Plan Your Weekend at the Garden of Five Senses- A Mystical Place

garden of five senses

Some places possess the power to attract people just from their names. Like Waste to Wonder Park and National Rail Museum, Garden of Five Senses is also an amazing place to visit in Delhi. It is an interpretation of the five senses, visual (sight), auditory (hear), gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell), and somatosensory (touch). Sounds marvelous already, doesn’t it? So how about a serene evening stroll around this splendid garden? Or a fun picnic day with family here? Sounds perfect to me! 

So if you are planning your weekend here, you must be wondering about Garden of Five Senses tickets, Garden of Five Senses closing day, and other aspects. Here, we will cover them all. 

What Makes The Garden of Five Senses So Unique?

Before we move ahead to some details about the garden, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about it and know what makes it so impressive:

  • Because of its unique concept and extraordinary architectural design, the Garden of Five Senses has secured its place in the Limca ebook of Records
  • It is one of the best gardens in India, where you can also find some liquor shops within the garden area. 
  • The main part of the garden has been taken as an imitation of the Mughal Lawn, now Amrit Udyan of the Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • The place follows a strict no-plastic zone rule, so make sure you don’t toss anything there that is or contains plastic in it. 
  • The project was implemented by Delhi Tourism Transport Development Corporation to create a space for leisure and relaxation under the sky. 

And these were some interesting facts about the Garden of Five Senses that make it so worthy and unique. Let’s now move ahead and look at some details of the same.

5 Senses Garden: Timings and Best Time to Visit

Amidst our daily busy lives, we often need a for ourselves, to socialize with our loved ones, and to have a long and calm walk with friends. Places like 5 sense park Delhi could be the perfect destination for such relaxation and a day much for ourselves.  

Here’s everything you should know about Garden of Five Senses timings and entry fee, and the best time to visit:

Entry Fee30 INR for adults and 10 INR for children and senior citizens
Visiting time9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Visiting duration3–4 hours

Best Time to Visit the Park 

Delhiites might not like the summertime because of the scorching heat in the city, but this time of the year is pretty good for places like 5 senses garden as they are less crowded and thus, you can have the place much to yourself only. One can also visit the park during winter or spring to enjoy the astonishing beauty of the blossomed flowers. But there are other things to do in Delhi for the rest of the seasons, so for now, one can opt for a nice stroll in the park. 

How to Reach Garden of Five Senses

In a metropolitan city like Delhi, there’s nothing that you can miss. It’s a well-connected city with every means of transport available for the maximum hours of the day. 

Garden of Five Senses’ nearest Metro station is Saket metro station on the yellow line in Delhi metro is the one that reaches the park. The station is hardly any distance from the park, so you can just walk from the metro station and reach the park. But if you are traveling by train, the H. Nizamuddin Railway station is the one you should land at. It is only a few kilometers away from the 5 Senses garden. 

Now that you are much aware of the 5 Sense Park Delhi, how to reach there, interesting facts about it, Garden of Five Senses closing day, and other aspects, let’s have a look at things to do in Garden of Five Senses as well. 

Things to Do in the Garden of Five Senses

Being one of the most famous and visited gardens in India, there’s so much to do in this premium park. Let’s see what it has in store for us:

  • The Garden of Five Senses can even host events and parties now. A sweet sixteen birthday party, a formal meeting, a cultural event like Holi celebration, or anything you can simply have organized at this 5 sense Park Delhi. All you have to do is contact the right tourism agency for the same prior to the event.
  • If you are looking for a place for a long evening stroll or a place where you can be left alone for a while with your thoughts, then this could be the right option for you. 
  • The garden is filled with multifarious floral arrangements and musical water fountains. Hence, it is a perfect spot for a date as well. 
  • You can even plan for a fun picnic day with your family here, pack your essentials, carry your games, and start your weekend with a perfectly sunny picnic day. You won’t even have to worry whether food is allowed in Garden of Five Senses or not. 
  • If you are a biker, you can even take your bike and explore the whole area on your own and see what it has for you. 

Main Attractions of The Park 

And let’s now come to the best and the major part of the garden, triggering each of the five senses, from visual to palette; this garden is literally a treat for the eyes and the soul as well. The park is filled with some marvelous attractions that are worth visiting; let’s have a look:


The garden is divided into many parts. Once you step into the park, on your right, you will explore the Khas Bagh, which is filled with lush green plants and trees, and free-flowing cascades of remarkable flowers. That’s not all, it also has a beautiful pool of water lilies, seasonal flowers, and more. 

Replica of Mexican Mayan Labna Arc

Due to its tie-up with Mexico and in order to strengthen it, it has a replica of the famous Mexican Mayan Labna Arc. The arc was inaugurated by the Mexican ambassador and Indian Chief Minister of Delhi in 2013. So if you visited the garden before that, there’s something new there that you should see. The Indian National Trust and Cultural Heritage constructed the arc. The stones with which the arc is carved were transported from Rajasthan. 

Soaring Stainless Steel Astonishing of Birds

Soaring Stainless Steel Astonishing of Birds

Each pillar that you will see in the park is made with stainless steel and decorated with birds designed on them quite very remarkably. You will even see an expensive plaza that is set on the slope of the side of the park. And along these sides, you can admire the beautifully stone-carved elephants that simply add up to the beauty of this park. 

And that is pretty much all about the things to do in Garden of Five Senses and everything about the place. Let’s dig in a little deeper and have a look at a little of the history of the park as well. 

History of the Garden of Five Senses

The garden is situated near the Qutub heritage zone and lies in the small village of Saidul Ajaib, which is near Mehrauli in Delhi. The garden was developed in February 2003 by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation. It was designed and managed by a Delhi-based architect only. 

And just like mentioned above, it is not only a spiritual and cultural rejuvenation center for Delhiites, but it also supports various cultural events, food festivals, fairs, and other events. 

And that was all about the park and things to do in there. But I’m sure you must still be pondering over this one question, Is Garden of Five Senses safe for couples? Absolutely, the park is totally and fully safe for anyone. In fact, the 5 Senses garden is one of the most romantic places in Delhi, where you can enjoy a nice evening stroll amidst the lush green plants and blossomed exquisite flowers. 

Nearby Attractions 

Let’s now have a look at some nearby attractions to the Garden of Five Senses and know that you can also explore this area of Delhi: 

  • Qutub Complex or Qutub Minar- Around just 1.7 KM away, there lies one of Delhi’s most visited historical places, Qutub Minar. 
  • India Gate- Another one of the major attractions about 13.1 KM away from the garden is India Gate in Connaught Place. 
  • Amrit Udyan- Another such amazing park, a must-visit in Delhi, is just about 13.9 KM away from the park in Rashtrapati Bhavan. 
  • Mehrauli Archaeological Park- Around just 19 minutes away from the park is another attraction within Mehrauli. 

Besides that, you can also visit Bharat Darshan Park and National Science Centre which are two best places to spend a day in Delhi. And that’s all about the Garden of Five Senses; I’m pretty sure I have given you ideas to plan your entire weekend. Have fun! 


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