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Renting a car in Kyiv is a service that is becoming more and more popular every year.

Using a rented car has many advantages, which Car Rent UA customers have already noted.

However, during the past year, this service has become not just an opportunity to improve the way of movement in the absence of one’s own car, but a vital necessity in conditions where public transport has been operating irregularly or with significant delays due to the war.

For those who have never rented a car before, it will be interesting to learn all the nuances related to renting a car.

Car Rent UA – Favorable Car Rental Conditions

The Car Rent UA company ( has been operating since 2018. During this time of its existence, it was able to take its place among the leaders in this segment and gained a reputation as a decent and reliable car rental service.

However, the company is not going to stop and is working on expanding its activities to the entire territory of Ukraine.

Transparency of rental conditions and the highest level of service provision are the main principles on which the work of Car Rent UA is based.

The company provides cars for rent to customers under the following conditions:

  • clear rental conditions are fixed by the contract, which must be signed by both parties – the client and the company;
  • low prices on cars that are fixed for the time of signing the contract – the rental does not become more expensive for the client in the process of using the car;
  • full insurance for all cars from the fleet;
  • technically sound cars without any damage to the body and interior – the technical inspection is carried out by the company’s specialists on a regular basis.

Modern cars that are no more than 5 years old from the date of issue are available for rent.

Car Rental in KYIV

At the same time, the company’s fleet includes both inexpensive and luxury cars.

What is Required for Rent??

Minimum requirements for customers wishing to order a car rental:

  • availability of identification documents and driver’s license;
  • experience of using a car for at least 2 years;
  • the age of driver is not younger than 21 years.

The rented car can be picked up from the company’s fleet or the car can be delivered to the address indicated by the client.

If during use the driver needs to extend the lease, it is worth notifying the company manager. There is no need to go to the company to extend the contract.

Car Rent UA Helps Out in Any Situation

There are actually a lot of reasons why you might need to rent a car.

The most common reasons for which customers contact Car Rent UA are the following:

  • desire to test a car brand that a person plans to buy in the future;
  • use for personal needs;
  • renting to solve work issues;
  • car rental for corporate purposes;
  • short-term car rental (1-2 days) for a photo shoot or video shoot;
  • meeting relatives or employees at the station.

You can rent a car for a period from 1 day to a month or longer. The longer the rental period, the lower the price the customer pays for use.


In addition, the company always has favorable promotional offers for its new and regular customers, which makes the rental service even cheaper! You can learn more about the company’s promotions and news on Instagram (

Contact Car Rent UA and use the best cars that meet the highest quality and safety standards!

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