All You Need to Know About Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

‘Seven Magic Mountains elicits continuities and solidarities between human nature, artificial and natural, then and now.’

These are the words of internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone who evoked the art of meditative rock balancing via 7 Magic Mountains. Popularly known as Colorful Rocks Vegas, Rondinone’s Magic Mountains is undoubtedly a mesmerizing art installation and a good reason to visit the Sin City Las Vegas

The Magic Mountains of Vegas are seven multicolored boulder towers stacked more than 30 feet high that stand proudly amid arid desert surrounded by dull mountains and Interstate 15. This place is way too popular among tourists, and its photos have covered the internet, which made me curious to know more about it.

7 Magic Mountains

After seeing the mesmerizing Seven Magic Mountains photos online I decided to give it a try and find out whether the place is worth visiting. So here I am sharing my personal experience with you through this Seven Magic Mountain travel guide. Read till the end to know whether the place is worth visiting or not. 

Story Behind the Colorful Rocks Vegas

Likewise, other art pieces, colorful Rocks Vegas also have a unique story that gives insights into the artist’s viewpoint towards the art. Seven Magic Mountains is a large-scale site-specific public art installation located approximately 10 miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada, near Jean Dry Lake and Interstate 15. 

Ugo Rondinone always wanted a unique location for building the Magic Mountains to create such a masterpiece quite similar to Redwood National Park. He was looking for a location that was physically and symbolically midway between the natural and the artificial. 

And when I reached there, I found that, yes, Ivanpah Valley of Mojave Desert is strictly between natural and artificial. The surrounding desert, mountain ranges, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop represent nature, while the Interstate 15 highway and flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas represent artificial. 

The beauty and charm of the place stunned me for a moment. Moving on, let’s get to the information for which you all are waiting. The subsequent section contains all the necessary information that will ease your trip to the 7 Magic Mountains. 

Visiting Information About Seven Magic Mountains

The neon-colored magic mountains are alluring. If you are planning a splendid jaunt there, the below-given information will be beneficial for you: 

Visiting HoursThe art installation opens daily from sunrise to sunset.
Entry FeeVisiting 7 Magic Mountains is completely free.
LocationS Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89054, United States of America
Contact Number(702) 381 5182 or (775) 329-3333

If you want some Insta-worthy pictures, I will advise you to wait till the afternoon to get the most vibrant and aesthetic pictures. Now let’s talk about how Rondinone created the Seven Mountains Las Vegas.

How 7 Magic Mountains were Created? 

The process of creating 7 Magic Mountains was done in stages, where the first stage included finding and cutting the giant boulders on site. After this, the boulders were cored, and a whole was drilled straight through them. 

Then the Rondinone grouped the boulders to stack together. Once the tower was in shape, the final stage of painting the giant boulders started. Seven Mountains Vegas were painted in vibrant colors, and trust me. They look more lively in person as compared to photos. 

About the Creators of Seven Mountains Las Vegas 

As mentioned above Ugo Rondinone is the mastermind behind 7 Magic Mountains. The entire project was backed by the Nevada Museum of Art and the Art Production Fund who were also the producers of Seven Mountains Las Vegas.

Rondinone, along with the Nevada Museum of Art and Art Production Fund, created the 7 Magic Mountains with the purpose of strengthening Nevada’s identity as a place that celebrates and encourages the work of interesting artists. The exhibition of 7 Magic Mountains started on 11th May 2016 for only two years. Later, the authorities extended the visiting duration to 2021.

The exhibition was supposed to get closed in 2021, but the art remaining this year indicates that the artwork might stay in place for the foreseeable future. Moving further, let’s see a few points that you should consider while visiting the famous Seven Magical Mountains in Las Vegas.

Things to Know About Rondinone’s Magic Mountains

I feel there are a few things that you should know while visiting the 7 Magic Mountains to plan your trip accordingly, and they are as follows: –

  1. The colorful magic mountains are managed by the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which has given free public access to people.
  2. You need to have a car or another vehicle because public transportation is not available for 7 Magic Mountains Las Vegas.
  3. The authorities provide the facility of on-site free parking in Las Vegas to prevent parking along the street. 
  4. Don’t forget to hit the restroom before heading to Seven Magical Mountains in Vegas because there are no restrooms available. 
  5. You can get a self-guided cell phone walking tour at the art installation. 
  6. Don’t disturb or harm the wildlife living in and around the area, especially the protected species such as desert tortoises. 
  7. Although many people climb on the artwork, it is a restricted act and a punishable offense as well.
  8. Adhere to the leave no trace principle and take your trash out with you.
  9. Reach early in the morning to avoid crowds and heat. 
  10. The neon-colored boulders are pretty exposed and during summers the temperature can reach above 100 degrees, so bring plenty of water, sunscreen, food, and snacks. 

Here’s a piece of advice that I would like to share with you based on my personal experience. Avoid processed food and salty snacks as they can make you more thirsty. Excessive water intake will lead to frequent urination and there aren’t any washrooms so drinking a lot of water there can ultimately trouble you.

Is 7 Magic Mountain Worth Visiting?

Being a beautiful land art project, Seven Magic Mountains photos have buzzed the internet with pops up on social media feeds. On the basis of my experience, I will suggest that yes the art piece is definitely worth a short trip. If you are still confused about whether you should visit colorful rocks Vegas, here are the reasons to visit: – 

1. Photos Galore

7 Magic Mountains Photos

The neon-colored rocks in the drab desert undoubtedly make a perfect background for pictures. The majority of people visit this place to get some mind-blowing pictures and that’s the reason Seven Magic Mountains Photos have flooded the internet. So if you also want some amazing pictures to post on social media, you should consider visiting 7 Magic Mountain. 

2. Temporarily Available

Initially, the giant artwork was supposed to be there for two years only i.e., 2018 but considering its immense popularity the authorities extended the time period till 2021. Though they are still standing there, they won’t be there forever. So, I will suggest you visit it before it’s gone. 

3. Interpret Art

Art is therapeutic, and interpreting art improves your creativity. Till now thousands of people have interpreted Rondinone’s art in hundreds of different ways. Experiencing and observing 7 Magic Mountain will surely help you get in touch with your creative side. 

4. Escape the City Life

If you are fed up with bustling city life you should definitely see the vibrant towers perfectly balanced between nature and artificial. A trip to the 7 Magical Mountains in Las Vegas will surely give you a short break from the daily life hustle. 

5. Experience the Nearby Natural Attractions

The landscape near 7 Magic Mountain is worth visiting, and you can opt for some adventurous activities like rock climbing and caving in the mountains of Nevada if you are a fun-loving person. You can also visit Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, etc. to make your experience more delightful.

As a bonus tip, I will suggest you take a whole day to visit the colorful Rocks Vegas. You should reach early in the morning, click vibrant pictures in the afternoon, explore the nearby area, and then call your day off. 

So this was all about 7 Magic Mountains, I hope the above information helps you in planning a trip to the Magic Mountains in Nevada. Besides that, there are various places to visit in New York such as The Edge to explore more. Moving on, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do the 7 Magic Mountains Mean?

As per the interpretation done by Ugo Rondinone 7 Magic Mountains represent the meeting of artificial and natural. The surrounding mountains, desert, and wildlife symbolize nature meanwhile the highway and traffic flow stand for artificial.

How much does Seven Magic Mountains cost?

The 7 Mountains Las Vegas doesn’t have any admission cost as it is free for public access.

What time is best to visit the 7 Magic Mountains?

If you want to visit peacefully without crowds, you should go early in the morning. However, in case you are looking for vibrant photos, visit the site in the late afternoon.

Who created the 7 Magic Mountains?

The colorful rocks in Vegas are created by internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.

What do you wear to Rondinone’s Magic Mountains?

Due to the desert, the weather of 7 Magic Mountain is warm, the temperature often reaches above 100 degrees, so light clothing is always best for such places.

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