Fun World Bangalore: Everything You Need to Know (Park Tickets, Timings, Key Attractions, Photos, 2024)

fun world bangalore

Bangalore sits as the crown jewel of South India tourism.

First, the pleasant, genial weather of the city adds to its charm, making it one of the best places to visit in India.

Second, besides offering an amalgamation of history and heritage with science and sci-fi, the city is home to some of the best world-class amusement parks. 

One on the list is Fun World Bangalore, where thrilling rides and water slides make for a great time. This place is very similar to Fun Kingdom in Jaipur and EOD in Delhi here is something for everyone; whether you’re looking to feel the adrenaline rush, bask in aquatic adventure, or savor your soul with delectable food, it has it all.

So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure, you must grab a few Fun World Amusement Park tickets. 

Fun World Bangalore: A Perfect Weekend Getaway

In the heart of vibrant Bangalore—and the bustling neighborhood of JC Nagar—lies the Fun World Amusement Park, the city’s oldest, finest, and most popular.

Spanning an expansive 22 acres, the park boasts an extraordinary array of entertainment options—from heart-pounding coasters that leave your adrenaline soaring to gentle, refreshing water slides—cherished by generations of fun-seekers. Simply put, this amusement park isn’t for daredevils only, but for little ones too, who love joyful rides. 

And, if you’re a shopaholic, you’re in for a treat, with a line of shops offering an assortment of wares to keep you engaged. Plus, everything is available at a price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. So, it’s a win-win. 

A friendly and helpful staff runs Fun World Bangalore. Each of them is handpicked to make your trips seamless and fuss-free. The park is a world unto itself, with a food court with a dozen restaurants to pick your favorite. The quality of the food is A1, and the taste is exquisite. There’s another food court (yes, the park has not one, but two food courts to cater to your culinary desires), enveloped by a lush green garden, offering a serene escape.

To recapitulate, Fun World is more than just a destination. It’s an experience. It’s a promise of unbridled excitement, ceaseless joy, and a touch of comfort—all wrapped up in one package. After that, you can also visit GRS Fantasy park in Mysore which quite similar to Fun World.

Fun World Bangalore Ticket Price

Fun World ticket prices are easy on the pocket, so it’s a great place to explore on weekends if you’re on a budget like Sayajiraje Park Akluj tickets

The park remains open daily from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM. It’s accessible year-round, from January to December. The ticket purchase cutoff time is 3:30 PM, which means no tickets will be sold once the clock strikes 3:30 PM.

Coming back to Fun World Amusement Park tickets, the cost varies depending on age. Check out the prices listed below:

Combo Tickets (Fun World + Water Park)INR 1200 Per Person
Fun World Park Tickets (Adults)INR 1499 Per Person 
Fun World Park Tickets (Child)INR 999 Per Person

Important Terms and Conditions

  1. Fun World Amusement Park Bangalore ticket prices may run higher on weekends and all government and public holidays. 
  1. The children’s ticket does not apply to kids under 80 cm in height. 
  1. Any requests for refunds, cancellations, exchanges, or date extensions will not be entertained under any circumstances. 
  1. Student discounts are valid only for school and college students. Those seeking student discounts must bring a valid student ID for verification purposes. 

Fun World Amusement Park Rides: An Avalanche of Fun Promised!

Bangalore’s Fun World is equipped with over 50 rides, catering to visitors of all ages and interests. Classified under four categories—kids, adults, families, and adventurous junkies—these rides promise a world of fun, a mosaic of excitement. 

Some of the Fun World Amusement Park Rides are listed below.

Top Attractions for Kids

  1. Bucket Ride: Buckle up for a thrilling journey! The Bucket Ride takes you on an unforgettable journey, whisking you up, around, and down an inverted roller coaster.
  1. Mini Dragon Train: See your kids having the time of their lives as they hop aboard mini dragon-themed bogies! It’s a classic merry-go-round experience with hoots of laughter guaranteed. 
  1. Mini Super Jet: Take your kids aboard the Mini Super Jet, and watch their excitement double up as small rockets slowly begin to rotate before launching them to the skies. The ride is fun-unparalleled, unleashing the ultimate thrills that kids rejoice in. 
  1. Revolving Tower: An absolute favorite among kids, the Revolving Tower takes its passengers at an elevation that offers a sweeping view of Fun World from above. The experience is as beautiful as it is thrilling. 
  1. The Sun and Moon Mini Wheel: Dive into the cosmos with the fantastic Sun and Moon Mini Wheel at Fun World Bangalore Park! Once your kids are abroad, they will be pulled in opposite directions on spinning wheels (representing the sun and moon), much like a space flight. 
  1. Kiddy Tagada: Watch children’s excitement grow as they enjoy a spinning motion, vibrant lights, music, and special effects on this thrillsome, awesome ride. 
  1. World Wrestling Pillow: Prepare your kids for an epic battle where they wield padded pillows as weapons, and so do their opponents. A high-energy combat game—designed for kids—the World Wrestling Pillow is way too fun. 
  1. The Jumping Frog: Brace your kids to experience those ‘fluttery feels’ in their belly! The Jumping Frog ride offers free falls from a certain height while your kids are securely harnessed and safely tucked in. This ride promises an adventure that leaves your kids beaming with joy. 
  1. Flying Tiger: Located on a massive swinging arm, this ride takes your kids on a roller coaster-type journey filled with 360-degree turns, spins, swings, dips, and dives. It’s a breathtaking experience that will have your kids’ hearts soaring.

Top Attractions for Adults

  1. Swing Chairs: Prep up for a swirl and twirl in the sky on the Swing Chairs! The central pole is affixed at an angle to toss you into the air as you sit strapped on a chair attached to it. The rush you feel with every whirl is dope. 
  1. Fight of the Spanish Bulls: Step into the ring and mount your Spanish bull. As you hold on tight, the bull emerges, dancing around in a spectacle. It’s an adventure that will make you feel like a fearless matador.
  1. A Space Vehicle: Looking for a Cosmic Adventure? Climb aboard the Space Vehicle. Though smaller than a roller coaster, this ride is lightning-fast. Hold tight as it propels you to new heights, making you feel like a true astronaut on an interstellar journey.
  1. Crazy Fireball: The name says it all – get ready for a whirlwind of excitement on the Crazy Fireball! This life-sized thrill promises an unforgettable experience that will keep you returning for more. 

Top Attractions for Family

  1. Hang Glider: Swing through the air on the Hang Glider ride and feel the rush of the wind as you soar high above. However, individuals with severe medical conditions are cautioned against this ride and encouraged to choose a different adventure. 
  1. India Plane Ride: Prepare for a journey like no other on the India Plane Ride. With mind-blowing 3D visuals and immersive sound effects, riders are transported into the sky through a hyper-realistic plane simulator. 
  1. Fun Express: The Fun Express is the ultimate fusion of high-speed turns and drops. This ride is designed to provide an adrenaline rush for kids and adults alike. 
  1. Octopus Ride: This ride is a visual marvel shaped like a magnificent octopus. It boasts eight bucket seats, each capable of accommodating an entire family.

Top Attractions for Adrenaline Junkies

Yearning for Adventure?

Want to feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins?

Get yourself a Fun World Amusement Park ticket and experience unbridled adventure throughout the day with rides like:

  1. Sky Drop: Thrills hit you in waves as you’re taken to a height and dropped suddenly. 
  1. The Yahoo Slide: It’s time to fly up to 80 feet and plunge in a single thrust of force. 
  1. Orbit: Gulp your fear down on a roller coaster that spins 360 degrees up, down, and center.
  1. Power Surge: Never a dull moment on a ride that catapults you while giving jolts of excitement through turns in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. 
  1. Ride Tsunami: One monster of a ride, it takes you on a wild journey (as you go for a literal spin) with a blend of fear and joy. It can accommodate 20-25 people at a time. 
  1. Panic Clock: Experience an avalanche of emotions as you solve a series of challenges with a deadline of four minutes. Yes, JUST FOUR MINUTES!

Fun World Amusement Park Photos

Have a look at some of the best Fun World Amusement Park photos:

Fun World Amusement Park Photos

How to Reach FunWorld Bangalore?

Bangalore Fun World Park is situated in the prime location of JC Nagar, which lies close to all key areas within the city. The complete address is as follows:

Jayamahal Main Road, Opposite TV Tower, Palace Grounds, JC Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560006, India

You can opt for the following transportation options to reach the park:


Cubbon Park (5 min walk)

Bus Stop
Munireddy Palya (1 min walk)
JC Nagar (4 min walk)
TV Tower (4 min walk)

Train Station

Bangalore Cantonment (38 min walk)

Alternatively, you can hire a private taxi or commute by your vehicle. The parking facility is available at Fun World Bangalore. 

Fun World Amusement Park: What’s Available and Not?

Want to go in all prepared? Here’s a checklist of what’s available and not in Fun World Bangalore. Take a look. 

Guided TourAvailable
Baby Feeding RoomAvailable
Food StallsAvailable
Charging PointsAvailable
Restrooms and Changing RoomsAvailable
Children’s Play AreaAvailable
Pet Rooms/Pet AreasNot Available
Baggage CounterAvailable
Footwear CounterAvailable
Souvenir ShopAvailable
Alcohol and BarNot Available
Smoking ZoneNot Available
First Aid KitAvailable
Wi-FiNot Available
Plastic BagsNot Available

Key Considerations to Keep in Mind When Visiting Fun World

  1. Plan ahead and delve into research before setting a foot in. A day’s work can help plan an ideal itinerary and ensure you don’t miss out on any must-see experiences. 
  1. Squeeze some time to check the Fun World website and arm yourself with the latest information on Fun World Amusement Park tickets, operating hours, discounts, or any special events. Save a ton by keeping an eye out for the best deals. 
  1. Dress for the occasion and the weather. Gear up for unexpected changes in weather by packing extra clothing or rain gear.
  1. Besides an extra pair of clothing, ensure you have sunscreen, a refillable water bottle, energy drinks, snacks, medications, a safety kit, sanitary napkins, and a dry bag. 
  1. Amusement parks are expansive. Download the official apps to quickly locate rides, dining options, and restrooms. Most parks do have their mobile apps with an interactive map facility. 
  1. To beat the crowds and enjoy shorter lines, arrive at the park right when it opens. This also allows you to experience popular rides before they get too busy.
  1. Play by the rules, follow the instructions, and adhere to words of advice shared by lifeguards for your security. Stay mindful of height, weight, and health requirements. 
  1. While having fun on rides, ensure your personal belongings are secured. Fun World offers lockers in exchange for a security deposit of INR 1000 (refundable). 
  1. Plan your visit during the park’s less busy days, usually weekdays. This will provide a more enjoyable experience with shorter lines. 
  1. Avoid taking the rides if you’re unwell. If you’re faint-hearted, steer clear of heavy, adrenaline-inducing rides at the amusement park. 

Also have a look at our detailed guide on Snow World Noida, where you’ll get every details about this place.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the attractions near Fun World Amusement Park Bangalore?

FunWorld Bangalore is situated in close proximity to several places with touristy value, such as Gandhi Bhavan Bangalore, Star City, Bangalore Palace, and more.

What is the best time to visit Bangalore’s Fun World Park?

Thanks to Bangalore’s year-round pleasant weather, you can visit Fun World throughout the year. There is something for every season. Pools and water slides are a perfect retreat during the summer season. In winter, you can have fun on rides, have delicious meals at food stalls, or simply take a leisurely stroll around the park.

Is alcohol allowed in Fun World Bangalore?

Alcohol consumption and smoking are restricted within the park premises.

Can I carry outside food in Fun World Park?

Yes! You can carry home-cooked meals, snacks, and outside food in the park. It is allowed.


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