Planning A Trip to Redwood National Park? Here’s Your Guide

redwood national park

California is a place where I don’t think one won’t be able to locate what they came looking for. Theme parks? Check. Stunning lakes? Check. Disneyland? Check One such place in California is the famous Redwood National Park which is home to the tallest Redwood trees on the entire planet. Trees here are so tall that many of them are over 300 ft. and more than 2000 years old. Now that’s something you can’t miss. 

So I suppose you are here looking to know all about this national park, the closest airport to Redwood National Park, Redwood National Park camping areas, a map of Redwood National Park, and all of its details. Well, you are no doubt at the right place. Here, I have accumulated everything you should know about it and what are the exciting things to do in there. 

Redwood National Park at a Glance

Here are some highlights of the National Park before you hop on to other things:

  • Best time to visit-Due to the mid-coastal temperature, Redwood National Park has a decent temperature all over the year. Although, the winter months are quite rainy there so the perfect time to visit would be from May to September.
  • How to get there-There are some small regional airports nearby that are closer to the park but the major closest airports to Redwood National Park are Medford (3 hours), Sacramento, and San Francisco (6 hours both).
  • Where to stay-For staying in the Redwood National Park, you will have the option to stay in one of the 4 campgrounds in Redwood National and State Parks. Just outside the park, you will be able to book a slot at the Historic Requa Inn which is in Klamath, California.
  • How to get around-The easiest and the simplest way to get to Redwood is via car, you can either use your own car or opt for the rental car.
  • Not to forget-Make sure to get an America the Beautiful National Park Pass before. This pass costs $80 and will grant you access to all the 400+ national parks across America including Redwood National Park.

About Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park is the adjoining of three other state parks located in Northern California. The parks are around 6 hours’ distance from San Francisco and Portland OR, offering a perfect weekend getaway from the city life along with an outdoor escape. 

The other three state parks that Redwood partners with are- 

  • Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.
  • Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park.
  • Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. 

When combined, the park acquires an area of around 130,000 acres with around 40,000 being the old Redwood forests. Here, you will get to know all about the parks, what are the best things to do here, where to stay, what are the best hiking trails, beaches around and here, and whatnot. Let’s dive in. 

Important Things to Know Before Visiting Redwood National Park

Before you get ready and begin your journey to Redwood National Park, there are a few things you should know. Let’s have a look:

  • Most of the national and state parks have no entry tickets but the campgrounds and day use areas may ask for it. 
  • If you often visit such national and state parks, it is suggested to buy the America Beautiful National Parks Pass which will help you get access to all parks, forest monuments, and other more than 2000 sites for free. 
  • Make sure you use insect repellents and sunscreen before getting into the parks. 
  • Dogs are not allowed in such parks, so don’t insist on the security of letting your dog or any other pet get into it with you. This is because of their disruptive presence that might cause harm to the ecological environment there. 

Details About Redwood National Park

Here are some basic details you should know about Redwood National Park:

  • Location- North California 
  • Established in- 2 October 1968
  • Size- 138,999 acres 
  • Visitors- 482,536 
  • Native land- Yurok, Athabaskan, Whilkut, and some more 
  • Entrance fees- $30 per vehicle and $55 annual pass 

Best Things to Do In Redwood National Park

Here’s a list of things to do in Redwood National Park: 

Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek RSP


This one is the most popular and the must-visit spot here. You may feel like you are walking through a scene from Jurassic Park, well, that’s because you are. The second part of the movie; The Lost World was shot right here. The trail is almost one mile long which you will definitely enjoy as you walk past the vertical walls covered in various ferns along with other boisterous plants and mosses. 

There are other trails as well that you can continue to get the full and the most astonishing look of the entire canyon from above. 

Tip- Try to wear waterproof boots or the ones that you don’t mind getting wet. 

Tall Trees Grove, Redwood NP


Another major attraction in the Redwood National Park is Tall Trees Grove. Despite being the most difficult to reach the destination as compared to the other ones it is one of the most highly trafficked areas. The thing to remember here is that you need a permit before you begin with your trail, this is to protect Tall Trees Grove, and hence, only 50 parties are allowed in a day. 

In addition to the hike, it also has a 1600 ft. elevation change. This will all take up to 3-6 hours depending on your speed. The famous Libbey tree, which is the former tallest tree, is also located on this trail, and I don’t think you would want to miss a glance at it. 

Tip- Driving through this trailhead is 7 miles of dirt road and the area won’t allow a vehicle that is over 21 feet. 

Lady Bird Johnson Grove, Redwood NP

lady johnson

This trail is named after Ladybird Johnson who promoted the protection and maintenance of our natural habitat. It is a simple 1.5-mile loop trail which is located in the southern part of the park. 

You may notice that most of the hikes at Redwood National Park look similar, but there’s something that makes each and every like exceptional in its own way. And just like that, this one has a big footbridge at the beginning of the hike. You will also find a patch of light that will hit through the thick canopy from above. 

TipThe scenic drive above Bald hill is quite narrow and windy too and the parking areas fill up real quick during the summer. 

Stout Grove, Jedediah Smith RSP


It is one of the most preferred and the shortest hike in the Redwood National Park. The fallen trees laying among the tall trees make this hike unique and exceptional.

The trail is quite popular during summers so try to go early by sunrise so you have the trail to yourself. You can even pop out to visit the Smith River. It is also advised that if you are visiting during summer, visit around 4-5 PM to get the best lights and views while the sun is also able to shine through the canopy. 

Tip- Try to have bug spray with you as there are a lot of mosquitos in summer. 

Klamath River Overlook, Del Norte Coast RSP

Klamath River Overlook

Klamath River on the left and the Pacific Ocean on the right, what can be a better view than this? Have a steep trail to get a closer look at this place and enjoy the beautiful scenic view. 

And not just that, it is also the perfect spot for birding and spotting marine life. You may also spot some gray whales migrating during the spring and fall seasons. Besides that, if you’re a fond of mountains and treks, must visit seven magic mountains and Valley of Fir State Park, which are located in Las Vegas.

Tip- The view from the overlook area might not be as nice as it is when traveling to the bottom. There’s a small pullout big enough for one car which is right above the Sandbar. 

Enderts Beach, Del Norte Coast RSP

Enderts Beach

This hike is gifted by the stunning view of Enderts beach. It’s an easy and pretty 1.5-mile hike that includes 3 runners and wild berries. If you are visiting during the fall season, you will see a lot of wild berries that you can just pick and eat, fresh from the trees. 

When you arrive at the beach, you will see an amazing rock arch perfect for a selfie, but do take care of the waves that might come out of surprise.

Tip- Make sure to have a look at the tide chart before visiting. 

California Coastal Trail, Del Norte Coast RSP


The Redwood National Park is known for the coastal redwoods and hence the actual coast shouldn’t be missed. With a 70 miles-long coastal trail, you can enjoy the tide pool, sandy beaches, and stunning jagged coastlines. I don’t think any of the above is not worth a visit. 

There are a good deal of backcountry camps as well to which you can get a permit. The California Coastal Trail aims at creating a trail that is an interconnected system for the public, running 1200 miles from Oregon to Mexico. It is 70% complete and is currently run by the California Coastal Conservancy. 

Tip- Before visiting, try to get more details about the backcountry camps.

Redwood Creek Overlook, Redwood NP

redwood creek overlook

This one is a quick-stop view of the thousands of old-growth redwood forests. In fact, in the distance, you can also have a look at the stunning Pacific Ocean. The view is another major selfie point. 

Tip- Do remember to check the weather before when it’s foggy as you won’t get a full view of the forest. 

Kayak on the Coast with Kayak Trinidad

Kayak Trinidad

The park has left nothing for the other parks, you get an experience and a look at every possible thing here. At Trinidad harbor is no doubt one of the most spectacular coastal paddling experiences you will ever have. And not just that, even the staff here is helping too as they’ll walk through everything you may need. 

They will provide you with wetsuits, and a quick learning lesson on how to paddle, and will even help you launch off the coast so that you won’t get wet. While on the water, they will guide you around various landmarks, where you will see pelicans, sea lions, and starfish. 

Tip- The Tepona Point at Luffenholtz Beach has a great viewpoint for some incredible sunsets. 

See Roosevelt Elk at Elk Meadow

The Elk Meadow is off at 101 for various activities like hiking, biking, and wildfire viewing. The best and the perfect time to see Elk is during the fall or between May-June. Make sure that you stay at a distance as there are wild animals that may only look docile but act in a totally different way. 

There are other spots to see at Elk Meadow, like- 

  • Elk Prairie on Newton B Drury Scenic Drive.
  • Gold Bluffs Beach 
  • Ball Hills Road 

Tip- If you are there for Photography, have a long lens for it. 

More Viewpoints and Drives in Redwood National Park

There’s much more to Redwood National Park than one may think. Here’s a list of some more viewpoints and drives you can visit:

  • Bald Hills Road- Serves a beautiful drive while on the way to trailheads to Lady Bird Johnson and Tall Trees Grove. 
  • Cal Barrel Road- It’s a unique 3.5 mi long gravel road. 
  • Coastal Drive- Another 9 mi road in Del Norte Coast RSP. 
  • Howland Hill Road in Jedediah Smith RSP- You can stop here for Stout Grove or have a Boy Scout Tree Trail from here. 
  • Lost Coast Scenic Drive- Another beautiful coastal wilderness with some stunning views. 

Where to Stay to See Redwoods National Park?

Now that you have quite discovered all about the Redwood National Park, what you must be pondering over now is the place to stay near it. Well, there’s nothing to worry about, here are some recommendations for you.


If you are looking to stay in the park, you will have to stay in one of the four campgrounds.

There are many gateway towns near the Rosewood National Park that have some luxurious and beautiful hotels, motel accommodations, and inns. The best of them are in Eureka, Klamath, and Crescent City. But if you prefer to stay in a hotel or cabin, here are some options for you:

Carter House InnsIf you are looking for a luxurious stay in a historic quarter.
Historic Requa InnHere, you will get a quaint B&B style stay near the Redwoods. 
Holiday Inn ExpressFor a pocket-friendly stay in Klamath. 
Eureka InnFor a moderate budget quaint stay in Eureka. 
Elk Meadow CabinsIf you are looking for a cabin stay, this one would be the perfect option for you. 

Tips for Visiting Redwood National Park

Apart from all the recommendations, I also have some tips for you to have an experience at Redwood National Park like no other. Let’s have a look:

  • Get America the Beautiful National Park Pass- As said before, there are not just one but multiple benefits of getting an America the Beautiful National Park Pass. This covers entry to all 4 parks in Redwood National Park with other 60+ national parks and 400+ monuments, historic sites, and many more such places. 
  • Pack your lunches and snacks– There are no shops and restaurants inside the park. So don’t rely on buying snacks or having lunch in the park. Hence, make sure you pack enough snacks for yourself while hiking in the redwoods. However, there are both restaurants and lodges in Klamath, but they are located outside the park. 
  • Don’t put all your faith in Google Maps- Visitors often tend to have a bad experience with Google Maps. Hence, in this area, forget Google Maps and instead use the official park maps for navigating through the various trailheads. 
  • Check roads and trail conditions beforehand- Make sure you check the Redwood National Park weather forecast as rains, fallen trees, and landslides frequently make things worse. Hence, before beginning your drive and hike, make sure to check the trail condition. 
  • Download all the maps offline- Don’t rely on the internet, the network connection in such areas is quite unreliable and inaccessible. Hence, do remember to download all the maps you would need on your device. 
  • Fill up gas- Just like there are no restaurants or shops, there’s no gas station in the forest either, so make sure you fill up gas before entering the forest premises. 

How to Pack for A Redwood National Park Trip?

There are certain aspects in which you will have to pack and dress for a trip to Redwood National Park:

  • Do remember to carry a raincoat or at least an umbrella as Redwood National Park weather is too unpredictable. 
  • Try to wear sturdy hiking shoes as you are going to be on your feet all day. 
  • Lots of water, as there are no shops in there, so make sure you bring your water to stay hydrated. 
  • Snacks and food. 
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent. 
  • Binoculars and camera, because you wouldn’t want to miss capturing the stunning views. 
  • Maps and guidebooks.
  • First aid kit

These are the packing tips for Redwood National park trip. Moreover, you can also checkout the best places to visit in New York and explore multiple avenues, buildings, churches, historical monuments and much more.

Redwood National Park: Visitor Center 

Here are the visitor center details for Redwood National Park:

Jedediah Smith Campground Visitor Center

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park Campground

US Highway 199

Crescent City, CA

Hours- Mid-May to Labor Day: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM.

Crescent City Information Center 

1111 2nd St.

Crescent City, CA 95531

Hours- Spring to Fall: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM (Winters 9 AM to 4 PM, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday).

Prairie Creek Visitor Center 

Newton B. Drury Scenic Pkwy 

Orick, CA 95555

Hours- Spring to Fall: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM (Winters 9 AM to 4 PM)

Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center 

US-101 & Redwood Hwy

Orick, CA 95555

Hours: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM (Winters 9 AM to 4 PM)

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