The Newest Attraction of Manhattan: The Edge NYC


New York, also known as New York City (NYC), is one of the most popular cities in the United States and is prominent for many things in the world. Including its famous tourist spots that make it one of the most populous places in the United States of America as well as in the whole world.

New York City extends to the Atlantic Ocean and consists of five famous boroughs, one of which is Manhattan. It is located near the southern tip of New York and is based in the Eastern time zone. 

Manhattan is a city that came up with the newest attraction in March 2020, The Edge, the highest sky deck and the best place to visit in New York

The Edge NYC Image

An attractive visiting place to click pictures, admire the fine beauty of the clean and immaculate infrastructure, witness epic views of New York City, enjoy the creative ambiance, experience the various activities, and whatnot! The Edge is the highest outdoor sky deck in the western hemisphere, which is 1,131 ft. above ground level. 

In this guidebook, you will get all the information and tips that will help you to make your tour to The Edge of NYC outstanding.

About The Edge NYC

Western Hemisphere

It’s the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere, located at 30 Hudson Yards, held in midair. It gives you an experience as you’re flying in the air while witnessing the amazing vistas from the top, from a bird’s eye view. 

The sky deck is on the 100th floor, and on the 101st floor, you can witness the views of New York and New Jersey with the full 360 degrees.

There’s also a triangular bottomed section that offers an immaculate view down to the streets of Manhattan.

Timings, Location, and Ticket Options

The timings of the Edge NYC begin from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day, and the last elevator ride is 50 minutes before closing.

The best time to visit Edge NYC is around noon or near sunset. Watching the sunset from here creates a scenic vista, and the pictures come better during sunset. 

The SkyDeck during Sunset Image

That’s why the price of the ticket during sunset is a bit high. However, the scenic view is worth the money. Though, the tickets for sunset time sell quickly so make sure you book the ticket online because buying the tickets on spot may cost you more or there is a high chance that tickets during sunset time are sold out.

The City Climb Image at Night

You can also visit there at night to enjoy the light-up city, giving a magical view, but you may not be able to see distant places clearly at night. However, there’s no doubt that visiting the Edge at night is the second-best time for a visitor who loves to see New York City’s buildings twilighting in the darkness.

Location: Edge is situated on the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards, which is on 10th Avenue between W 30th and 33rd Streets.

The Edge NYC Map Image

The Public Square and Gardens on Hudson Boulevard are the location where you may discover the Edge’s entrance easily. This will be just across from the imposing building known as the Vessel.

To reach the entrance to the Edge sky deck, go through the Shops at Hudson Yards and ascend to the fourth floor, from there the direction boards will be helpful in directing. 

The shops at Hudson Yards are two minutes walk away from the closest subway stop, 34th Street – Hudson Yards, on train 7. Besides that, there are various Chicago Tourist places like Redwood National Park and Valley of Fire State Park.

Ticket Price and Option

You can purchase the entry tickets online as well as offline from there. You can either buy directly from the website of The Edge or other platforms such as

Here’s the link for the official website of The Edge NYC:

You can compare The Edge NYC ticket prices by checking out the different sites and booking your entry ticket to the Edge.

The SkyDeck Image

There are three ticket options available for visiting the Edge.

General Admission: These tickets get you admission onto the Edge without any perks. Online tickets start at

  •  $38 for adults
  •  $33 for children,
  •  $36 for seniors

Champagne Admission: This is a general admission ticket with a glass of champagne. Tickets start at

  • $55 for adults 
  • $53 for seniors

Premium Admission: This is a general admission ticket, with a glass of champagne and a souvenir photo book. Online tickets start at 

  • $73 for adults
  • $33 for children 
  • $71 for seniors

For sunset, there is an extra $10 cost per ticket. Tickets are $2 extra at the Edge if you buy them in person rather than online.

Additionally, The Edge is covered by the GO Explorer Pass, the New York Pass, the C3 NYC City Pass, the New York Sightseeing Pass, and the New York Pass.

Things You Can Expect in Edge NYC

Edge Exhibits

Exhibit Image

After proceeding through the security, there are some intriguing infographics, models, and visuals elucidating how the building works, what happens with waste below the ground, green energies, and much more. These exhibitions are quite impressive, with admirable creativity.

Elevator Ride

The Elevator Ride Image

There is a sixty-second elevator ride to the 100th floor, but it is not any normal elevator. There is a visual animation movie playing on the elevator’s ceiling and walls. Where you get to watch the construction of New York rather than the exterior of Hudson Yards. It gives a surreal feeling with background music that makes the elevator ride a great experience.

The Champagne Bar

On the 100th floor, you can go visit the champagne bar to pour yourself some refreshing drinks and enjoy the snacks. The prices of the drinks are quite expensive, as given below:

  • A glass of Champagne is $21
  • Beer is $9
  • Coca-Cola is $5
  • Coffee is $5

The Sky Deck & The Edge NYC Views

Tourist at The SkyDeck Image

If heights don’t scare you, you can stand on the triangular-shaped glass paneled floor from where you can see 1000 feet below the tiny streets of Manhattan. 

There’s no doubt why Edge NYC View is the main highlight to visit there for most visitors. The panoramic views of the entire island are something that lives up to every visitor’s expectations, paneled with clean transparent glasses around.

Landmarks such as the Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, The World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, and places like The Hudson River, Central Park, Lower Manhattan, and New Jersey can be seen. 

It provides a unique viewpoint because this is the only observation deck situated on the west side of Manhattan, whereas a lot of other observation decks are based in either midtown or downtown.  

Skyline Steps

Skyline Steps Image

From the 100th floor, there are stairs, also known as Skyline Steps, on which you don’t want to miss sitting and enjoying a panoramic view without paneled glasses. The sight from there is quite impressive and worthy of your visit. 

The 101st Floor

The 101st-Floor Image

On the 101st floor, you can see north to Central Park, west to New Jersey, and South to lower Manhattan from the indoor observation deck. There is also a restaurant named The Peak, featuring a late-night cocktail bar, Peekaboo, and a venue for Private Events. 

The Peak Restaurant Image

This fancy restaurant provides delicious food with a great ambiance that you can enjoy while admiring the vistas of the city outside.

Here’s the official website link of the restaurant, from here you can reserve a table, check the menu, and book the venue for private events:

Sky High Yoga Class

Morning Yoga Class Image

Start your day with an exciting morning Yoga session at Edge with Equinox. The cost of the ticket is $50 which includes a 45 minutes Yoga class, 1,100 ft. above, in the sky. And admission to Edge and 15 minutes to enjoy the view after the class. You will also receive a gift bag featuring an assortment of curated wellness products.

Doors open 30 minutes before the class, so make sure to reach there at least 10 to 15 minutes before the class starts, so you don’t miss anything. Yoga mats will be provided, but it would be better to bring your own water bottles.

Here’s the link to check the schedule and other information:

The City Climb

The City Climb Image

The latest addition to Edge NYC has boosted the attention of visitors, i.e., The City Climb. 

Here’s the link for the City Climb’s website, from where you can reserve a ticket and learn other information:

More than 1200 ft above the ground, a participant leans out from the platform to witness the breathtaking vista from the top with no walls or glasses is one of the best experiences you will get there. It is thrilling as well as adventurous. 

The ticket price for the city climb starts from $185 per person. You should reserve your ticket online through the website because the tickets sell out faster so, make sure you book it according to your travel dates.

There are some restrictions a participant needs to follow:

  • A participant must be 13 years or older.
  • You must be between 4.9 and 6.7 feet tall.
  • Must weigh between 65 pounds and 310 pounds.
  • You should not participate if you are pregnant, have vertigo, have a heart condition, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Personal cameras are not allowed, even with a strap. All photos are taken by City Climb staff.

If someone in your group does not want to participate, then they can get a ticket to the Edge, from where they can see you and wave to you.

This whole experience may take around two hours for the participants. Firstly, you will meet the City Climb Staff members who will make sure that you meet the criteria well, then they will check your weight and height, and make you sign a waiver. 

After that, they will take your breathalyzer test, which is very important to clear for the participants. Later on, you are supposed to change into a blue suit and wear a harness. Wearing any kind of metal wouldn’t be a great idea, as they ask you to take it off.  

Then there’s a short elevator ride to the base camp where you and your harness get attached to the safety rail, and you are all set to climb to the Apex.

The Cliff

The Cliff Image

It is the world’s highest outdoor building ascent, where climbers climb outside the skyscraper to the apex while wearing a harness. 

The Apex

Tourist Leaning out Image

After reaching the apex, you will find yourself on a small open platform 1271 feet above from where you can lean out and look at almost all the city. The experience is surely overwhelming and unbeatable. 

Tips You May Need to Know Before Visiting the Edge NYC

  1. Book your tickets online and in advance, especially, if you’re planning to visit on weekends, holidays, or in Summer times because these are the times when the place is more crowded.
  2. Try to book a ticket around sunset time because witnessing the sunset from the Edge is totally magical.
  3. If you’re planning to visit during winter, make sure to wear extra layers because the place is already windy all seasons due to being on the hundredth story.
  4. If your schedule allows, then stay after the sunset until the darkness hits so that you can witness The New York City skyline lit like twinkling stars below you.
  5. In case the weather is not in your favor at the time of your schedule, then the staff may reschedule or proceed for a refund.

Pros & Cons


Visitors at The Sky Deck Image

Visitors at The Sky Deck Image

  • The place is crowded, which may lead to frustration.
  • The drinks and the snacks are overpriced in the bar and the restaurant.
  • Tickets scheduled during sunset time sales quickly.


Panoramic View From The Edge of NYC Image

Panoramic View From The Edge of NYC Image

  • You can be on the highest point of New York City if you plan to do City Climb.
  • Indoor and Outdoor platforms both are worthy of amazing vistas.
  • Various activities and views will make your experience incredible.
  • The place is full of breathtaking views to click super impressive pictures for your social media to steal the limelight among your followers.
  • You can enjoy snacks and drinks while experiencing the various landmarks and places.


The Edge NYC is one of the most impressive tourist spots in New York City that is worth your time and visit. With various ticket options, exhibits, vistas, bars, and restaurants, this place is a treat to the eyes. A photogenic location where you can spend an hour or two easily clicking pictures with outstanding views and look at most of the city from just one place. 

With many activities like Yoga Session and City Climb, this place is full of fun and adventure.

If you are in New York City or planning to visit soon, then this place deserves to be on your check-in list, so book your tickets now and make the most of your trip.

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