Shott Ahmedabad: Immerse Yourself in the World of Gaming, Food, and Parties

Shott Ahmedabad

Shott Ahmedabad is a one-stop destination for fun and enjoyment. If you are visiting Ahmedabad, it is a must-see attraction, along with other places like Sabarmati Ashram and the Narendra Modi Stadium, which is the world’s largest cricket stadium.  

This thrilling indoor amusement park is filled with fun activities, countless games, and good food to complete this wholesome experience. It is a place for people of all ages who want to have a good time. 

Like Smaaash in Noida, Shott is the best place for gaming in Ahmedabad. In addition to many other things, it offers games, go-karting, bowling, and a kids’ play area.

From ticket prices to directions, we will cover everything there is to know about Shott Ahmedabad in this article.

Shott Ahmedabad: A Brief Overview 

Shott Amusement Park

Shott Ahmedabad is an iconic indoor amusement park that is ideal for people of every age group. You will find everything here to keep you entertained, from more than 80 arcade games to go-karting and trampolines. 

Shott is completely air-conditioned, so it is perfect for any weather. It is more than just an amusement park; you can even reserve this location for special occasions, as they offer customized party packages.  

To get a better look at Shott, watch this vlog by a YouTuber named Dadhaniya’s:

Shott Ahmedabad Photos

Here are some Shott Ahmedabad photos to give a rough idea of the premises, activities, and the games Zone like EOD Adventure Park in Delhi

Go-karting in Ahmedabad

Go karting in Ahmedabad shott1
Go karting in Ahmedabad shott2

Game zone in Ahmedabad

Game zone in Ahmedabad shott

Trampoline park in Ahmedabad

Trampoline park in Ahmedabad Shott1

Bowling in Ahmedabad Shott

Things To Do at Shott 

Shott is a whole package on its own; you can spend your entire day here and just eat, party, play, and repeat. We meant it when we said there was something for everyone. 

Bowling, go-karting, arcade games, adventure zones, kids’ play areas, kids’ rides, billiards, and other activities are available at Shott. Read on to learn about each of them in detail, along with their Shott Ahmedabad ticket prices.   


Shott offers India’s first interactive spark technology bowling experience. Spark is an augmented reality bowling experience that creates an interactive playing and scoring experience. The beauty of this marvelous spark technology will make you fall in love with bowling, and you will find it hard to stop knocking down those pins. 

Shott bowling prices are variable and depend on the timings:

  • 11 AM to 1 PM – ₹265 / ₹325
  • 1 PM to 4 PM – ₹299 / ₹349
  • 4 PM Onward – ₹319 / ₹369
  • VIP – ₹399 / ₹599

The prices for weekdays and weekends may vary, so make sure you confirm them beforehand. 


You have to agree that trampoline is one of the most fun activities ever to exist. The gravity-defying springboard world is just as exhilarating as the trampoline parks in Gurgaon. Unleash your inner child and jump, dodge, duck, and dive through the air while performing flips in this safe and thrilling environment. 

The cost of the trampoline park is included in the combo with other games and is not mentioned individually. 


Go-karting is a racing sport that involves fast-moving cars that can add excitement to your life and make your heart beat faster as you approach the finish line. 

The Go-karting track at Shott Ahmedabad is a professional track built with an international circuit and safety barriers laid throughout for a true racing experience. 

Adventure Zone

The adventures in Shott include activities like high rope and zip lines. It features India’s first indoor zip line adventure, which is housed in Gujarat’s largest gaming arena. The zip line’s safety is just as important as the thrill, and both are carefully monitored.  

Kid’s Play Area

The children’s play area is a safe and exciting haven for your children.  They can dive into the pool of balls and glide down the thrilling zoop slide to land on the ground of their limitless entertainment.  

Gaming Arcade

Delve into the world of neon lights, controllers, and exciting gaming as you step into the electrifying arcade environment. 

This section of Shott is ideal for both children and adults who want to relive their childhood with over 70 arcade games. You can win prizes and make a lot of memories while immersing yourself in this diverse experience.

Shott Ahmedabad Prices

The Shott Ahmedabad prices are not the same throughout the week or month. The Shott Ahmedabad price depends on different games, combos, and days. 

Bowling + 5 Arcade Games
(10 Frames of Bowling)
Bowling (10 Frames of Bowling) + 10 Arcade + 1 VR + 1 Laser Game + 5 minutes of go-karting799999
Bowling + 5 Arcade + 1 VR + 5 mins Go-Karting + 1 Laser Wars Games(10 Frames of Bowling)14991799

You can also get some amazing coupons if you visit the official website of Shott Ahmedabad.   

Shott Ahmedabad coupon

Explore the Food at Shott Ahmedabad 

Along with games and entertainment, Shott features a restaurant that serves delectable food that is catered by Rolling Pin, satisfying your hunger and tantalizing your palate. 

Shott Ahmedabad photos

Rolling Pin offers a wholesome dining experience and heaven when you are tired of playing all day. You should explore the exciting menu of The Rolling Pin with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Celebrate Your Happiness with Shott 

Apart from playing games, doing adventure activities, and eating, you can also organize your own parties. They will specially customize your parties according to your needs. 

Whether you want to host a birthday party, a kitty party, a team-building party, a corporate party, or a pre-wedding party, the stock is ready to go.

From decoration to cake, you don’t even need to lift a finger to have the most perfect party of your life. Just dress up, leave your worries at home, and enjoy the evening!

How to Reach Shott Ahmedabad? 

Now that we have explored every nook and cranny of this place let us talk about how to get to Shott.

Location of Shott Ahmedabad:

SBR – 3, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, opp. Saket, next to Sankalp Square On, PRL Colony, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059 

Google Maps location —

If you are coming from out of town, the nearest railway station is Ahmedabad Junction, and the nearest airport is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport. 

Shott Ahmedabad photo

Terms and Conditions 

Shott is a thrilling and exciting place, but it has its own set of rules that all customers must follow. 

  • Packages in offers will not be applicable on weekends and bank holidays. Weekend rates will be applicable for the same. 
  • The management has the full right to change the rates of tickets and packages without any prior notice.
  • The management will not be liable for any damage or fatal injury suffered by anyone at the venue. 
  • The balance on your card will not be refunded.
  • Eateries are available inside the premises, so outside food and beverages are prohibited in the venue. Alcohol will not be served to patrons. 
  • For flagship games, prior physical registration is required along with a Shott Gaming Card.
  • The prices of vending machines will not apply to the package deals.

These were some basic rules: be a responsible citizen and abide by all the rules mentioned above. 


To sum up, Shott is an indoor amusement park packed with attractions like zip lines, bowling, and a variety of over 70 arcade and virtual reality games. Not only that, but it also has restaurants to satisfy your appetite. If you are thinking of visiting Shott Ahmedabad, you can book your tickets and games in advance. 

Frequently Asked Questions
How many games does Shott Ahmedabad have?

It has more than 80 arcade and virtual reality games, plus there are other activities like zip line, trampoline, bowling, go-karting, etc.

How can I book a slot at Shott?

You can book your slot beforehand by calling or messaging 1800 419 9055.

Can we withdraw money from our Shott card?

No, the money in your Shott card is nonrefundable.


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