Be Aware of These Things When Renting a Car in Orlando

Renting car in Orlando

Are you planning a trip to Orlando, FL? If yes, you are in for an exciting journey ahead! It is one of the most captivating tourist destinations that beckons over 70 million travelers, as of 2022, from every corner of the world each year. With its abundance of exciting sites, year-round presence of the sun, and world-class amusement parks, from Disneyworld to Universal Studios to Sea World – an adventure awaits each of its visitors here at Orlando.  

Vacationing requires extensive planning, and one of the first things you should plan for is your conveyance in the new city. You certainly would prefer to avoid being constrained by transportation challenges when planning to explore enchanting touristy sites in Orlando. For this reason, visitors should consider renting a car for easier access to different attractions throughout the city.  

A rental car would be convenient and cost-efficient while roaming around this dreamland for vacationers. To make renting a vehicle here easier, we have compiled a list of things you must be aware of when deciding the best Orlando car services online or on-site for yourself. Continue reading our guide to learn how to make the best of your trip to Orlando by renting an automobile.  

Pre-Booking your Car Rental  

Florida is bustling with tourists throughout the year due to its sunny days all year round and its attractions, so most of the leases are likely to be booked. It is quite a famous destination for not only international visitors but US citizens, too. When planning on visiting the vibrant city, you must ensure that your rentals have been sorted beforehand.  

Car Rental

It would be ideal to pre-book your conveyance rental to avoid any last-minute panic. There are several different affordable options available in Orlando, FL. You can pre-book one from home using the best Orlando car services online. If you know someone here or are visiting through an agent, you can ask for their assistance in pre-booking. This will help you avoid relying on public transportation if you cannot rent a car upon arrival, due to the abundance of tourists already there. This will also contribute to cost-saving than spending a hefty amount on cabs.  

A few of the best Orlando car services online are listed below for your assistance.  

  • MacksRide
  • Turo 
  • Hertz 

You can visit their website to decide a day, time, and duration and choose your desired vehicle at the lowest prices! Hertz, out of all the aforementioned rental service providers in the list, offers the most locations in the city – about 24 locations. These websites provide cars for as low as $27/day on average, depending on the vehicle of your choice. 

Identifying the Type of Rental Required 

To find the type of motor you need, make a list of your requirements and see if any brand fits it. You can add factors like the number of people you will travel with, required bootleg space, frequency of visiting a place, etc. 

Once you have determined the type of vehicle you require, you can begin hunting for your car at the lowest prices across several car services online. It has been observed that opting for a more spacious vehicle is better since extra space enables you to relax while on the road. More importantly, larger vehicles do not necessarily cost more, so you will benefit from it. Nissan Rogue and Chevrolet Suburban are two of the most popular vehicles rented. You can even rent them for as low as $14/day on some days as a part of the deals offered by the best Orlando car services online.  

Inspecting Your Vehicle 

Before finalizing, you should thoroughly revisit its specifications and functions and inspect for any damage. Before driving off in your rental, you better look for any pre-existing damage, scratches, dents, or mechanical issues. You must then confirm that the related company notes those damages to ensure no liability lies with you. You should check the brakes, air conditioner, and other technical things to avoid any challenges while traveling.  

Documentation and Other Requirements 

While traveling and renting in a new town, it is crucial to be updated regarding the latest amends or rules of the place. You must be aware of certain documentation-related requirements and age-related restrictions for the driver.


The verification process generally needs a passport, driving license, or credit card of the person. In some cases, tourists can be a left-hand drivers, while in the USA, there is a right-hand driving system. This is when it becomes important for travelers to brush up on the traffic rules, etc., on Orlando roads.

It is also essential to go through the rental provider’s policies carefully as the minimum age for renting a motor here is 21 years but some businesses prefer renters’ age to be 25 or above and charge an additional ‘underage driver fee’ along with the lease fee. Sometimes the amount of rent is also based on the type of conveyance you choose.                                       

Insurance Fee 

Life is unpredictable, and anything unprecedented can occur anywhere, anytime, so having an insurance policy in place for your rental is vital. Many providers here, offer insurance options. However, they can be quite costly. This calls for a check with your credit card company to confirm if they offer coverage for rental vehicles internationally since these are most likely cheaper than the ones these providers offer. Sometimes personal car insurance providers also extend their offers to cover rental vehicles. However, understanding how much they agree to cover remains an important factor. 

Insurance Fee 

If you decide to opt for the ones offered by the provider, you must ensure you understand the terms and conditions enclosed in the agreement. It is crucial since a few rentals refuse to take responsibility for a few scenarios, and you would be liable in those situations. You should have a clear understanding of what is covered by the insurance. It would be ideal to buy an option that brings maximum benefit and protection for you.  


Orlando remains an attractive tourist spot throughout the year, and we hope you are clear on how to wander around the city and its mesmerizing streets and destinations more efficiently while saving on the cost, too. Pre-book a rental car from one of the best Orlando car services online while remembering the things to be aware of. Get ready to have a blast at this beautiful destination that awaits you with more adventure than you can imagine! 

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