Still Away on Travel? How You Can Send Thoughtful Gifts to Loved Ones While Abroad

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Key Takeaways

  • Digital portraits are a new and unique way of gifting someone away from home.
  • You can also consider sending home a package of local snacks, or a bottle of regional wine.
  • Even on this date, sending handwritten letters to your loved ones can still show them your care and love.

When out and about abroad, it’s only natural to miss home, even when having the time of your life. Amid the excitement and unforgettable experiences you have in your destination, it’s hard not to think about your loved ones back home from time to time.

Thankfully, there are many ways to keep in touch and show you care these days, despite the distance between you and those who matter most to you. Thoughtful gifts excel greatly in the latter.

If your trip just got extended abruptly, here’s how to send thoughtful gifts to loved ones back home.

Getting Creative: Personalized Digital Gifts

In today’s digital world, there’s an abundance of personalized gift options available right at your fingertips. Funds, time, and geographical restrictions no longer need to limit your gifting habits.

Digital gifts are convenient, personalized, and instantaneous. For instance, you could craft a heartfelt video message using photos and videos from your travels, or create a custom playlist of songs that remind you of the person you’re gifting to.

Websites like Etsy also offer custom digital portraits which are unique and easily accessible regardless of where you are in the world.

Traditional with a Twist: Shipping Local Souvenirs

Picking out souvenirs from your travels and having them shipped to your loved ones back home can be a delightful surprise. It’s a way of sharing a piece of your journey, imbuing physical objects with memories and stories.

Many local shops abroad can arrange for international shipping, which means you can send home unique trinkets or even beautiful pieces of art you find during your travels. Websites like Postable could also assist in this process by helping you mail cards, gifts, and more without needing to make post office trips.

Remember to check on any restrictions or custom fees before purchasing a souvenir that is large or unique in nature.

Cultivating Connection: Gift Live Plants and Flowers from afar

Embrace a natural approach with a living, growing present. Gifting plants is not only eco-friendly but also symbolizes growth and endurance, which can beautifully reflect the enduring love for your friends or family.

gift wrapping products graph

Statistics: In this graph, you can see how the gift industry has been flourishing over the past few years.

Online plant shops such as The Bouqs make it painless to choose from a variety of greenery and have them safely delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. To guarantee they’ll receive healthy, blooming plants regardless of your location, you may opt to send your friends live plants directly through online floral services that source locally.

This not only ensures freshness upon arrival but also supports local businesses.

A Taste of Your Adventure: Sending Local Foods and Drinks

Nothing brings people together like good food, and what better way to share your experiences than through the unique tastes of your current location? Consider sending home a package of local snacks, or a bottle of regional wine.

Services like Goldbelly and Worldwide Wine & Spirits can help deliver these culinary delights straight from your travel destination to their doorstep. It’s an exceptional way to give them a vicarious taste of your adventures.

Art of Letters: Sending Handwritten Postcards or Letters

Despite the digital age advances, handwritten letters and postcards have not lost their charm. Receiving a handwritten note from a different part of the world can evoke excitement and warmth unmatchable by digital means.

Take time to select a picturesque postcard or write a letter sharing your adventures directly.

Speaking of letters, here is interesting data that shows what raw materials are typically used in the gift industry.

gift wrapping products graph

Services like Touchnote can turn your travel photos into custom postcards for that added personal touch. It’s low-tech but high-impact.

Gifting Experience: Virtual Tours and Educational Courses 

Give your loved ones an experience to remember. Here are a few ideas:

  • Enroll them in a virtual class that teaches something unique about the country you’re visiting.
  • Buy tickets for a virtual tour of a renowned museum or landmark in the city you’re in. Sites like Viator can assist with this.
  • Arrange for online language lessons if you’re traveling in a country with an unfamiliar tongue.
  • Purchase access to a live concert or theater performance streaming from your current travel destination, turning their living room into a private viewing area.

Remember, experiences can last longer than physical gifts and often become fond memories.

In Conclusion

Being overseas doesn’t mean you can’t send love and thoughts back home. With a bit of creativity and thought, you can choose gifts that transcend miles. If it’s a taste of your adventure or an experience to cherish, remember it is the intent behind the gift that holds the greatest value. Happy gifting!

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