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grs fantasy park

In or around Mysore?

Buying GRS Fantasy Park tickets is your chance to experience fun off the charts.

Located a short 15-minute drive away from Mysore, GRS stands as the city’s only amusement and water park. Swathed in 40 acres of lush greenery, it’s a tourist hotspot for its diverse range of dry and water-based attractions, catering to visitors of all ages.

GRS Fantasy Park

Buy yourself a GRS Fantasy Park ticket and see for yourself!

Explore all the details you need, including GRS ticket prices and opening hours, in our in-depth travel guide below to ensure a smooth, hassle-free visit from the get-go.

GRS Park Mysore: A Quick Overview

GRS Fantasy Park leads the pack as Mysore’s highly frequented tourist attraction. 

Here’s why:

  1. Packs Diversity, Ideal for All
    It’s an all-inclusive, meant-for-all place in the city with an exciting range of rides that both kids and adults enjoy. Whether you want to feel the adrenaline racing through your veins or need low-key fun to relax and unwind, GRS has got you covered!
  1. Easy to Get to
    The park is uber-accessible. By virtue of its location, you can reach it easily from the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill, Mysore Zoo, Brindavan Gardens, St. Philomena’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, and, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, and even Wonderla Bangalore, which is the biggest amusement park in India.
  1. Affordable
    GRS Fantasy Park ticket price 2024 has been determined to ensure the park is affordable to individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. The tickets are budget-friendly, just like at Just Chill Water Park in Delhi, making it easy on your wallet. Special discounts and festive offers are offered throughout the year, with the added benefit of a student discount.

If you’re in or near Mysore, don’t miss out on the excitement of being at GRS Fantasy Park. Make a boatload of memories and cherish them forever!

GRS Park Ticket Prices and Timings

The GRS amusement-cum-water park is open Monday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Details regarding GRS Fantasy Park Mysore ticket prices are as follows. 

  1. Adults (above 4’6″ in height)

    Price: INR 949.00

  1. Children (3′ to 4’6″ in height)

    Price: INR 849.00

  1. Infants (below 3′)

    Price: Free

  1. Senior Citizens (above 65 years)

    Price: INR 849.00

Entry After 3.30 PM

For those looking to visit in the late afternoon, we offer special pricing for entry after 3.30 PM:

  1. Adults (above 4’6″ in height)

    Price: INR 799.00

  1. Children (3′ to 4’6″ in height)

    Price: INR 699.00

Please note that these prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and provide access to all the exciting attractions and activities.

GRS Fantasy Park Rides

GRS Park Mysore is everybody’s park. There’s something for everyone just like the Anandi Water Park. Here’s a low-down on some of the best rides you should try. 

Rides For Those Who Live for Thrill

  1. Dragon’s Den: This ride takes you back to the time of dinosaurs and fire-breathing monsters. It’s like stepping into a Jurassic adventure!
  1. Columbia: Sit at the front to feel like you’re flying or in the middle for a milder thrill. It’s a ride that will bring back childhood memories.
  1. Aqua Tornado: Experience a whirlwind as you zoom into a giant funnel from a height, like a water tornado! It’s a thrilling ride that 900 people can enjoy every hour.
  1. Aqua Racer: Challenge your friends to a race down the Aqua Racer. Brace yourself for twists and turns that will leave you excited.
  1. Amazonia Ride: Feel like you’re in the heart of the Amazon rainforest as you speed through the lush landscapes with your family.
  1. Pendulum Slide: Hold your breath as you swing 35 feet in the air and then splash into the water. It’s an exhilarating experience!
  1. Free Fall Crazy Cruise: Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you slide down a series of twists and turns. You’ll scream with excitement!
  1. Wavy Crazy Cruise: Enjoy a crazy ride as you slide down curves at high speeds and then splash into the water. It’s pure fun!
  1. Music Bob: Whirl around at high speed to the beat of music. You’ll have so much fun that you won’t be able to stop yourself from yelling!

Rides for the Family of Fungglers

  1. Hawaiian Paradise: Get yourself drenched in a Hawaii-themed water ride with giant tilting buckets, water jets, and whatnot!
  1. Swing Chair: Indulge in joyful recollections of your childhood by swinging and feeling the breeze.
  1. Dashing Car: Get the kick of dashing and crashing into your friends’ electronic cars in a field powered from the floor. 
  1. Snow Sledge: Slide down a snow-capped mountain on a sled and get your adrenaline pumping hard.
  1. Red Indian Falls: Explore a Red Indian-themed attraction with an 80-foot-tall waterfall.
  1. Jal Tharang (Wave Pool): Step into a giant, 10,000-square-foot pool and get the taste of seas with small and large waves coming by every few seconds.
  1. Aqua Dance Floor: Dance in the refreshing rain with groovy music on the Aqua Dance Platform.
  1. Lazy River (Jal Gamini): Relax and float down a lazy river through tunnels and under bridges.
  1. Telecombat: Engage in a spatial battle in ‘fighter planes’ and experience high-speed maneuvers.
  1. Rock Climbing: Simulate rock climbing with safety gear and a 180-foot free fall. You can also experience this adventure in Delhi’s EOD park.

Rides for Kids Who Want All Fun, Play, and Splash

  1. Carousel: Hop on the joyride, pick your favorite animal, and let the laughter engulf you. 
  1. Caterpillar: Take your little one on the spinning caterpillar ride, fuel their imagination, and see them overcome by happiness in the truest sense. 
  1. Baby Train: Foster independence by letting your kids embark on a solo journey to a distant world where joy knows no bounds. 
  1. Mini Aqua Bowl: Let the tiny tots ride solo in the exciting mini aqua bowl and dive into aquatic fun with playful splashes. 
  1. Ramp Slide: Watch the pride in young eyes as they conquer the ramp slide independently.
  1. Play Area: A world of endless fun for curious children, where they master their playground adventure.
  1. Kids Pool: A pitch-perfect pool designed for little ones, with friendly slides and vigilant lifeguards for safety.
  1. Aqua Trial: Exciting times are guaranteed as children zoom down the slide and play in the water under watchful eyes.
  1. Atlantis: Fulfill a child’s dream of playing in the water without nagging, with thrilling slides and inviting waters.

GRS Fantasy Park even has a wave pool, an Aqua Dance Floor for dancing in the rain, and a 5D Virtual Ride with all sorts of surprises.

GRS Fantasy Park Photos

Have a look at some of the GRS Fantasy Park photos to get an idea of what it has to offer:

GRS Fantasy Park Photos
GRS Fantasy Park Photos1
GRS Fantasy Park Photos2
GRS Fantasy Park Photos3
GRS Fantasy Park Photos4
GRS Fantasy Park Photos5

Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

Visiting an amusement park has its dos and don’ts. So, whether you’re in Fun World Bangalore or GRS Fantasy Park, make a note of the following guidelines while visiting the GRS Fantasy Park for your ease and convenience. 

  1. The 5D Virtual Ride costs an extra 40 INR per person.
  1. The park has special facilities for people with disabilities, including wheelchair tracks.
  1. You can rent or purchase swimwear at the park.
  1. Trained lifeguards are always on duty at the pools.
  1. There are changing rooms and shower facilities in different parts of the park.
  1. While there’s no strict dress code, wearing decent nylon or Lycra swimwear is recommended.
  1. Cameras are allowed at no extra cost.
  1. Please follow the queue system when needed.
  1. Food from outside, weapons, narcotics, and alcohol are not allowed inside the park. Check the park rules for more information.
  1. Smoking is prohibited in common areas, especially near water bodies and kids’ zones.
  1. Some rides have a minimum height requirement of 4.5 feet.
  1. If you have medical conditions like hypertension or heart disease or are pregnant, you should avoid certain thrill rides.
  1. Follow the safety instructions from lifeguards, ride operators, and posted signs for a safe experience.
  1. You can contact the provided numbers if you need accommodation and transportation arrangements to the park.

Other Facilities and Amenities of GRS Fantasy Park 

Pet AreaNot Available
Snacks CounterAvailable
Guided ToursAvailable
Baby Feeding RoomsAvailable
BarNot Available
Charging PointAvailable
Smoking RoomNot Available
Prayer RoomAvailable
Footwear CounterAvailable
Souvenir ShopAvailable
First Aid KitsAvailable
Wi-FiNot Available
GRS Fantasy Park Mysore


That’s a wrap for our travel guide to GRS Mysore Park!

There’s nothing like the exhilaration and joy of visiting an amusement park. When topped with water rides, the fun quotient elevates even more, making the experience unmissable. 

Fantasy GRS Mysore Park is a tourist hotspot suitable for all. It doesn’t stop at thrilling rides. It takes the excitement to the next level by offering water-based rides and activities. Combining the thrill of heart-pounding rides with the magic of refreshing water-based activities, delicious food, and other land-based attractions brings home golden memories to be cherished forever. 

The period of waiting is over. Book Fantasy Park tickets, pack up, and set on an unforgettable journey. 

You’ll thank us later. 



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