Everything Around EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar: Ticket Price, Rides, Nearest Metro, And More

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“EOD Adventure Park” is an adventurous spot in Delhi for kids and adults that’s gaining views all over the internet. If you’re traveling to Delhi and don’t want to miss out on these great places the capital offers, make sure to visit this Mayur Vihar Adventure Park.

It is spread over 10 acres of land, echoing people’s hurrahs all around. There are various rides and activities for people of every age. This place swears to provide thrills, and that too under safety shells. It’s an adventurous and thrilling spot, just as Downtown Chicago Illinois, itself; it is for everyone.

There are some rules to abide by and restrictions to follow here. Also, itd budget-friendly so you don’t have to worry about the cost too much. The EOD Adventure Park Mayur Vihar ticket price is affordable.

The article discusses every vital detail about the EOD Adventure Park: its location with the nearest metro, rides, ticket details, and much more. Without any further ado, let’s slip to the article to gain all the important information.

EOD Adventure Park: A Brief Overview

EOD spells itself “Every Other Day,” and that’s true. The EOD rides and fun activities are very engaging, which makes people visit it daily. This adventure park in Mayur Vihar has gotten in trend and is loved immensely after Adventure Island Rohini, Delhi. There are more than 15 fun activities for adults and a separate park section for kids to enjoy.

There is plenty of space to have fun with friends in activities like bowling, ziplining, zip cycling, boating, archery, rain dance, laser tag, and much more. If you are planning to visit the EOD park, invite your family or friends because this place is full of wonders.

EOD Adventure Park Ticket Price

EOD ticket price

This pleasant place offers affordable combos to the people, and that too at an affordable price. As a whole, EOD ticket prices cost less than 1000 INR. The most interesting part is that these tickets can be accessed through the EOD online website, eodindia.com.

Here are eod adventure park ticket prices:

Full-on Masti (below 4ft height)
(not valid on 23rd/24th/25th Dec or 30th/31st Dec and 1st Jan)
₹3001. Kids Fun Zone (Unlimited)
2. Jungle House (Unlimited)
3. Mini Adventure Land (Unlimited)
4. Outdoor Ball Pool (Unlimited)
5. Indoor Soft Play (Unlimited)
6. Rain Dance (One time)*
(These activities are only permitted when accompanied by an adult. The Adult must have a valid ticket for activities to accompany the children)
Killer Combo (Weekday but not valid on holidays)₹7501. Bowling (10 Shots)
2. Zip Line
3. Table Tennis
4. Tree Top Course
5. Meltdown
6. Body Zorbing
7. Basketball (10 Shots)
8. Archery (5 shots)
9. Rain Dance
10. Zip Cycle
11. Trampoline Park
(All activities are allowed one time)
Conquer Combo (Weekday but not valid on holidays)₹5001. Bowling (10 Shots)
2. Zip Line
3. Table Tennis
4. Meltdown
5. Body Zorbing
6. Basketball
7. Archery (5 Shots)
8. Rain Dance
9. Laser Tag
10. Zip Cycle
11. Trampoline Park
(all activities are allowed just one time)
Adventure Combo (Weekday but not valid on holidays)₹3001. Archery (5 Shots)
2. Tree top course
3. Basketball
4. Rain Dance
5. Meltdown
Explorer Combo (Weekend)₹6001. Zip Line
2. Zip Cycle
3. Tree Top Course
4. Archery
5. Rain Dance
6. Bowling
7. Table Tennis
8. Trampoline Park
9. Meltdown
10. Body Zorbing
(All Activities One Time)
Supreme combo (Weekend)₹8501. Zip Line
2. Bowling (10 shots)
3. Meltdown
4. Body Zorbing
5. Zip Cycle
6. Archery (5 shots)
7. Treetop Course
8. Basketball (10 shots)
9. Rain Dance
10. Table Tennis
11. Trampoline Park
12. Laser Tag
Annual Pass₹200010+ activities and unlimited visits for a complete year

EOD Park Timings

EOD Adventure Park, one of the best fun places to visit in Delhi with friends, is open every day, except for Holi and Diwali.

There is no restricted timing for rides, but it is highly preferred to visit the park early because this place gets filled with people over time. Also, to enjoy the Zip Line activity and Zip Cycle, it is preferred to avoid days with scorching sun. 

Summer Timings: From 1st March — 31st October the summer timings are 9 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday. 

Winter Timings: From 1st November — 28th February the summer timings are 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday.

Attractions at EOD Adventure Park

EOD rides1

You might be wondering how many activities and adventures this place has. Well, they are enough to keep you busy from the morning until the evening. 

Being a 10-acre park, EOD Adventure Park has not only thrilling sites but also a huge space for people to rest. 

There is all this greenery around and an eye-catching lake that houses real birds like ducks. The rides and activities at EOD Delhi are as follows.

  • Laser Tag
  • Archery
  • Bowling
  • Tree Top Course
  • Bull Ride
  • Zip Cycle
  • Zip Line
  • Ghost House
  • Table Tennis
  • Boating
  • Darts
  • Basketball Throw
  • Body Zorbing
  • Jungle House and Kids Fun Zone

Here is a short YouTube video by World of Jasmeet to give you an idea about the amazing rides ~

EOD Adventure Park Photos

Here are some of the pictures of the EOD adventure spot, including the games and activities held there.

EOD Delhi
Activities at EOD
EOD rides
Bowling EOD
Waterside at EOD

Dos and Don’ts at the EOD Adventure Park

Here are some dos and don’ts to remember at the eod park ~

Wear comfortable clothingOutside food and drinks are not allowed in the park
Stay hydratedSmoking and the consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited.
Wear sunscreen in all seasonsDo not enter restricted or off-limits areas.
Adhere to all safety instructionsKeep the park clean by disposing of trash in the designated bins
Utilize the first aid stationsFollow all park rules andregulations, including those related to photography regulations, including those related to photography
Maintain respectful behavior towards others

Rules and Regulations at the EOD Adventure Park

There are some sets of rules that need to be known and followed at the EOD.

  • Outside food is not allowed inside. There are various food outlets inside for people to enjoy.
  • There are specific restrictions on height and weight on various rides. For example, Zip Cycle is restricted only to people under 75 kg in weight.
  • Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and nefarious activities on the premises of the park are restricted. The tickets of the one found guilty are then canceled, and they are also restricted from future entries.
  • Visitors/guests are provided with all the safety guidelines and maintenance before heading towards any risky ride.
  • The rides might be closed only if there is a maintenance issue or climate change.
  • The park doesn’t charge people for parking. This convenience is free.

These are some essential facts about EOD that must be known.

Best Time to Visit

Winter Months — EOD Adventure Park is one of the best places to visit in December in Delhi since the weather is more pleasant, making outdoor activities more enjoyable without the discomfort of extreme heat or cold.

Weekdays and Mornings — Visit on weekdays in the early morning as soon as the park opens since it gets too crowded on weekends and during evenings.

How To Reach

Delhi is well-connected to the road networks and one can easily take the help of the Delhi Metro Map — All about routes and stations to reach the adventure park.

By Metro — The nearest metro station to visit this place is the Mayur Vihar pkt-1 Metro Station, which is 1.2 Km away from the EOD Delhi destination. 

By Bus — The following transit lines have routes that pass near e-o-d Adventure Park, these are ~ 118EXT, 306, 307, 311A, 359, 378, 611, YMSMINUS, 307LNKSTL, 307LSTL, YMSPLUS, 344STL, YMS (+), EXP-344A, EXP-611B

Nearby Places to EOD Park

Here are some fun places to visit near the EOD park for a fun day ~

  1. Sanjay Lake Park (1 km)
  2. Subhash Market (1.9 km)
  3. Akshardham Temple (5 km)
  4. Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple (1.9 km)

Closing Thoughts

EOD is one of the most affordable places for people in Delhi to visit and even a nice, adventurous place for tourists to have fun. The affordable combos, cooperative staff, various activities for adults and kids, and excellent food outlets make this place a paradise. It is a must-visit place in Delhi, especially during summer and winter vacations for kids.


In all the adult combos, a person above 4 feet of height is eligible.

Like these there are some other fantastic place to visit in Delhi such as

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Mayur Vihar EOD adventure park ask for any ID proof?

No, there is no credential requirement for people to enjoy EOD.

Does the adventure park give any discounts to groups?

No, the adventure park already has pocket-friendly combos, so there is no further discount available for groups.

What is the weight limit for Zipline activity?

People who want to do a zipline activity must be under 100 kg in weight.

Are people allowed to get professional photography in the EOD?

No, professional photography using any equipment like a DSLR is allowed in the park.

Are the food outlets at EOD affordable?

Yes, food at EOD is affordable. There are various options for people to pick for both adults and children.

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