15 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World: Where Would You Like to Visit Next?

  • Jul 10, 2024
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  • By Anoushka
tallest roller coaster in the world

I think Roller Coasters are the only ride that can give you a mind-numbing feeling like no other. And did you know that they are traced way back to the 16th century when large ice-covered wooden slides were used as amusement rides in Russia?  Since then, they have been the most thrilling rides on the plane. In fact, there are some rides that have been marked as the tallest roller coaster in the world. 

So if you are here looking for the world’s tallest roller coaster, you are stationed at the right stop. Here, I have gathered everything about the world’s top-ranked and tallest roller coasters for you. Have a look and decide which is going to be your next target for vacations. 

Did You Know?

The world’s true first-ever roller coaster was built in Paris in 1812, named Russes e Belleville.  

Kingda Ka: New Jersey


With a drop of 418 feet, Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world, making other roller coasters in the world look like dwarfs. In fact, not just the world’s tallest roller coaster, it also holds other titles like World’s tallest complete circuit roller coaster along with the World’s tallest roller coaster drop. 

The exceptional part of Kingda Ka is that it offers a switch track and dual loading station that allows four trains to run simultaneously. 

Located InSix Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park, Jackson, New Jersey 
Height- 139m
Drop- 127m
Speed- 206 km/h
Duration- 50 seconds

Top Thrill Dragster: Ohio


The second-tallest roller coaster in the world is the Top Thrill Dragster with a drop of 400 feet, located in Ohio, America. In fact, it’s not just the world’s tallest but the world’s fastest roller coaster as well. The ride is inspired by Top Fuel drag racing. It even once had decorative engines, but they were soon traded for some extra seats on the train. 

Before you plan to have a visit to Top Thrill Dragster, make sure you check the weather forecast in advance as the ride temporarily shuts down due to windy weather or during rain/thunder. 

Located InCedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio 
Duration17 seconds 

Red Force: Spain


The third-tallest roller coaster that we have on our list is Red Force. In fact, just like Kingda Ka, it has a top hat tower, built 90 degrees, and goes straight up and straight down. The exceptional part of these Spanish rides is that unlike any other ride in the world is that instead of hydraulic propulsion, they use magnetic motors to launch out of the loading stations. 

The theme park where the ride is located is one of Europe’s biggest and best theme parks. Just before the ride reaches the top, it makes a 90-degree spiral to the right and a similar spiral to the left when it reaches the bottom. 

Located InFerrari Land at PortAventura, Salou, Tarragona, Spain
Speed180 km/h
Duration39 seconds 

Superman: Escape for Krypton: California


A fun fact about Superman: Escape for Krypton is that it was the first-ever roller coaster to exceed the 300 feet drop height, with its 328 feet drop. During its debut in 1997, it was also crowned the world’s fastest roller coaster. The ride often used to take a halt to the ground due to which it faced a lot of downtimes as well. But the ride was rebuilt in 2011 with backward launching cars and new color schemes. 

There’s a sensation of weightlessness that might last for a few seconds but is totally worth the wait and thrill.  The ride shoots down the riders from a dark cave-like station up the air to 400 ft of height. 

Located In- Six Flags Magic Mountains, Valencia, California 

Height– 126m

Drop– 100m

Speed– 161 km/h

Duration– 28 seconds 

Located InSix Flags Magic Mountains, Valencia, California 
Speed161 km/h
Duration28 seconds 

Fury 325: North Carolina


Also known as ‘Giga Coaster’, Fury 325 is the fifth-tallest roller coaster in the world with a drop of about 320 feet.  The coaster did its debut in 2015 and leaves an impact when it passes through its trail from the front gate. Not just that, Fury 325 has been marked as one of the world’s best rides by park enthusiasts. 

The proposed height of the roller coaster was 92 m but it was extended to 99 m later. The entire steel track of Fury 325 is about 2,012 m long and about 99 m high. Fury 325 is specially designed to emulate and portray the furious and swooping flight path of an angry hornet. Already sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

Located InCarowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina 
Duration3 minutes 

Steel Dragon: Nagashima


With a duration of 4 minutes and length of 8133 feet, Steel Dragon is the longest roller coaster in the world. It was built by D.H. Manufacturing in 2000, but Bolliger and Mabillard, a Swiss manufacturing company, replaced all of its working trains in 2013. The ride is located in Japan’s most thrilling rides destinations and the parks even boast a total of 13 exciting roller coasters. The ride will take you high in the sky at a height of 300 feet.

Steel Dragon builds anticipation first before it gives the riders the real thrill and then it sends the riders barreling down the slope at its top speed. In fact, Steel Dragon 2000 is the tallest roller coaster in the entire Asia. 

Located InNagashima Spa Land, Nagashima, Japan
Speed153 km/h
Duration4 minutes 

Leviathan: Ontario

Another one of the tallest Giga roller coasters that fit perfectly to be rendering you with the level of thrill and mind-numbingness is Leviathan, located just outside of Toronto. In fact, Leviathan was the very first roller coaster to meet the specifications of Bolliger and Mabillard, which are indeed the makers of the most smooth and sleek roller coasters in the world. 

The ride is incredibly fast and tall and is in fact, the tallest roller coaster in Canada. The ride is inspired by the sea monster of the same name and based on the same theme as well. The ride includes a 96 m high camelback which is followed by a 115 m hammerhead turn. 

Located InCanada’s Wonderland, Maple, Ontario, Just outside of Toronto 
Speed148 km/h
Duration3 minutes 

Millennium Force: Ohio


I think America has something with these roller coasters, in fact, Ohio too has the same I guess. Well, this one is our second entry from Ohio already with the eighth-tallest roller coaster in the world. In fact, upon its opening in 2000, Millennium became the world’s very first Giga Coaster. As of now, Millennium is America’s third-longest ride. 

There’s a cable lift system in Millennium’s design, which is so efficient that after its launch, many other rides started using it too. The plus point in this ride is that it will also serve you with an astonishing view of Lake Erie, which I don’t think any other roller coaster can serve you with the same. 

Located InCedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Height94 m 
Drop92 m
Speed150 km/h
Duration2 minutes 

Intimidator 305: Virginia


A red yellow steel roller coaster with the exact level of thrill and excitement that a passenger would expect. At its extreme highest point, the Intimidator stands at a height of 300 feet and drops at a steep angle of 85 degrees. Not just is the speed of the ride breathtaking, but a couple of turns can also enlighten park enthusiasts. Intimidator is also known to be one of the most thrilling roller coasters in the United States. 

Well, as the name says, the Intimidator rides up insanely and rattles the riders enough, and truly intimidates the heck out of each rider. But this is now what the name of the ride actually denotes, the name was inspired by the late NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt, who was famously nicknamed “The Intimidator”. 

Located InKings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia 
Height93 m
Drop91 m 
Speed143 km/h
Duration3 minutes 

Orion: Ohio


Well, you read that right, Ohio again, now I’m convinced that Ohio is indeed the right destination for all the theme park enthusiasts. Another Giga Coaster, Orion, gets the tenth position when it comes to the tallest roller coaster in the world with a drop of about 300 feet. Just like Leviathan and Fury 325, Orion too was built by Bolliger and Mabillard manufacturers. 

The ride was launched in 2020 and became the 14th coaster on Kings Island along with the 7th Giga Coaster in the world. And not just that, for the entire King Island history, it is the largest investment that was ever made worth $30 million. 

Located InKing Island, Mason, Ohio 
Height87 m
Drop91 m
Speed146 km/h
Duration3 minutes 

Hyperion: Poland


Launched in 2019 only, Hyperion flies at a ferocious speed of 88 mph. The theme of this ride is based on a fictional mission to Saturn that was named Hyperion. It featured several hills and bank turns during the ride, giving the riders an exceptional and breathtaking experience. 

Hyperion is the tallest, fastest, and even longest roller coaster in the entire Poland. Talking about the ride, once the ride reaches the top of the hill, it drops at an angle of 85 degrees, reaching a speed of 183 km per hour. Well, it is indeed the fastest ride in Poland. Once the train reaches the foothill, it enters a tunnel and travels over another larger hill. 

Located InEnergyland, Zator, Małopolskie, Poland
Drop82 m
Speed142 km/h
Duration2 minutes 

Coaster Through the Clouds: China


Well the name truly suits the ride as it is the tallest roller coaster in China, not only that, it is indeed the fastest ride in the country. The ride was launched in 2016 and was manufactured by Intamin, a Swiss roller coaster manufacturer. It has a track that is about 1556 meters long. 

Located InNanchang Wanda Park, Xinjian, Nachang, Jiangxi, China 
Height74 m
Drop72 m
Speed136 km/h
Duration4.12 minutes 

Shambhala: Spain


A mountain-themed roller coaster that is also one of the world’s fastest roller coasters. Shambhala is the 13th tallest roller coaster in the world, with a drop of 256 feet, located in Spain. Well, not just in Spain, it is also one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in Europe. The entire ride includes about five airtime hills, out of which the smallest is at 70 feet in height, well, even the smallest one of them is higher than many roller coasters in the world. 

There’s a chain lift hill that brings the riders slowed down to the summit, from where they soon come down crashing again at an angle of 80 degrees approximately. 

Located InPortAventura, Salou, Tarragona, Spain
Height76 m
Drop78 m 
Speed134 km/h
Duration3 minutes 

Fujiyama: Japan


When the Fujiyama was built in 1996, it broke several records, becoming the tallest roller coaster in the world. Not just that, it instantly became the world’s fastest roller even the highest with a drop of maximum height, which is 259 feet. The ride was named after the famous mountain of Japan, Mount Fuji, and is indeed one of the most thrilling rides in the world. 

At its first drop, it sends the riders down from a height of about 230 feet. Well, the ride doesn’t take a pause there, it keeps on exhilarating the riders with its breathtaking twists and turns. 

Located InFuji – Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan
Height79 m
Drop70 m
Speed130 km/h
Duration3.39 minutes 

Wildfire: Sweden


The fifteenth tallest roller coaster in the world that we have on our list is Wildfire. People might assume that a wooden roller coaster might not be that comfortable or even reliable, but being built recently, it comprises all the facilities there should be in a roller coaster, unlike any other wooden roller coaster. 

Not just that, Wildfire is the fastest wooden roller coaster in Europe and is also the second-tallest wooden roller coaster on the planet. Each ride on the Wildfire consists of 15 airtime hills along with 2 heartlines, and side-to-side twisting turns as well. 

Located InKolmården Zoo, Sweden 
Height56 m
Drop49 m 
Speed115 km/h
Duration2 minutes 

I don’t think there’s any feeling like riding a roller coaster, be it a small one, but the amount of thrill and astonishment it builds up is simply remarkable and even unexplainable. I hope this list of the 15 tallest and even the longest roller coasters in the world was of some help to you and you got what you came looking for. 


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