflatable pools are secure, so spending more for a safer choice wouldn’t hurt. An inflatable pool with better safety features ultimately lessens your worries. 

Good Portability

The transportability of inflatable pools is a huge perk that sets them apart from in-ground pools. You can take an Inflatable pool virtually anywhere, including the backyard, lakeside, and even the beach. Inflatable pools offer convenience and flexibility, enabling users to enjoy a refreshing swim almost anywhere. 

Inflatable pools offer various benefits to anyone who enjoys the water. However, there are factors you need to consider before buying one. 

What Does Your Yard Look Like? 

When setting up a large inflatable pool in hills and sandy yards, be cautious to prevent accidents. The pool can sink or slide down the yard, leading to an unwanted situation. Before installation, remove any sharp or pointy rocks or debris that could puncture the pool’s vinyl material, leading to leaks. 

Inflatable pools rely on vinyl sheets, which are not resilient to hard and sharp surfaces. 

So, avoiding setting them in such areas is vital to prevent damage. Leaks aren’t huge concerns, but certain sealants may require a dry environment to cure. This process can be time-consuming, as refilling the pool typically takes a while. Also, consider the financial and environmental cost of excess water waste. 

Zoning Restrictions 

Setting up an inflatable pool may appear easy, but there exist considerations. Zoning regulations regarding pool installation and usage vary significantly depending on your location. While some states or counties may have general policies, towns, and cities may have specific zoning rules. 

Common directives may require you to position your inflatable pool a certain distance from property lines and the house. Some restrictions may mandate implementing safety-related installation, such as fencing around the pool. It is essential to thoroughly understand the applicable zoning regulations in your area before setting up an inflatable pool to avoid any potential legal problems.

The Pool May Damage Grass 

Leaving a heavy, sizeable, vinyl inflatable pool on the grass for an extended period can result in the demise of even the hardiest plant species. The lawn will inevitably deteriorate and may succumb to chlorine water and limited access to sunlight. 

An Inflatable Pool is a Good Purchase 

Inflatable pools are easy to install and dismantle, making them perfect for a quick swim or a small pool party. They provide a fun and refreshing atmosphere where families can enjoy a memorable aquatic adventure without straining their budget. 

Owning an inflatable swimming pool is perfect for a relaxing dip or a fun pool party. It’s cheaper and provides the flexibility and ease of setup and teardown that a traditional pool might not offer.

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