6 of the Best Places to Celebrate Birthdays in New York

  • Apr 4, 2024
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Choosing a favorite restaurant is not an easy task. And when you live in a happening city like New York, you tend to make a decision from innumerable choices. Your mood and occasion play a key role in driving your decision to choose a particular restaurant. And when the occasion is your birthday, you can’t make any compromise in treating yourself and your friends at a desirable place. To simplify your decision of choosing the restaurant, we have come up with the best places to celebrate birthdays in New York. Keep reading to satisfy your intellect.  


If you are a pasta lover, you can’t go wrong coming here to celebrate your birthday. The restaurant serves lip-smacking kinds of pasta to soothe your taste buds. Initially, the restaurant offered a BYOB policy. And that is why it gained popularity. This tiny pasta shop doesn’t have a bathroom, and they don’t accept credit cards. But the pasta here tastes phenomenal, and you can’t overlook that. The tasty meatballs, branzino, and lasagna can make your birthday all the more special, and you can’t regret coming here to Lillo.  

Di Fara Pizza

Are you a pizza lover? If so, you can’t steer clear of visiting Di Fara Pizza to beat your pizza cravings. It was founded in the year 1965 and is still the inspiration for the pizza restaurants that have been developed only recently. The toppings of the pizza here include scrumptious sausages, mushrooms, and pepperoni, and the list is endless. What about the extras? Soppressata, broccoli, and artichokes make a crispy crust that you can die for. So, don’t forget to try this one for your birthday if pizza is your favorite food. 

Bunna Café

If you want an intimate date with your partner on your birthday, you can’t resist coming to Bunna Café. It offers plenty of items ranging from red lentils dipped in berbere sauce, ground split peas simmered with tomato, and delectable sautéed crimini mushrooms. The café will present the dishes by sprinkling a bit of injera to cool down the heat of the spicy food items. Most people visiting here like to eat a mini buffet. And the sharable quality of this café brings charm to your date. So, have an unforgettable date experience on your birthday with the Bunna cafe. 

Via Carota

The restaurant is set up by a couple named Jody Williams and Rita Sodi. If you have immense love for Italian food, Via Carota can fulfill your food desires. The restaurant is cozy and sophisticated, which makes it a wonderful experience. It offers some soul-satisfying kinds of pasta, chopped steak, and pumpkin-spiced lattes. Besides pasta, you can taste exciting food items like tender beets, pickled apples with thyme, grilled radicchio frills, and delicious pine nuts. Don’t miss out on svizzerina, an Italian dish that looks like a burger. The difference is that it is bunless. But the chopped meat mound inside it is just juicy and rare. Roasted garlic cloves with a rosemary-licked pool of fat make it the most delicious burger you have ever had. 


Tanoreen is located in the Bay Ridge and is a middle eastern destination established in 1998. The owner of the restaurant Rawia Bishara is a Palestinian American who thought of recreating the flavors of her mother. Some of her best dishes include eggplants, pita, and yogurt, to name a few. Since its inception, it has been at the top of other Middle Eastern establishments. The hospitality of the restaurant is as warm as ever. It also offers honey-drenched sweets like date rolls, baklava, etc. But the desserts of the restaurants are incomplete without knafeh, a luscious treat made with gooey cheese and the intense buttery layer of shredded honey-soaked phyllo. The restaurant also has a well-stocked bar where you can find your favorite wine. Visiting here on your birthday is one of the best ways to make it more special than ever before. 


If you believe in stumbling and falling in love, don’t miss out on visiting Raoul’s on your birthday. The dining room of the place is artistic with a little moody touch. You will experience an appetizing steak here. The restaurant also offers oysters, foie gras, roasted chicken, and tartare. You can lift the level of your dinner with some of Raoul’s deep French reds if you are a cocktail lover. The authentic bistro setting here will definitely make you fall in love with this place. Antique furnishings and black and white leather booths make this place promising. So, celebrate your birthday with a bang at Raoul’s. 

Here’s the best part of the blog! All these restaurants are open to online reservations. So, you need not worry about getting a table on the eve. And in the case that you can’t reach the restaurant at the desired time, you can pass it on to someone who needs it at that time. Did I forget to mention that you can reserve a table at your favorite restaurant using the Wuw Wuw application? Moreover, the application simplifies the task of passing the table to someone else if you can’t come at the booked time. So, the reservation process is hassle-free.


You cannot overlook the celebrations when it is your birthday. So, keep the above list in mind and make the best decision to have a birthday blast. After all, it comes once a year, and it couldn’t be more right to say that – YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

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