4 Important Tech Tips to Ensure Your Family Safety This Holiday

Ensure Your Family Safety

As the holidays and thanksgiving are around the corner, you may find yourself answering calls and providing tech support to your family. It might be the first time for a tradition. 

After all, this is the time when every unanswered question is aired. So, read on to find important tech tips that can ensure your family’s safety this holiday. 

Let’s begin.

Show Them the Way It Works

Sometimes, you will have to choose to perform a web search to get the solution to a specific issue. But, the most important thing is to be able to pick out the relevant and right articles from the long list of forum posts, adverts, and search results. 

Your family members might be able to search for solutions to issues themselves. The major problem might be the proper interpretation of what comes up. So, for instance, the problem is one of your family members doesn’t know how to download photos from icloud that they shot during the holiday. To help them download photos easily and maintain photo management, make sure to refer them to use online blogs. This will help them increase their general knowledge about tech tools. 

Ensure Everything is Updated

When your phone or laptop software is outdated, you may be very vulnerable to several security threats. They may not be invulnerable to attacks, but current web browsers, operating systems, and applications are capable of keeping malicious activities at bay. 

With current technology, it is very easy to ensure that your programs, operating systems, and other devices are updated. Most devices have the auto-update function turned on by default. But, you should check the devices of your family members to ensure that they are not turned off for any reason. 

Manage Password

There are a lot of benefits to having a password manager. So, when you can persuade your family members or relatives to get one, and even help them through the setup process, then the software will ensure their safety from there on.

Password managers remember every password across your devices and also ensure that you don’t use similar or duplicate passwords for different accounts. Password managers can suggest a very strong and original password for you. It can also alert you when any of your passwords have been compromised so you can make changes immediately. 

Set Up a Two-Factor Authentication

Having two-factor authentication gives your digital account an extra layer of protection. In case your username and password get compromised somehow, a two-factor authentication will ensure that no one except you with the code can get access to the codes used in accessing the account. 

These codes are usually generated by apps on your phone and will only be needed when you log into a new device or after a certain period passes. 

So, for your family and relatives, when you set up two-factor authentication for them, they might not need to worry much in the future. Just ensure that you have the recovery codes that they need in advance in case something goes wrong. 

Wrapping Up

The best part of the holiday season is gathering with family, relatives, and friends. Whether you are staying home or traveling with your family for the holidays, ensure that you protect your loved ones with the abovementioned tech tips during this holiday.

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