The Ultimate Guide to the Top 2024 Summer Music Festivals around the Globe

  • Apr 29, 2024
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  • By Anoushka
summer musical festivals

Summer festivals are celebrations of joy, creativity, and unforgettable experiences that bring people from all backgrounds together to revel in music, dance, art, and beyond.

There is an abundance of festivals happening worldwide this summer that offer something for everyone – from culinary delicacies at food festivals to the vibrant beats of music fests – offering something exciting and adventurous at every turn! Don’t miss out – make 2024 an exciting one.

Join me as I reveal my top summer festivals – each offering something truly unforgettable and worth remembering!

Unleash yourself on an exciting festival journey this summer – don’t miss out! There is magic waiting to be discovered at festivals!

12 of the Most Popular Music Summer Festivals in 2024

Tomorrowland, Belgium 

Tomorrowland Belgium

Distinguished as one of the world’s most colossal music festivals, Tomorrowland has etched an indelible mark of legend. Nestled in the picturesque embrace of Flanders, Belgium, this summer’s extravaganza stands as an imperative on any adventurer’s itinerary.

Tomorrowland effortlessly claims its mantle as one of the paramount electronic music festivals across the globe.

Bearing in mind its star-studded roster, the tickets offer an unparalleled bang for your buck. Priced at approximately $200, you’re granted a ceaseless day of exuberant revelry. For ardent aficionados, a mere step-up leads to multi-day packages, ranging from $300 to $500, ensuring an intensified sonic odyssey.

“Over 2 million people registered for tickets from every single country in the world (including North Korea, Afghanistan, and Syria) and “only” 400,000 lucky people, with an average age of 27 and the oldest being the local resident aged 83 who has visited the festival since its beginning, got the opportunity to buy the tickets.” ~ Forbes

MELT Festival, Germany 

MELT Festival Germany

Set against the backdrop of mid-June, the MELT Festival unfolds as a captivating weekend-long celebration. Nestled on the fringes of Ferropolis in Germany, it emerges as an oasis of open-air delight, thoughtfully curated for aficionados of electronic melodies.

A tapestry of sonic marvels awaits at this dynamic summer fiesta, where luminaries like Nina Kraviz and A$ap Rocky grace the stage. With the serene embrace of a lakeside locale, MELT seamlessly intertwines revelry, refreshing dips and breathtaking vistas into a symphony of excitement.

Amidst this extravaganza, the option of glamorous camping (glamping) beckons, an ideal choice for embarking on a memorable odyssey with a camaraderie of kindred spirits.

Burning Man Festival 

Burning Man Festival

Brimming with ingenious art installations, captivating mobile parties, avant-garde attire, and a plethora of other surprises, the Burning Man Festival promises an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind adventure. Rooted in its guiding principles, this unconventional summer extravaganza unfolds amidst the arid embrace of the Black Rock Desert, providing an unforgettable culmination to the season.

Sziget Festival, Budapest 

Sziget Festival Budapest

If you’re thinking about a trip to Europe this summer, make the Sziget Festival your top destination. This music festival held on an island off the coast of Budapest in northern Hungary, features an impressive lineup of acts that will leave you wanting more.

No matter your style of festival-going, from adventurous 6-day passes to one-day tickets – there is sure to be something perfect for you at South by Southwest 2019. There are multiple ticketing options that will meet all of your preferences!

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable musical journey at Sziget Festival; camping will only add to the experience! Don’t miss out – this amazing journey won’t leave you regretful.

La Tomatina, Spain 

La Tomatina Spain

Each year in August, the vibrant streets of Buñol, Spain, come alive for the exhilarating La Tomatina festival. This extraordinary summer celebration involves a fierce tomato showdown, where participants gleefully engage in a massive tomato-throwing frenzy. 

It’s akin to a playful tomato battle that draws adventurous souls from around the world. If you’re seeking an unconventional addition to your European journey, embracing the tomato-splattered revelry of La Tomatina is an excellent and unforgettable option.

Vancouver Fringe Festival, Canada

Vancouver Fringe Festival Canada

Nestled within the vibrant ambiance of Granville Island, the Vancouver Fringe Festival takes centre stage every mid-September. Radiating its artistic charm across the city, this spectacular event is a mosaic of theatre, dance, and music, promising an unforgettable experience. From uproarious comedy to the soul-stirring notes of live jazz, this festival celebrates the full spectrum of human creativity.

Notting Hill Carnival, England  

Notting Hill Carnival England

The Notting Hill Carnival is an exuberant summer spectacle, occurring annually in August at England’s grandest street festival. Offering exuberant parades, colourful costumes, rhythmic beats, and tasty food stalls brings Caribbean vibrancy to its streets!

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary cultural celebration experience–an unmissable event with great significance!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland  

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland

Enveloped within the embrace of Edinburgh, Scotland, emerges the grandest of all art galas – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Each August, this extravaganza welcomes a myriad of global talents: artists, actors, musicians, comedians, and performers of every ilk.

From comedy that tickles the family’s funny bones to mesmerising dance acts that weave tales through movement, the festival’s kaleidoscope of offerings ensures delight for every soul. For those journeying with comrades to Scotland, this paramount festival stands as an unmissable gem on the cultural calendar.

Running of the Bulls, Spain 

Running of the Bulls, Spain

Nestled in the heart of Pamplona, Spain, the iconic Run of the Bulls stands as a globally renowned tradition. Reverently known as the San Fermin Festival, this exhilarating spectacle offers a unique opportunity to intimately experience the rush of sprinting alongside or evading the mighty bulls through the city’s vibrant streets.

Set against the blazing heat of Spain’s July, the Running of the Bulls remains a divisive and daring pursuit, not destined for the faint of heart.

Roskilde Festival, Denmark 

Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Tracing its origins to the early 1970s, the Roskilde Festival stands as a venerable gem among Denmark’s enduring musical traditions. Set ablaze in the heart of July, this festival extravaganza boasts a melange of homegrown talents and global luminaries, rendering it a harmonious tapestry of sounds and cultures.

Why does it gleam as one of the preeminent summer celebrations? Amidst the rhythm and melodies, Roskilde Festival unfurls a world of sublime artistry, where vibrant installations, interactive workshops, and captivating engagements await. For enthusiasts of innovative expression and those enraptured by immersive displays, this Danish fiesta emerges as an unmissable canvas for boundless creativity.

Lollapalooza, United States 

Lollapalooza United States

LollaPalooza Festival brings extraordinary musical talent to the heart of Chicago each August. This perennial favourite gala combines engaging art installations, delicious food stalls, and plenty of engaging activities for an unparalleled immersive experience.

From acclaimed global artists to emerging indie bands, this summertime fiesta promises to captivate both your senses and those of your music-devotee companions, offering an exquisite medley of performances.

400,000 people attended the 2022 Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. While 2022 was the first time that a South Korean artist headlined a major U.S. music festival. 

If you find yourself voyaging to the United States this summer, make sure to etch the prestigious Lollapalooza onto your must-experience index!

Glastonbury Festival, England 

Glastonbury Festival England

Glastonbury Festival is widely renowned as one of the world’s premier music extravaganzas annually in Somerset, England. Come experience this unforgettable festival for yourself and witness iconic performers like Beyonce and Coldplay make their appearances!

Spanning a spectrum of musical genres, Glastonbury caters to every auditory palate, offering an eclectic blend ranging from pulsating pop and electrifying electronic beats to the timeless rhythms of rock and roll. It’s a harmonious convergence that ensures smiles on all faces.

Round up your diverse group of friends, because here, the preference for a particular musical style becomes inconsequential. The Glastonbury Festival transcends genres, making it an unmissable entry on your calendar, where unforgettable melodies and shared moments await.


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