15 Best Places to Visit In New York City

  • May 31, 2024
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best places to visit in newyork

Have you ever been to New York? It always feels awesome to visit the renowned places in New York and explore its multiple types of avenues, such as historical monuments, churches, great buildings, and much more.

places to visit in New York

Whether it’s about planning your birthday in New York or spending time with your near and dear ones, NYC is the most suitable place to opt for. 

To help you make a better decision, I have explained the topmost 15 famous places in New York that are worth visiting. Without a second thought, simply start reading this article. 

After having understood why NY is the topmost city to visit, now let’s explore the 15 best places to visit in NYC on vacation. To help you make a better decision, I have explained all 15 places in New York in detail.  

Let’s start with one of the world-famous monuments, the Statue of Liberty. 

Statue of Liberty

Location: Situated South of Ellis Island in Upper New York

The Statue of Liberty is a revolutionary structure, symbolizing freedom and democracy. Needless to say, it is one of the best places to visit in NY City. 

Statue of Liberty’s Key Features:

  • Erected on a pedestal, the statue imbibes a feeling of pride among the citizens of America whenever they come here to witness this marvel. 
  • The globally famous monument is not a mere spot of tourism but an iconic symbol as well, as it welcomes immigrants, specifically to explore more opportunities.
  • The USA and France jointly put in their valuable efforts, and thus the monument is also a vital recognition of the strong friendship between these two nations.
  • This historical monument is also identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and thus, that’s also a prominent reason why it’s a pleasure to witness the Statue of Liberty.
  • You can have a sight of the harbor, a glimpse of Brooklyn, the Verrazano Bridge, Staten Island, and Lower Manhattan.

Bryant Park

Location: Based in a green oasis in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

If you are looking to visit a calm and pleasant place amidst the busy life, you may like to explore “Bryant Park” which is considered one of the best sports by many locals and tourists from other countries.

Bryant Park’s Key Features:

  • Visiting this place will make you feel relaxed, and you can enjoy some time of leisure by unwinding for a while from your regular chaotic life.
  • The best part to know is that this place has been redesigned beautifully by the developers, and thus you can enjoy a completely novel landscape now.
  • If you plan to visit here ever, you can find shady picnic spots with spacious benches, ping pong tables, intricate pieces of artwork, food vendors, and much more. Let me tell you, when you visit there; you can also access the free service of Wi-Fi, isn’t that exciting?
  • However, if you plan to see this place in the winter, you will get to see its special form of festive wonderland. It is specifically converted in winters like that wherein, the place is covered up with an ice skating rink, a towering tree, and a Christmas market.
  • On the contrary, if you choose to go there these days, i.e., in summer, you will get to enjoy its different visual version, wherein you can enjoy free concerts, incredible performances of street performers, and a calendar of open-air movie screenings.

Times Square

Location: The Times Square, also known as “The Crossroads of the World”, is located in Central Manhattan, where Broadway and Seventh Avenue intersect. Needless to say, the place has been a strong attraction since time immemorial.

Time Square’s Key Features:

  • You can witness the music originating from bistros and vogue in bars, along with the blazing neon signs. One of the most popular stores visited by voyagers and the occupants here is the “Disney Store”.
  • Apart from that, you can explore a lot of restaurants and cafés and enjoy their ostentatious ambiance. You will be glad to know that by coming here to the site, you can see real-life celebrities too, as they often come here.
  • Another central place of attraction here is the NBC Studios which can’t be compared to any other place when it comes to shopping.
  • You can find its stores open till 2:00 at night, which also includes one of the city’s favorite “Forever 21 stores”.

My suggestion:

I will suggest you visit here on the 31st to experience the majestic New Year’s Eve ball dropping. It appears to be nothing less than a magical night itself.

And there you start a fresh new year, and being at such a moment feels like the new year will be filled with positive energy, hope, and celebration.

All of the above leads to the inference that the sights you get to witness around Times Square won’t be available anywhere else. Or if you are in US, you can also visit the best theme parks in California such as Redwood National Park and experience the yummiest cuisines and vibrant livings.

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden

Location: Built in the 19th century as a retirement home for sailors, on Staten Island, The Snug Harbor Cultural Center, and Botanical Garden is mostly underrated and have hence taken an off-beat track.

Key Features from Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden:

If I have to talk about it, I will advise you to visit this mesmerizing place for once. Do you know why? Due to the following reasons: 

  • You will be surprised to witness its spectacular transformation into a grand museum, along with a botanical garden and arts complex.
  • Wait, the catch doesn’t end here. To add to your recreation, arrangements of performances are also conducted. You can enjoy them in the performance spaces specifically meant for them.
  • The historical buildings here are enhanced by the construction of lawns, woodlands, lush gardens carved with beautiful scriptures, and multiple varieties of plants.
  • If you are enthusiastic to tour its museums, you can go and check out the following ones:
  1. The Staten Island Museum
  2. The Noble Maritime Collection
  3. The New House Center for Contemporary Art 
  4. The Staten Island Children’s Museum
  5. The Green Gallery

Besides these, if you love swimming pools and pool party, have a look at our detailed guide on Water parks in Houston to add fun and adventure in your life.

New York Aquarium

Location: Established in 1896, on Coney Island, the New York Aquarium won’t disappoint you ever, as visitors of all ages are entertained here.

Key Features from The New York Aquarium: 

  • In this aquarium, you will come across a wide range of marine mammals, fishes, sea-themed exhibits, and plants.
  • As you will go on exploring this stupendous place, the thrill will keep increasing as you witness enormous touch tanks, ocean tunnels, and many of the live feedings, doesn’t it sound interesting?
  • If you are among one who loves marine life, then the attractive collection of sharks will surely amaze you. Here, you will get to discover almost 18 different types of sharks.
  • Along with it, you can watch the penguin demonstrations or learn about the best practices that help conserve maritime lifelines at the Environment Conservation Hall.

Carnegie Hall

Location: Based in Midtown Manhattan on 7th Ave, away from Central Park around a couple of blocks, the Carnegie Hall was launched in 1891.

Carnegie Hall’s Key Features:

The following points will justify why you should visit Carnegie Hall in the NY city:  

  • Many renowned programs, ranging from Tchaikovsky to Frank Zappa and Judy Garland, along with various music performances in different genres such as classical symphonies, pop concerts, and much more, have been hosted at this place.
  • Thousands of visitors prefer to come here to witness its electric program, which features more than 200 shows in one single season alone, doesn’t that sound fascinating?

If it seems interesting to you, then I recommend you visit it once and check it out yourself.

My Suggestion: 

If you want to know about Carnegie Hall in detail during your visit, consider booking a guide who can help you learn about all of its backgrounds and underpinnings.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Location: Established in New York’s spectacular skyline at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Top of the Rock Observation Deck is one of the amazing places to visit.

Some Key Features of Top of the Rock Observation Deck:

  • It’s a 70-story building, and the actual sight to see is from the topmost floor of this GE building. 
  • From here, you can enjoy the landmarks of Manhattan’s postcard from every angle, i.e., through Central Park to the north up to Harlem, then up to Times Square, then to the west through the Hudson River, and at last to the Chrysler Buildings towards Manhattan.  

My Suggestion: 

If you ask me then it’s worth visiting here just before sundown, as then you can enjoy the alluring sunset. It appears like orange hues rebounding off the whole city.

Union Square

Location: One of the most famous public gathering places, Union Square, is located in the surrounding city of Manhattan, New Avenue. 

Key Features of Union Square:

  • The enthralling park, shopping arcade, renowned restaurants, and captivating street performances make this meeting spot lively by including multiple activities.

    Hence, there is no chance of getting bored when you come here. You can always entertain yourself with this plethora of activities.

  • Additionally, you may also love to see the George Washington Statue located here, it will surely amaze you with the way it is built.
  • Herein, you can enjoy the display of farmers, and bakers producing homemade jams, cheeses, and bread in more than 140 vernacular languages.

    If you can’t resist yourself, then nothing is a problem, simply take a chance and try out the delicious and seasonal snacks.

  • Lastly, I am sure you won’t miss out to explore the local Union Square Greenmarket. Remember, it is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays the whole year.

After that, if you want to wander more places, must visit the tourist attractions in Chicago where you can enjoy mesmerizing architecture, public art, and much more.

Museum of Modern Art

Location: The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is based in Midtown, NY on 53rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. 

I guarantee if you are among one of the great lovers of arts, then you should definitely visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and it will always inspire you more towards the artifacts.

Key Features from Museum of Modern Art:

  • The world’s renowned collection available in this museum includes masterpieces of many eminent artists. Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh are some examples.
  • You can discover more than 2,00,000 artworks in this museum across the world. If artworks of the 20th century and contemporary times attract you, MoMA is surely meant for visitors like you.
  • Moreover, to supplement its permanent collection, you will get to see a lot of rotation exhibitions on multiple topics ranging from photography, fashion to advanced film screenings.

In simple terms, you will get to see additional new things every time you visit there.

Kindly note that: 

  • Its operational timings are 5:30 pm to 9 pm
  • The entry fee is quite affordable, so you can schedule any day and plan to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

Luna Park in Coney Island

Location: Luna Park is located within Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY city.

If you are searching for a one-stop destination to spend your summer vacation in New York, Luna Park in Coney Island, opened in the late 1800s, is the most suitable place that includes several scopes of amusement, rides, and points of attraction.

Key Features from Luna Park:

  • As of today, after this destination has evolved, Luna Park lies in its center. It is a kind of amusement park in the city and many families find it one of the topmost attractions in the NY City.
  • The island opens for three or four seasons every year, except winter. You can enjoy more than 30 rides here including giant-size roller coasters, school arcades, and many more.
  • For all those of you who are extreme adventurers, adrenaline-pumping coasters like Zenobio. Soarin’s Eagle and Cyclone will be the best suitable option to enjoy. 
  • You will be glad to know that entry is completely free to the park. Whenever you feel like visiting here, plan with your family or friends, go through the carousel once, and enjoy this place in the summer.

The Met Cloisters

Location: Though the Met Cloisters museum is based in Fort Tryon Park, it is divided beautifully into four different locations- Cuxa, Bonnefont, Saint-Guilhem, and Trie

The museum is based on four individual monasteries and abbeys. In simple terms, this museum shows the concept of historical preservation.

Specialty: The museum showcases specific arts and architecture related to the European Middle Ages. Let me tell you that this is the only available museum in the country that does so.

Key Features of The Met Cloisters:

Since it includes a vast collection of medieval paintings, it’s a suitable place for you if you are a great enthusiast to know about history and art. 

Besides the unique collection of artifacts it showcases, another point of attraction is its unique location.

Edge Observation Deck

Location: TheEdge Observation Deck, is situated at 30 Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side.

Edge Observation Deck’s Key Features:

  • The Edge Observation Deck is a brand-new place that opened in March 2020 for visitors. Coming here, you can see the complete view of NYC and some areas beyond too.
  • The observation deck, just below the topmost floor of the 100-storey building lets you watch the whole Western Hemisphere.
  • Its several interactive features let you learn more about the city. Moreover, since you stand about 1,100 feet above the ground, it increases your excitement automatically. 

The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Location: Situated at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue within the Morning Heights of the surrounding city, Manhattan in the NY city. 

Despite not getting the attention it should have, it’s true that “The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine” is known as one of the fifth-largest churches in the world.

Key Features of The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine:

  • Its construction was started in 1892 and has yet to be finished. Now you can imagine the vastness of this place.

    Coming here, you can witness some of its most incredible architectural marvels, magnificent interior, stained glass, royal artifacts, and statues. 

  • You can also enjoy its musical performances which range from performances of classical orchestra to the annual New Year’s Eve concerts. 
  • Additionally, if you are fond of reading, the reading sessions of classics such as Dante’s Inferno in the American Poets Corner may be perfect for you to attend.

New York Hall of Science

Location: The museum, New York Hall of Science, located in Queens, is indeed a strong attraction for all of you who have an inquisitive intellect. It is a science museum that is highly interactive and hence perfect for a family visit too.

Key Features of New York Hall of Science:

  • Its more than 450 exhibits on diversified topics such as human biology, environment, technology, outer space, and much more will increase your zeal to dive in more.
  • Since all the exhibitions are interactive, they allow you to control robotic arms, burn some energy at the science playground, dig for fossils, and much more to say, to name only a few. 
  • In addition to the exhibitions, you can also choose to attend the museum’s temporary shows, classes, and even workshops.

Tenement Museum

Location: The museum is based on the “Lower East Side of Manhattan”.

If you want to discover the immigrant experience in America, then without a second thought, you should visit the “Tenement Museum”

Tenement Museum’s Key Features:

  • This museum showcases the stories of everyone who contributed to the formation of New York’s own identity from the 19th to 20th century.
  • The specialty of this historical museum is that you can visit the real apartments and see the homes of all those who came from Ireland, Poland, Germany, Italy, and Hungary during the most difficult time.
  • With the help of attractive exhibitions and guides, you can easily connect with the city’s heritage.

Hence, the Tenement Museum will make you understand the history of America along with its multicultural heritage in depth.

Why Should You Choose New York to Visit?

Before I discuss the 15 best places to visit in New York, let’s first try to unravel why you should pick NY City to spend your vacations. The following points will let you know the reasons: 

  • When it comes to the largest and most populated city in the USA, only one name comes at the top, NYC. Since it remains buzzed with a lot of activity 24×7, it is also known as the “city that never sleeps”.

To put it simply, the magical city of NY is full of unending restaurants, artworks, and diversified displays of culture.

There is always so much to explore in New York, and therefore, as a novice to the city, it always feels overwhelming to know what lies beyond here.


So that’s all folks about the best New York places to visit, and with this, we have come to an end. I hope that this write-up made you understand how essential it is to first research the best places in NYC and create an itinerary before finalizing any destination to visit in NY City. 

I am glad that you are aware of all the best places to go to in NYC as of now and having prior information about what the palace is meant for or what it offers, you won’t get shocked after you finally arrive there.


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