How to Join Winter Camp with Kids?

Winter Camp with Kids

Going for a family camping trip is a great way to experience winter’s peaceful moments. Camper can enjoy fun bonding moments and engage in fun activities despite the cold weather during the winter months. 

Are you going winter camping as a family for the first time? You must understand how to join winter camp for kids to have an unforgettable experience. Here are things you should know to guarantee your family an amazing winter camping experience. 

Prepare Extensively

Planning is an effective way of enjoying winter camp for kids. Choose the right clothes and identify a safe and fun camping site with a wide variety of outdoor activities to keep the kiddos busy. Before going to the actual campsite, organize a trial camping session in your backyard. Use that opportunity to experiment with your camping gear. Must have basic things for your camping trip during the winter season, including:

A First Aid Kit to Manage Minor Injuries

  • Enough water for cooking and drinking. This will come in handy if the water available at the campground is unclean
  • Matches or lighters to ease starting of fires and protect the whole family from the cold weather camping trip
  • Sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners. Find a good quality self-inflating or insulated sleeping pad to protect the kids from the cold ground
  • Enough food to keep the entire family satisfied. Remember, the cold season triggers frequent production of body heat. Campers must eat frequently to restore their energy. Cooking during the cold winter months is not as fun as it is during the summer months. Pack foods you can indulge in with minimal preparation process. 

Energy-filled freeze-dried snacks can be ideal for a backpacking winter camping trip. However, you will need hot drinks and meals. This is where a camp stove or a Dutch oven becomes necessary. 

Purchase Good-quality Tents

A good winter-season tent should be double-walled and waterproof. A double-walled tent comes with an outer rainfly and an inner tent, protecting the occupants from the elements. This type of tent is warmer than its single-walled counterparts. Before investing in a winter tent for your glamping or camping needs, here are factors.

  • It should be big enough to cater to the whole family. A tent with isolated sleeping sections is ideal when you’re camping with kids
  • Carry a vestibule to store wet gear, keeping the sleeping area dry and free from snow. 

Study the Weather

Studying the weather in your winter camping destination helps you prepare the right gear to help you cope with sudden changes. Cancel or reschedule the trip if the cold temperature appears unbearable. 

Layering is an effective way of staying warm while camping during winter. Campers can regulate their temperature with proper clothing like hoodies, long underwear, and mid, top, and base layers. Avoid wearing a single heavy-duty layer since it makes you sweat, leaving you uncomfortable. 

Hydrate and Avoid Getting Wet

Campers must hydrate as much as they can during the winter season, especially when they’re spending time outdoors. Engaging in activities at the winter camp makes you sweat, resulting in dehydration. Ensure your kids drink hot chocolate and water as frequently as possible. Feeling cold and getting wet can be uncomfortable feeling. 

Keep the tent dry and snow-free. Keeping your bedding and clothes dry when winter camping can be challenging. When children wet their clothes, give them a fresh pair of dry clothes. Always pack enough extra clothing for the kids.

Organize Fun Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

Plan different winter activities for the kids to engage in during the winter camp trip. Children get bored easily, and you want to include as many activities as possible to give them an exciting winter or summer camp experience. 

Think about fun winter activities that will keep the kids active and entertained throughout the camping season. For example, if there will be snow in your camping destination, carry tools to help the kids build igloos and snowmen or go skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. Children can also make a DIY snow measuring stick from scratch. Carry enough toys for the children and winter nature scavenger hunting printouts that kids can use at the campground. 

Pack Hot Water Bottles for the Whole Family

When going winter camping with kids, remember to carry a hot water bottle for each kid. An effective safety tip when using hot water bottles is to ensure they are tightly covered. Mini water bottles retain heat for longer than small ones. 

While at the winter camp for kids site, put the hot water bottle in your child’s sleeping bag 15 minutes before they go to sleep. Monitor the young ones to ensure they don’t become too hot to the point of sweating.

Carry Bright Lights

Winter nights can be overly dark, scaring the kids. Purchase bright lights and headlamps for each child to guarantee comfort during the night. They can use the lights to move around the campsite at night with minimal struggle. Winter days are usually shorter, meaning campers will stay in the dark longer before retiring to bed.

Collect Campfire Essentials

A campfire keeps you warm during your winter camp for kids trip. Prepare the right clothes for the whole family that will not catch fire easily or get burned by fire sparks. A campfire helps the children make new friends, bond, and create lifelong memories. Kids can sing beautiful songs, eat S’mores, and burn marshmallows while sitting around the campfire.


When going to a winter camp for a kids’ vacation, it’s important to inform your friends and loved ones about your trip. This helps them rescue you in record time in case of an emergency. Again, you don’t want to keep people worrying if they can’t reach you due to poor phone network coverage. 

To keep the whole family safe when winter camping, ensure they have the appropriate gear. The entire team should dress in layers to stay warm and keep colds and other winter-related illnesses at bay. 

Eat frequently, stay hydrated, keep your tent dry and snow-free, and plan fun activities for the kids. With proper preparations, your family will have a smooth and memorable winter camping experience.

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