Planning to Visit the US? Check Out Cripple Creek, the World’s Greatest Gold Camp

cripple creek
Cripple Creek

Life on the road is often exhilarating, especially when exploring fabulous places like Cripple Creek in Colorado, a utopia filled with grand casinos and hotels. This town is prominently known for rich history, amazing views of the Rocky Mountains, and exciting attractions. 

During 1890 and 1910 thousand prospectors flocked this region and as a result it became the ‘World’s Greatest Gold Camp.’ Besides being a heaven for high rollers and casino hoppers, Cripple Creek has countless world-class attractions. These include the City of Mines, Phantom Canyon, and the Mollie Kathleen Goldmine. So, when you’re done devouring action on the gaming floors, there are plenty of places to explore. If you plan a road trip through Cripple Creek and need to know the best attractions, eateries, accommodations, and more, this guide is for you. 

But Before You Start Packing…

Do you have a police caution? If yes, you’re likely wondering: what will happen if I have a simple caution and travel to America

Depending on your case, you can get a permit to travel to the US, even with a simple caution. But the process isn’t that simple. First, you must fulfil specific eligibility requirements before authorities allow you to visit the States. Do extensive research to avoid unexpected complications or disappointments.

There are plenty of coveted must-see attractions in and around Cripple Creek. Below are a few of the most popular.

The Phantom Canyon Road

Have you ever been on a historic and scenic drive before? If not, Phantom Canyon Road is the best place to start. And if you have, Phantom Canyon Road will make you feel like it’s your first time, and you’ll be more than giddy and stunned after cruising on it.

Phantom Canyon Road is a twisty, unpaved road that connects two towns: Victor and Canon City. It also goes through Phantom Canyon, a place that, according to legends, got its name from ghost sightings of a man wearing a prison uniform. 

Phantoms aside, you’ll love driving through Phantom Canyon Road with its high-rising walls, gorgeous geology, steep drop-offs, and wildlife variety.

The Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum

Ok, you have to give it to Cripple Creek. This town has many possibly haunted places besides the Phantom Canyon, like the Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum

Apparently, various visitors have spotted jailers and prisoners wandering through this museum over the years. Other paranormal activities have also been reported, including cold spots and heavy breathing near a place where a male prisoner fell to death! Goosebumps!

The Triple Crown Casinos

One of the jewels that make Cripple Creek more than a semi-ghost town is the Triple Crown Casinos, one of the best casinos in America. This casino has a vast, stylish, and epic playground for anyone that loves gambling and splendor. 

The Triple Crowns Casinos has three exquisite establishments: McGill’s Hotel & Casino, The Brass Ass Casino, and the Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino, each with a unique character. McGill’s Hotel & Casino is the most spacious establishment in Cripple Creek.

On the other hand, the Brass Ass Casino is the oldest in the area. This spot offers live-action roulette, baccarat, and blackjack on any night. Lastly, if you want to relish a winning streak in one of the most decorated and elegant gaming rooms in Cripple Creek, try the Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino!  

Ready for a Trip of a Lifetime?

If you plan to visit America, add exploring Cripple Creek to your itinerary. This popular destination has many attractions worth experiencing at least once, including The Phantom Canyon Road, The Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum, and The Triple Crown Casinos. In case you are a travel-enthusiast and love exploring new places, you should definitely visit Cripple Creek once in your lifetime. The beauty of this place will stun you and make you forget all the hustle-bustle of your city life. So, what are you waiting for go and plan the trip to the Cripple Creek, to spend some quality time with yourself and relax in the lap of the nature. 

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