New Aviation Minister’s Push for Affordable Air Travel

Affordable Air Travel

Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu is the new Civil Aviation Minister. He wants to make it easier for everyone to fly airplanes. He is aware of the rising cost of airline tickets and wants to find a solution.

Civil Aviation Minister

Naidu talked about how expensive flights and problems with getting things from other countries affect travelers. He shared his own experiences as a passenger and said the government is serious about solving these problems.

To do this, Naidu has a plan for the next 100 days. Through the Udaan Scheme, he hopes to link flights to smaller cities. This will help more people in places that are not big cities to fly easily.

He also wants to make it simpler for people to use digital services at airports through the Digi Yatra program.

Naidu also cares about the environment. He wants airports to be eco-friendly.

He aspires to make air travel in India as common and convenient as rail travel. It is his belief that flying should be affordable for all people.

The government is backing Naidu’s plans because they also want flying to be cheaper and easier for everyone. They know it’s important to improve how people travel.

Naidu is also thinking about the future. He wants to create a plan called “Vikashit Bharat” to make sure aviation keeps growing and stays accessible for a long time.

His work is a big step in making air travel better for regular people in India.

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