Emberify: 10 Awe-Struck Contents Ideas for Travel Instagram


Instagram is ruling worldwide and has become an integral part of human needs. For Instagram, there is a lot of content in various niches with no limit. Still, there are a lot of areas that still need to be explored by Instagrammers. 

Travel is one of the evergreen niches that always remains fresh. Knowing this well, people started uploading their travel posts and videos to their profiles. If your content reaches maximum likes and shares, you will be a travel influencer eventually. Being an aspiring traveler, you can buy Instagram video views to maximize your content reach. 

Are you fond of Travel? Then ready to fill your Instagram profile with travel destinations. It’s time to create travel stories.

Travel Content Ideas for Instagram Travel Bloggers

Suppose you are running out of ideas for your new travel videos; no need to worry anymore. In the article, you will read some fascinating ways to create unique content. Just save this post and use it whenever you need it in the future.

Share Tidbits

Many people use Instagram to explore new places to plan their holiday vacations. Such people need to have backup information about the place they are about to spend. So it is a great way to kick-start your travel blog on Instagram. 

Record a video sharing your personal experience that you have experienced on the place. It will work well and is a much-needed one for everyone. For instance, you have recently visited Europe, and in your video, you can talk about the buildings, places you must see once, the best hotels to stay in, etc.

Photogenic Places

This current generation is obsessed with clicking beautiful pictures and posting them to show that their life is happening. So here are the subsequent ideas for new content and to impress people.

Upload the best images of your travel trip and mention each destination without fail. It will be helpful for your travel community to visit the exact location without getting lost in an unknown place. You can also tag your co-travelers on your images.

Facts About the Places 

Every backpacker wants to discover something new to shout out to the world. Like they are the first person ever to visit that place. Therefore, you can share some unknown facts and hidden information about that place you have recently visited. It is more or less like a travel guide explaining the significance of a particular spot. 

So plan your content in correspondence with facts and news, and deliver it in an informative way as well as entertaining the audience. 

Health Tips

You may find it odd when you first hear about health tips. Also, do you have yet to decide what health advisory to share? Let’s clear it up now. You can share the current weather conditions and alert them to take things pre-planned.

If the place is in minus-degree weather, suggest the audience have a mini medical kit with them so they will not get exposed to the poor weather and get sick. Sharing such advice in your video will give your followers a positive attitude toward you and make them believe you care about them. Similarly, trying Emberify for your account helps you to gain more followers and expand your community.

Flying Tips 

Being a travel pro, you are good at having a piece of general knowledge of flight timings. So you can use such information in creating your content video. Please share it with your group and make them aware of taking cost-cutting or budget-friendly flights.

You can also share tips on surviving long-time flights or on tips to make your first flight experience a memorable one, and much more. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean it will not work out. So give it a try! You will not regret it later.

Recommend Useful Travel Hacks

Content ideas on Instagram travel will always be around. As I said earlier, Travel continuously gets updated and is always a new area to explore. So anyone can go deeper and still find ideas without getting dried up.

While planning for travel hacks, you can even share about gadgets such as tripods and cameras, which can be well fittest for the place, and there are plenty more hacks you can share. So make it meaningful and relevant content.

Sharing Your Favourite Travel 

This type of travel content doesn’t involve actual traveling. Instead, you can share your favorite travel blog with your community. List out some of your favorites and review them on your Instagram feeds. 

You can categorize them according to themes, travel photographs, or best digital wanderers blogs, etc. you can use this idea content when you have no time to make travel blogs.

Share Your Experience

Being unique is what makes you special. So it is appreciable to share your great experience on the whole trip. You have visited a country, and you had a great experience. You may even feel like coming back again one more time. 

So you can share this fantastic experience with your followers. It will keep your page engaging, and your followers will share your post if they like it. For better engagement, choosing Emberify will drive loads of followers to your account and endorse your profile strength.

Unexplored Destinations

Finding new places to hang out is a thrilling experience. Isn’t it? If you find such a secret place, share it on your Instagram. Moreover, you can use the feature of Live Video streaming on Instagram. It will be more engaging when they witness it live. So take utmost advantage of the features and utilize them for your benefit.

Food Suggestions

People fantasize about food more than anything in their life. Suppose you find any restaurants with delicious food and a peaceful ambiance. You can add the information to your blog videos, and it will be helpful for others. 

Do research on popular food of the destined place you are about to go before you start your Travel. Then, it will be easy for you to plan your timings prior.

Final Thoughts

Travel Instagrammers are welcomed by all sorts of people nowadays. So you can make use of this opportunity to explore more and earn money at the same time. Moreover, you can make it your second profession, as it doesn’t require full-time engagement.

Have you started packing your stuff to explore the world? Never stop traveling. Go beyond!

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