City Park Jaipur: Ticket Price, Timings, Main Attractions, Facilities and More (Travel Guide 2024)

city park jaipur

The city of Jaipur cradles a wealth of culture and history. 

Also known as the Pink City, it’s home to many tourist destinations that echo the tales of the past—and have indelible prints on the present. Besides, it’s vibrant and vivid and sits as a tourist magnet against the backdrop of the Thar Desert.

In short, it’s all things rich and grand and full of fun activities to explore with your kids.

If you’re looking for a place like this, look no further than City Park Jaipur!

Explore more about City Park Jaipur in our travel guide below and arm yourself with every bit of insight to plan your next visit—hassle-free!

City Park Jaipur: An Overview

City Park Jaipur

Inaugurated in October 2022 by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, City Park Mansarovar is a 52-acre green haven for leisure and recreation seekers. 

City Park Mansarovar Jaipur is a sprawling green park laden with mature trees and grasslands, offering a quiet retreat from the hustle of city life. It’s one of the many hallmarks of Jaipur’s commitment to preserving the green cover and making the city more breathable. 

The City park witnessed development in two phases and has emerged as the city’s hotspot with facilities, including but not limited to expansive gardens, walking trails, playgrounds, and sporting facilities. With a line-up of impressive statues, it sits as a testament to real beauty making it one of the best places to visit in June in India.

Notably, in the second phase of development, a go-ahead has been sanctioned for implementing a boating facility, which is set to add more to the appeal of City Park Mansarovar and make it the most sought-after weekend getaway in Jaipur.

Facilities Approved in the First Phase of Development

City Park Mansarovar Jaipur

The initial development phase has been successfully executed, encompassing various facilities such as:

  • Horticulture Works
  • Civil Work
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Fountains
  • Rock Fountain and Lower Lake
  • Sculptures
  • Two Parking Areas
  • An Oxy Hub
  • Sitting Benches

Facilities Approved in the Second Phase of Development

The ongoing construction of the second phase involves the development of:

  • Fountain Software
  • V.T Road Plaza
  • New Sanganer Plaza
  • Aravali Plaza
  • Botanical Garden
  • Food Court
  • Upper Lake
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Open-Air Theater

For a better understanding and overview of this park, you can take a look at the video shared by this YouTuber:


The Rajasthan government spent over 54 crores to complete the first development phase of Jaipur City Park and is planning to invest nearly 66 crores during the second phase. 
Approximately 120 crores will be spent on the overall development of the park.

City Park Jaipur Ticket Price and Timings

Check out the table below to find the relevant details regarding City Park Jaipur timings. 

City Park Entry FeeINR 20 Per Person (free between 6am and 9am)
City Park Timings8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Mansarovar Park Garden Timings5:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Jaipur City Park Annual FeesINR 999 Per Person
Two Wheeler Parking ChargesINR 20 for 3 hours
Four Wheeler Parking ChargesINR 50 for 3 hours
Pre-Wedding Shoot Charges INR 10,000 Per Day
Movie Shoot ChargesINR 50,000 Per Day
DSLR Camera ChargesINR 200

City Park Jaipur Mansarovar: A Break Down of the Park’s Highlights

Mansarovar City Park stands as a comprehensive, all-inclusive recreational facility in the heart of Jaipur. From lush green spaces to state-of-the-art amenities, City Park Jaipur Mansarovar has been thoughtfully constructed to offer a truly holistic experience. 

Here’s a low-down on every facility that appeases visitors of all ages and preferences.

Grand Entry Plaza

Jaipur City Park

The USP of Mansarovar New City Park is its fancy entry place, with a huge fountain and a water area right next to it. The entire area is lit up, rendering a pleasant ambiance to the place. The surrounding green cover adds to its luster, making it look beautiful in every sense of the word. 

Flower Show

Flower show

Following the entry into the park via Madhyam Marg, a vibrant display of flowers has been arranged across a 2000-square-meter area. A dozen flower beds have been created to build an aroma that’ll grow on your senses. The Flower Show is scheduled to take place from November to February. 

Jogging Tracks and Walk-Ways

Jogging Tracks and Walk Ways

Jaipur Mansarovar Park is ideal for health-conscious people who love to jog. There’s a jogging path that’s 4 kilometers long—perfect for your daily run. Besides, the park has 3.5 kilometers long and 20 feet wide inner walkways to cater to visitors who love evening strolls. Around the walking track, they’ve planted 25,000 plants and trees.

Rock Fountain and Lower Lake

Rock Fountain and Lower Lake

The Rock Fountain and Lower Lake are stunningly built and never fail to capture the attention of everyone, especially kids. Coupled with radiant lights and colorful fountains reflecting on the lake, the Rock Foundation looks like a piece of beauty. There are comfy seats around the fountain and lake for people to sit and enjoy the moment.

Landscape Gardens

Landscape Gardens

City Park Jaipur has lovely gardens adorned with lots of greenery and twinkling lights, adding an aesthetic touch. The sandalwood trees have a delightful fragrance and contribute to the overall aroma of the park. When the lights hit the trees, the whole view is just breathtaking.

If you’re in need of some water-based fun and aquatic sports, Pink Pearl Water Park will be a great destination.

Facilities at City Park Jaipur

City Park in Jaipur has everything that makes it a visitors’ favorite. Below is the list of the available facilities at the property. 

City Park Mansarovar Jaipurc
Facility NameAvailability
Sitting BenchesYes
Drinking WaterYes
Feeding RoomsYes
CCTV MonitoringYes
Security GuardsYes
Food StallsYes
Food PlazaComing Soon
Smoking/Drinking ZoneNo
Musical Fountain SquareComing Soon

If you’d like to enjoy some amusement rides, visiting Fun Kingdom is highly recommended.

How Do You Reach Mansarovar Park Jaipur?

By Air – To reach Mansarovar park Jaipur Sector 6 from the airport, opt for a taxi for a 15-minute journey. 

By Train – From the railway station, it’s a 5.3 km, 15-minute drive, or take a bus to Mansarovar and then a short auto or taxi ride to the park.

Nearest Metro Station – For locals, Mansarovar Metro Station is the closest; take a rickshaw or taxi to the park.


Mansarovar City Park Jaipur promises an unbeatable, one-of-a-kind experience for individuals, families, and friends with its stunning landscapes, diverse attractions, and well-kept facilities. 

Whether you seek a peaceful retreat surrounded by lush greenery or want to indulge in recreational activities, the park has got you covered.

Excited? Ditto!

Explore the synergy of natural beauty, recreational activities, and cultural experiences at City Park Jaipur. 

Plan your visit now!

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